Affiliate Booster Review 2023 – Totally Reviewed

In this Affiliate Booster review post, you will learn about its ease of use, all blocks that come with Affiliate Booster (with examples), pros and cons of Affiliate Booster, and a lot more.

I know many bloggers and affiliate marketers are tired of using multiple plugins, but still they don’t achieve the type of conversion that is required.

Affiliate Booster is a powerful plugin created just to do that.

It has a large collection of blocks that area already created for you to drag-and-drop.

We will learn everything about Affiliate Booster and look at all its features.

Key Takeaways

What is Affiliate Booster and who should buy the premium version?

Benefits of using Affiliate Booster

Affiliate Booster Review – All Blocks with Screenshots

The Pros and Cons of Affiliate Booster

What is Affiliate Booster?

Affiliate Booster is a popular WordPress plugin known for conversions.

It was launched by Kulwant Nagi on June 2020.

Mr. Kulwant Nagi himself is a seasoned affiliate marketer. He observed that the WordPress space lacked a certain kind of plugin that already has pre-created blocks useful for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

You can readily use the Affiliate Booster’s blocks on landing pages.

Combining the free and pro plugin version, Affiliate Booster comes with 30 very powerful blocks that improve the CTR and conversions of your post.

Quick Answers – to help you decide

Go with Affiliate Booster Premium if…

You want more conversions from your blog or website

Product reviewing is what you often do

You need super professional designs without actually making them

CSS is not your thing, but you need the best looks

You want to get rid of multiple plugins to replace them by one perfect plugin

You’re a blogger, niche site owner, affiliate marketer, Amazon reviewer

Affiliate Booster works within the Gutenberg block editor, so you do not need to install any other plugin.

In the section, we will look at its active installations, reviews and ratings on WordPress.

Affiliate Booster – Active Installations, Reviews, and Ratings

Recently, Affiliate Booster has also announced their lifetime deal.

Meaning, you can buy the Affiliate Booster premium plugin and keep it for lifetime.

PluginAffiliate Booster
Current Version3.0.4
Last Updated3 months ago
Active Installations5,000+
Reviews17 Reviews | 14 Five Star Reviews
DevelopersAffiliate Booster team
Official NameAffiliate Booster by Kulwant Nagi

Affiliate Booster – Ease of Use

Using Affiliate Booster plugin on your website is very easy.

It all starts by first installing the free version of Affiliate Booster from WordPress.

The free version of Affiliate Booster comes with 11 blocks.

Once you install Affiliate Booster on your website, you get a dashboard with all the blocks enabled.

You can disable the ones that you don’t need. This way your website does not loose out on performance.

Again, using the Affiliate Booster plugin while working on the Gutenberg block editor is also easy.

Just click on the ‘+’ icon and add the Affiliate Booster’s block.

That’s it.

Let us look at that in the next section; user interface.

Affiliate Booster – User Interface

I wanted to mention two important points under this section.

First one is, adding Affiliate Booster’s blocks in the Gutenberg block editor.

Like I said in the earlier section, click on the ‘+’ icon and add the block.

As shown in the image above.

The second most important point I’d like to mention is, Affiliate Booster has created an easy user interface for applying your Amazon product advertising API key.

Go to the main dashboard of Affiliate Booster, click on the Amazon Product Advertising API tab, fill in your API key, country, tracking ID, etc.

You also get to additional Amazon settings to apply on Affiliate Booster blocks.

For example, the Affiliate Booster Single Product block offers you customization settings and other Amazon settings in the block editor as well.

All in all, Affiliate Booster is very easy to use and also offers a great user interface for users.

Benefits of Using Affiliate Booster

Sharing multiple benefits in this Affiliate Booster review is necessary for you to understand, in case you are planning to buy the product.

More Conversions

Affiliate Booster lets you create captivating product displays that increase your chances of conversions.

Which directly increases your monthly affiliate sales.

Each block is carefully created to increase user CTR and conversions on your website.

Lifetime Deal – For limited Period Only

Currently, Affiliate Booster has a lifetime deal.

Earlier, you’d have to renew your license every year.

But, with the lifetime deal you can take the benefit of buying Affiliate Booster premium plugin and keep it forever, without worrying about re-paying forever.

This brings us to the next point.

Savings – (Biggest Benefit)

The first and the foremost benefit I would say is savings.

Affiliate Booster has 3 plans. The plans don’t have a name.

But, the only difference between each one of them, is the number of sites you can use Affiliate Booster on.

Normally, if you would buy Affiliate Booster (outside the deal), it would cost you $39 for 1 site license.

But, during the Affiliate Booster lifetime deal, you can get 3 sites license for just $49 one-time payment.

Besides that, there are two more plans, and I will compare them in the coming section (jump link – pricing section).

Save Design Time

You can save a lot of design time by using Affiliate Booster’s pre-built blocks.

Most obviously, it helps affiliate marketers, bloggers and product reviewers to quickly complete posts and start newer ones.

Meaning, more content. And more content helps in better rankings.

Thereby, driving you more sales.

Better User Experience For Your Visitors

Visitors on your site will thank you for offering valuable content in a more aesthetic and highly user friendly way. Helping them in quickly take decisions.

SEO Optimized Blocks

You will not regret buying Affiliate Booster.

The plugin supports schema and micro data content.

For example, the single product block, pros and cons block, top pick block, etc., offer Amazon API feature as well.

Plus, the Star Ratings block that you apply for reviewing any product, will automatically appear in the SERP.

All Affiliate Booster Blocks

You get multiple blocks with Affiliate Booster premium plugin. Let me show you all the Affiliate Booster blocks with screenshots.

Single Product Block

single product block from affiliate booster

The Single Product block allows you to add specific content of a single product with brief information, into a box.

With an affiliate link, review post link, it also offers a call-to-action button.

Plus, the biggest plus point here is that, it supports Amazon API tracking.

Additional Information

  • No. of styles – 2
  • Change border width, color, and style
  • Switchable from paragraphs to lists
  • Comes with disable elements options
  • Add up to 3 buttons

Affiliate Booster Comparison Block

comparison table block in affiliate booster

The Affiliate Booster Comparison block allows you to compare multiple products, like you see on multiple product affiliate websites.

Plus, you can also add or remove columns and/or rows and edit their colors, typography, borders, etc.

Additional Information

  • No. of styles – 4
  • Edit number of rows and columns
  • Change ratings designs
  • Add badges on product images, with the column

Notification Block

multiple styles notification blocks from affiliate booster

Using Affiliate Booster, you can easily create a Notification Block to alert your readers with important information, or recent updates within your content.

Plus, you also get a total of 3 layouts and multiple styles to add more flavor.

Additional Information

  • Select from multiple styles
  • Add different icons
  • Apply single-sided border for fancier look

Single Product Pros and Cons Block

single product pros and cons block in affiliate booster

The Single Product Pros and Cons block from Affiliate Booster comes with a product image, product’s pros and cons, a CTA button, and final verdict information.

This block is specially focussed on converting your readers from reading the content to actually clicking on the CTA button.

Making it an all-in-one block, in terms of product information.

That is the reason, this block is very popular among affiliate marketers.

Additional Information

  • Make changes to icons and box width
  • Apply extra borders
  • Centrally align final verdict, even when pros and cons content is left aligned

The Single Product Pros and Cons Block is not available with the free version of Affiliate Booster Blocks. You need to buy Pro.

Pros and Cons Block

pros and cons block by affiliate booster

If you go for Affiliate Booster plugin, there is no need to worry about creating pros and cons block for reviewing products.

You get 4 different types of super stylish pros and cons blocks with Affiliate Booster.

They help you easily showcase pros and cons side-by-side (in two columns). Making your content look very attractive.

Additional Information

  • No. of styles – 4
  • Change title, icons, colors, typography
  • Application of fancy borders give a more pleasing look to your readers

Call-To-Action Block

call-to-action block from affiliate booster plugin

Call-to-Action blocks or sometimes referred to as CTA sections, are important for conversions.

A user who is willing to buy a product, comes to your product review post, needs a CTA section after enough section of content.

But, keep in mind, CTA blocks should not be overused, and should only used where you really think the readers pose a greater chance of buying the product.

Affiliate Booster offers two styles with CTA block.

Additional Information

  • No. of styles – 2
  • Enable/Disable icons on top corners of the block

Star Ratings Block

star rating block from affiliate booster

Affiliate Booster also offers an important block that is Star Ratings block.

You can use this block on money pages, landing pages, product pages, review posts, etc.

Since, Affiliate Booster plugin comes with Star Ratings block, you don’t need to download another plugin specially for applying sat ratings to your products.

Moreover, you can also customize the number of stars, their size, color, and spacing between them.

Additional Information

  • Customizable star shape and size
  • Supports double-tapping for reducing ratings to half (eg. 5 to 4.5)

Good Bad Features Block from Affiliate Booster

good bad features block from affiliate booster

The Good Bad Features block is very similar to the Single Product block, in a way

The only difference is that, you get product ratings in text and progress bar format.

This type of block enhances the user’s experience, helping them in quickly making a buying decision. Thus, offering you more chances of sale.

Additional Information

  • 2 Styles
  • Customize colors, typography, icons
  • Allows multiple CTA buttons

Button Block

button block by affiliate booster

Affiliate Booster’s Button block can be added anywhere on your website.

Plus, it offers multiple styles. Add the button block to send your visitors to read another post, or apply affiliate links to it.

Keep your buttons rectangular or circular.

Additional Information

  • Number of styles – 8
  • Allows adding icons to right or left of text
  • Full-width layout button also available

Notice Block

notice block from affiliate booster plugin

You can easily add notices anywhere within your content by using the Notice Block from Affiliate Booster.

They are very similar to Notification Blocks.

The only notable difference is that, you can customize colors and text of its heading and text.

This gives stand-out look to your Notification block.

Use the Notification block for communicating with your readers, offer updated information on product pages, etc.

Additional Information

  • Number of styles – 4
  • Very stylish designs to grab reader’s attention
  • Allows changing of title, icons, colors, and typography
  • Furthermore, content is switchable from paragraphs to lists and vice-versa

Top Pick Block

top pick block from affiliate booster

Using Affiliate Booster, you don’t need to worry about creating a Top Pick block.

The premium version of the plugin comes with a Top Pick block which has ‘Top Pick’ badge on the top corner, product image, list of features, and a CTA button.

Changing the text in the badge is completely up to you. I have used it on my product website and created a badge of ‘Budget Friendly’.

These blocks help you display top products and budget-friendly products according to the author or reviewer.

Readers or visitors like quick and crisp content like this.

This increases your chances of conversions.

Additional Information

  • Number of styles – 3
  • Customize border color, and width
  • You can add up to 3 buttons
  • Content is switchable from paragraphs to lists and vice-versa

The Top Pick Block is not available with the free version of Affiliate Booster Blocks. You need to buy Pro version, in order to use it.

Coupon Block

coupon block by affiliate booster

Every affiliate marketer who has product coupons, will love this block.

Having this block in your arsenal means you do not need to create one from scratch.

It consists of the following product information;

  • Title
  • Image
  • Short information
  • Key features in points
  • Regular price
  • Deal Price
  • Your savings information
  • CTA button to activate deal

Moreover, you can also enable or disable elements, customize colors, typography, and buttons.

Besides that, you can also add/remove product ratings.

Additional Information

  • Number of styles – 3
  • Customize border, color, typography
  • Allows adding of multiple CTA buttons (eg. Deal 1, Deal 2, etc.)

Coupon Grid Block

coupon grid block in affiliate booster

Another Affiliate Booster block that lets you showcase coupons for multiple products in a grid format is the Coupon Grid Block.

Since, it is in a grid layout and it allows you to showcase different products, you cannot add more information for each product.

It is useful if you are reviewing 5 or more products, and want to showcase the 2 or 3 best deals out of all.

Additional Information

  • Number of styles – 2
  • You can enable/disable star ratings within this block
  • Two-column and three-column layouts are available

Products Column Block

products column block by affiliate booster

With Affiliate Booster’s Products Column block you can display multiple products in a grid layout.

It is a useful block for listicle posts

Additional Information

  • Allows display of multiple products
  • Lets you customize colors, typography, star rating, etc.
  • Offers a ‘Read Review’ link in the end

Product Table Block

This block is quite similar to Affiliate Booster’s Comparison block.

It lets you add or remove columns, ranks best product on the top, etc.

List Items Block

Icon List Items block by affiliate booster

The List Items bock is useful for writing key features of the product.

It works just like the Gutenberg’s list block, but offers you icons in the beginning of the list.

You can also use it for how to and to-do list posts.

Additional Information

  • Number of styles – 4
  • You can change colors, typography, and list icons
  • It supports multiple columns as well

Progress Bars Block

progress bars block from affiliate booster

With Progress bars you can easily display product ratings, happy customers, number of product users, etc., to your readers.

Keeping your readers informed with the latest number of product users/lovers, helps them put trust in the product.

Giving you a better chance of conversion.

It allows you to review single or multiple products at the same time, based on multiple parameters.

Additional Information

  • Number of styles – 2
  • Can change colors, size, and ratings of bars

Table of Contents Block

Table of Contents block by Affiliate Booster plugin

Affiliate Booster’s Table of Blocks automatically arranges your headings in a proper HTML markdown format.

Plus, you can enable/disable the heading tags as you wish.

Additional Information

  • You can change colors, typography, and style
  • It allows multiple columns

Title Block

title block from affiliate booster

Add titles anywhere in your body using Affiliate Booster’s Title Block.

It offers total customization like font size, weight, family, colors, background, etc.

Additionally, you can also apply different borders and backgrounds to your Title block and grab your reader’s attention.

Additional Information

  • All titles (headings) are automatically fetched by the Table of Contents block
  • Supports changing of colors, typography, borders, and background

Key Points Block

key points block from affiliate booster

The Key Points block from Affiliate Booster lets you quickly add multiple features of a product.

These help the readers to quickly grasp the best points of the product.

Helping them in making quick decision, thereby, increasing your chances of conversion.

It also comes with a CTA button for your readers to take action.

Additional Information

  • Number of styles – 2
  • Can change borders, colors, typography, and icons
  • Emoji-friendly
  • It allows multiple CTA buttons

Product Summary Block

product summary block by affiliate booster

After all the blocks you’ve seen above, Affiliate Booster also comes with a Product Summary block.

This is great to write summary, key features, benefits, and most important points.

You can use this block at the start or end of your product or use it within the Products Column block.

Additional Information

  • Offers icons for every list
  • Supports Unordered and Ordered list
  • Allows changing of borders, icons, colors, and typography

Product Pricing Block

product pricing block from affiliate booster

A Product Pricing block from Affiliate Booster contains list of features with ratings and a CTA button.

Here, you can add the best features of the product.

You can use it before concluding your product review post.

Additional Information

  • This comes with a single style
  • Allows adding or removing of ratings
  • Lets you add multiple CTA buttons

Product Verdict Block

product verdict block from affiliate booster

Another popular block among affiliate marketers and product reviewers.

Affiliate Booster’s Product Verdict block is an informative block, and can offer higher conversions.

It consists the following product elements;

  • Title
  • Image
  • Subtitle
  • Pros and Cons
  • Ratings
  • Pricing
  • Buy Now CTA button

Having all these elements in one block makes it super useful for bloggers, Amazon product marketers, other affiliate marketers, eCommerce store owners, and websites having landing pages.

Additional Information

  • Number of styles – single
  • Allows disabling of elements
  • You can change the colors, typography, icons, ratings, etc.

Similarly, the Product Pricing Block and the Product Verdict Block are not available in the free version of Affiliate Booster Blocks. You need to buy Pro version, in order to use them.

Affiliate Booster’s Conclusion Block

conclusion block from affiliate booster plugin

Conclusion Block comes with pre-built elements within like product title, features, star ratings, short conclusion description, average rating, and a CTA button.

If you are reviewing multiple products, you can add multiple products within the conclusion block.

When reviewing single product you can multiple features of that product with star ratings.

Best used in the end of an article.

It offers clarity to your readers, and increases their chances of buying.

Additional Information

  • Number of styles – 2
  • Can change colors, background, typography, ratings, and buttons
  • Supports lists as well

Awesome set of blocks, right?

All of these are done for you blocks.

So, you just choose them and fill in your content.

There is no need to design such types of blocks from scratch.

With this system, you can focus on writing more product reviews and increase your success in affiliate marketing.

Rather than wasting your time making such incredibly good-looking, but time-taking designs.

They have recently launched their lifetime deal. Make sure to check before it expires.

Affiliate Booster Documentation

On their official website, you will find dozens of articles categorized into various categories like plugin, layout, header, footer, menu, etc.

affiliate booster knowledge base documentation

These categories come with multiple tutorials that help you if you are stuck with any type of problem while using Affiliate Booster.

Plus, you can also search for tutorials using the search bar.

For some queries related to certain blocks, you do get the website’s blog posts as results. If you want to customize the blocks on your website, you can take inspiration form the blocks used on Affiliate Booster’s blog posts as well.

Affiliate Booster Support

First of all, premium customers get to chat directly with their technical and sales representative.

Plus, pro users can also use Affiliate Booster’s support form.

This way you can raise a support ticket and get your issues resolved.

Normally, everything works perfectly fine. Affiliate Booster works with any WordPress theme. But, it is always good to have a premium support channel.

Affiliate Booster Features

I will quickly share some features that found while using this plugin.

  1. Very easy to use plugin
  2. Ready made blocks
  3. Works very fast in Gutenberg block editor
  4. Made specifically to increase your affiliate clicks
  5. User friendly controls
  6. Zero coding knowledge required
  7. Fully responsive
  8. SEO-friendly blocks
  9. Easily customize settings for each block
  10. Add or remove elements from any block

Affiliate Booster Review – Pros and Cons

Before we touch the pricing section, it is necessary that we speak about pros and cons in this Affiliate Booster review post.

Affiliate Booster Pros

Below are the list of pros of Affiliate Booster.

  1. Highly beginner-friendly
  2. Performs very fast
  3. Offers multiple blocks
  4. Lets you enable and disable blocks
  5. All blocks are mobile responsive
  6. Completely compatible with Gutenberg
  7. Affordable pricing
  8. Offers lifetime deal – limited period only

Affiliate Booster Cons

In my opinion Affiliate Booster does not many negative points.

  1. Lacks FAQ block – but that is already there in Gutenberg
  2. Few blocks could come with more styles

Affiliate Booster Price

This is one of the most important section.

Affiliate Booster is one of the best WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing.

Because, it comes with multiple pre-built blocks that are specifically designed to increase your conversions.

Currently, there is lifetime deal going on.

But, we will first start by looking at the regular prices.

Regular Price of Affiliate Booster

Usually a WordPress plugin with page building capabilities, pre-built templates, blocks, etc., often comes with an annual pricing system.

Take Elementor, Divi, Kadence Blocks, SeedProd, etc.

All of these have yearly plans.

So, Affiliate Booster has 3 plans;

  • For Single Site – $39 per year
  • 25 Sites – $49 per year
  • 50 Sites – $69 per year
regular price list of affiliate booster

Apart from number of sites, there is no other difference between the plans.

Price During Affiliate Booster Lifetime Deal

In case of WordPress plugins, you seldom get to see lifetime deals.

But, there are times when companies do offer such deals.

In the case of Affiliate Booster, the company has totally revamped the plugin, increased its performance on the back-end (working with the block editor) and front-end, and introduced new blocks.

Therefore, Affiliate Booster is offering a limited period Lifetime deal.

lifetime deal price list of affiliate booster

The discount really works.

Click on our discount link and purchase any plan, as shown in the image below.

Take a close look at the image, a 25 sites license costs only $98, and that too a lifetime plan.

How cool is that?

In my opinion, you should go for 25 Sites license or 50 Sites license lifetime deal. This way you can create multiple sites in the future, and forever.

Affiliate Booster Review – Regular Pricing vs Lifetime Deal Price

Let us take a quick look at all the prices in a table.

Affiliate Booster PlansRegular PricingLifetime Deal Pricing
Single Site$39 per yearN/A
3 SitesN/A$49 one-time payment
25 Sites$49 per year$98 one-time payment
50 Sites$69 per year$147 one-time payment

It is best to opt for Affiliate Booster’s lifetime deal.

Affiliate Booster Review – FAQs

What is Affiliate Booster?

Affiliate Booster is plugin that has a huge collection of pre-built blocks which are specifically created for increasing your conversions.

Why Affiliate Booster is required?

If you are into blogging, affiliate marketing, product reviewing, you need Affiliate Booster to showcase visually appealing designs that grabs your readers attention and increases your chances of conversion.

Can I use Affiliate Booster on other CMS than WordPress?

No, other than WordPress, you cannot use Affiliate Booster on any other CMS.

Is it required to install Elementor to work with Affiliate Booster?

No, it is not required to install Elementor in order to work with Affiliate Booster.

Which theme is Affiliate Booster compatible with?

Affiliate Booster is compatible with any WordPress theme.

Can I use Affiliate Booster with Classic WordPress editor?

No, you cannot use Affiliate Booster with the Classic WordPress editor. It only works with the Gutenberg block editor.

Affiliate Booster Review – Conclusion

I have tried to present all the information I thought would be necessary for you, in this Affiliate Booster review post.

Plus, I am sure you will take the advantage of the current Affiliate Booster lifetime deal as well.

If you are into Amazon affiliate, SAAS reviews, affiliate marketing, or blogging, Affiliate Booster is your secret weapon to get more conversions.

With the same amount of monthly traffic, you can pump-up your affiliate sales.

Get this tool and make your online mark today!

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