12 Best Genesis Child Themes For WordPress With Live Demos

You’ve got the Genesis Framework and now you are looking for the best Genesis child theme that puts the cherry on the top of the cake.

Genesis has earned its popularity by offering clean code, faster site loading speeds, and SEO-optimized nature. There are other features that add to the list as well.

All the core functionalities required for your site are provided by the Genesis framework. Adding Genesis child themes allow for design customizations and unique features on top of the Genesis Framework. Any Genesis child theme (from StudioPress or a third-party developer) sits on the Genesis Framework (the foundation). A child theme is where you will be directly making changes to your website.

In this article, we will be looking at all the premium Genesis child themes. If you’d like to check the free ones head to free Genesis child themes.

Things To Know Before Looking At Genesis Child Themes

For quite some time now there have been some changes on the StudioPress website.

  • The Genesis Framework is now open source. Meaning, it is free to download and use.
  • Genesis Pro subscription gives you access to 10 StudioPress made premium child themes
  • Any WP Engine hosting plan offers the 10 best Genesis child themes.
  • All Flywheel (client management tool software) customers get the 10 best Genesis block editor themes.

What is Genesis Pro?

Genesis Pro is an advanced subscription plan helping you build beautiful sites at a much faster pace. This toolkit includes Genesis Framework, all StudioPress Child Themes, Genesis Blocks Pro, and Genesis Custom Blocks Pro.

It is the premium version of the Atomic Blocks plugin. Including all Atomic Blocks features, more page layouts, more page sections, and 2 extra blocks.

Meaning, it works like a mini page builder, that was specially created for the Genesis Framework. This reduces your stress on creating and designing beautiful web pages, without coding.

You get the following themes with Genesis Pro;

  1. Navigation Pro
  2. Altitude Pro
  3. Essence Pro
  4. Monochrome Pro
  5. Revolution Pro
  6. Authority Pro
  7. Infinity Pro
  8. Magazine Pro
  9. Breakthrough Pro
  10. Genesis Sample Theme

WP Engine offers highly reliable and award-winning hosting plans. They offer 24/7 support and give you all of StudioPress Genesis Child Themes for free.

Switching from an existing hosting provider to WP Engine will still entail you all of Genesis Child Themes created by StudioPress.

Let us now look into the best Genesis child themes

Navigation Pro

Included with Genesis Pro ($360/yearly)

navigation pro  - genesis child theme

Navigation Pro is a StudioPress made child theme. It is a bold theme suitable for building a website around health & fitness, photography, traveling, or food.

It comes with homepage flaunting image hover effects that pull your reader’s attention. Plus, eye-catching blocks like CTAs and downloads in its layouts. Moreover, its parallax backgrounds, color overlays and underlays help you create the best homepages.

Features of Navigation Pro

  1. Highly design friendly helping you establishing brand credibility
  2. Fully Mobile responsive
  3. Navigation Pro uses Gutenberg editor
  4. Change colors and content in real time using theme customizer
  5. Use of color overlay and underlay helps you to make your content stand out on the page.
  6. Simultaneously, it comes with pre-built Newsletter sign up and CTA blocks
  7. Navigation Pro is WooCommerce compatible
  8. Automatically install Atomic Blocks plugin
  9. Lastly, it comes with 4 different homepage designs to choose from

Altitude Pro

Included with Genesis Pro ($360/yearly)

altitude pro - genesis child theme

If you’re going to create a membership site or sell online courses, then Altitude Pro is the right Genesis child theme for you. Furthermore, the theme is more focused on showcasing a product and convincing your target audience to believe in that one single product.

Altitude Pro’s homepage is careful designed with full-width background images and well-adjusted primary navigation with sticky option.

In fact, every section on Altitude Pro Genesis Child theme is editable, helping you break content into pieces.

Easily add call-to-action buttons anywhere on your site, as the theme supports advanced Gutenberg. It also comes with 7 customizable widgets.

Features of Altitude Pro

  1. Altitude Pro comes with a Theme Customizer
  2. Classic Designs available
  3. A little bit of coding can help you create custom headers
  4. It is Mobile Responsive
  5. Supports Advanced Gutenberg
  6. Comes with pre-styled WooCommerce pages
  7. Gives you 7 different customizable widgets for the homepage
  8. Translation ready

Essence Pro

Included with Genesis Pro ($360/yearly)

essence pro - genesis child theme

Its a simplistic theme aimed towards lifestyle niche. In brief, Essence Pro is great for travelers, lifestyle bloggers, ones who would like to document their journey with highly appealing aesthetics.

This theme lets you present your content with breathtaking visuals and also keeps space for key elements like opt-in form and call-to-action-buttons. It is very clutter-free, grabbing your audience’s attention to your visual strategy.

With mobile responsiveness and AMP-ready, Essence Pro Genesis child theme allows your website to load faster for mobile audience. Since, the type of content on such themes are mostly enjoyed by mobile users.

With a choice of full-width layouts vs left/right layouts, real-time theme customizer, and ability to create multiple pricing tables, this theme is more than giving.

Features of Essence Pro

  1. Real-Time Theme Customizer
  2. Mobile Responsive with AMP-ready
  3. Left/Right layouts and Full-Width Layout
  4. Blog Commenting supports threading
  5. Multiple Pricing Tables – upto 4 columns
  6. Translation Ready
  7. Comes with Simple Social Icons, Atomic Blocks, eNews Extended, and WP Forms Lite plugins
  8. Set up your shop in minutes with pre-styled WooCommerce.

Monochrome Pro

Included with Genesis Pro ($360/yearly)

As the name says, it is a classic theme more focused on a single color. With almost zero clutter and 100% distraction free pages, surely this theme allows your readers to immerse in a captivating experience.

The best results achieved in single colors are always through minimal designs, and Monochrome Pro is made for that. Besides, that also lets your website to load as quickly as possible.

As a result, this theme is often used for blogging in a particular niche, personal journey website, portfolios, etc. Due to distraction-free experience and smooth animations, content on this theme appears to be visually appealing.

Other areas where Monochrome Pro would suit well are; Fashion, Legal, Marketing, and Photography

Features of Monochrome Pro

  1. Firstly, Monochrome allows for more emphasis on the content
  2. Offers Advanced Gutenberg support
  3. Multiple Layout Options
  4. Mobile Responsive
  5. Create Custom Headers
  6. One-Click setup
  7. Integrated with HubSpot, for live chat, pop-ups, and contact forms
  8. Already pre-styled WooCommerce
  9. Create up to 4-columns pricing tables
  10. Lets you create full-width Landing Pages

Revolution Pro

Included with Genesis Pro ($360/yearly)

revolution pro - genesis child theme

Revolution Pro is another Monochrome style StudioPress Genesis child theme. It’s a minimal theme, making it the right choice for agencies, photographers, personal portfolios, and lifestyle bloggers.

In Addition, Revolution Pro works great for creating online web stores. Above all, the style of this theme gives a very smooth user experience, that helps in converting your audience.

White space management allows for headlines and blockquotes to stand out. Eventually, showcasing more emphasis on typography, to yield better results in user retention.

Besides other notable aspects of Revolution Pro, one of the key selling point is creating homepage using Gutenberg Blocks.

Finally, this theme comes with an accordion-based FAQ page layout. Address the most pressing questions of your product or service, and help your customers in their journey of making a purchase.

Features of Revolution Pro

  1. Firstly, Revolution Pro allows the use of Gutenberg blocks to create Homepage
  2. Mobile Responsive
  3. Minimalistic design with great typography for headlines and blockquotes
  4. Comes with theme options and theme customizer
  5. Moreover, Revolution Pro offers Layout Options; Full-Width, Sidebar/Content, and Content/Sidebar
  6. Integrated with HubSpot
  7. E-Commerce Ready
  8. Accordion style FAQ page layout

Authority Pro

Included with Genesis Pro ($360/yearly)

Authority Pro Genesis child theme is specially made to showcase your expertise. Think of it like a theme that helps you influence your target audience and help you win their trust. It is best suited to showcase portfolio website or show a personal brand.

The homepage of this theme comes with large Hero area with image and text section, above the fold. Subsequently, visitors on your site instantly get to know you and what you offer. Authority Pro is the child theme that will really showcase your authority in your field, helping you get more clients and thereby increasing conversions.

The homepage, category page, blog page, and author page; all have a perfect set of bold and clear typography. Likewise, the big and clear Info Bar allows you to promote any product/service.

Widgets are used to carefully craft the homepage and make it look so appealing to any visitor. Having said that, you can share your most important content and also create a testimonial/review slider on the homepage.

Authority Pro has the right blog layout template, with featured image integrated as blog page header and a right sidebar. Surely, that is very enticing for any reader.

Overall, its got a perfect about page, and author pages with sections to input detailed information.

Features of Authority Pro

  1. Fully Accessible, One-Click Theme Setup
  2. Comes with 5 Homepage Widget Areas
  3. Sticky Navigation and Sticky Info Bar available
  4. Use it for creating personal brand
  5. Custom Header and Layouts
  6. Full-Width pre-style WooCommerce Shop Page.
  7. Comes with Theme Options and Theme Customizer
  8. In fact, Authority Pro is totally engineered towards generating clicks for your business
  9. Above all, it’s highly business focused Genesis child theme

Infinity Pro

Included with Genesis Pro ($360/yearly)

Infinity Pro is a Genesis child theme that is simple yet elegant showing a highly professional look.

This theme boasts designs that have the capability to elevate your brand and create awareness within your community.

When you install the theme, the homepage shows a full-screen hero image, above the fold. This hero image has a text area with perfect call-to-action button. To conclude, this theme is well suited for businesses who’d like to create an online presence.

Going down the homepage, you will see mission statement and a section which basically shows why you need to buy our product/service (product features section). Followed by team members section.

Basically, this theme offers 13 widget areas to create better homepage and landing pages. Furthermore, Infinity Pro has extra scrolling affects to make your content stand out. Finally, it is also compatible with WooCommerce.

Features of Infinity Pro

  1. It is the only Genesis child theme with Lead Capture and Protected Content sections
  2. Comes with 13 Customizable Widgets
  3. Mobile Responsive
  4. Integrated with HubSpot
  5. Team Page
  6. Landing Page
  7. Pre-built for E-Commerce
  8. Theme Options and Theme Customizer
  9. Create Custom Header and Custom Layouts
  10. Clean layout lead Capture Pages

Magazine Pro

Included with Genesis Pro ($360/yearly)

magazine pro - studiopress genesis child theme

Magazine Pro is one of the best Genesis child theme for having a lot of content on the homepage without making it look cluttered. This theme is best suited for technology and gadgets bloggers, publications and basically who need to update a lot of content periodically.

Magazine Pro gives you in-built advertising sections, sticky primary navigation, and even a secondary navigation with drop-downs.

Besides, the remaining space can be used for including social media follow icons, place email news letter signup forms, and add your most popular content.

Even the look on mobile devices is quite glossy, giving an elegant magazine theme effect to your readers.

Magazine Pro is a perfect publishing Genesis child theme, its quite versatile allowing you to customize colors, typography, headlines, quotes, featured posts, menus, sidebars, footers, etc.

If you want to crush your competition by publishing great content that resonate with your audience, then Magazine Pro is the right theme for you.

Features of Magazine Pro

  1. Advanced Gutenberg support – use of block-based editor
  2. Mobile Responsive
  3. Sticky Navigation available
  4. Ad-Optimized: 100%
  5. Loads with 4 starter packs – Fashion, Cuisine, Fitness, and Travel
  6. Magazine Pro comes with Primary and Secondary Navigation Menu
  7. Secondary Navigation Menu supports up to 3 levels down
  8. Pre-Built Blog Page, Landing Page, and Archive Page
  9. RTL Languages and Translation ready
  10. Ready for E-Commerce, comes with pre-styled WooCommerce
  11. Lastly, it includes Atomic Blocks, Genesis eNews Extended, and WP Forms lite plugins

Breakthrough Pro

Included with Genesis Pro ($360/yearly)

breakthrough pro - genesis child theme

Breakthrough Pro is minimalistic child theme from Genesis well suited for agencies and service providers. It has got a thick color palette with enough of white space, showcasing bold headings to grab your visitor’s attention.

The hero image area starts with a heading, an image and a CTA button taking your visitor to your best completed tasks. Also the homepage easily lets you insert content in 9 widget areas. Breakthrough Pro helps you create a brand in your industry, tells your visitor that you are their only choice.

The uniform styling across all the pages makes it easier for your audience to understand brand identity. Breakthrough Pro comes with multiple layouts and theme customizer to edit fonts, colors, borders, drop shadows, etc. Moreover, you can even use the reusable blocks of the advanced Gutenberg editor.

Obviously, Breakthrough Pro Genesis child theme is ready for E-Commerce with pre-styled WooCommerce pages.

Features of Breakthrough Pro

  1. Supports Advanced Gutenberg
  2. Mobile Responsive
  3. RTL Language & Translation Ready
  4. Theme Customizer & Theme Options
  5. Supports up to 6 columns
  6. Pricing Page
  7. Pre-Styled for WooCommerce
  8. Widget Areas – 9
  9. Integrated with HubSpot
  10. Comes with Atomic Blocks, Simple Social Icons, Genesis e News Extended, and WP Forms Lite Plugins


Those were one of the best Genesis child themes created by StudioPress, suited for almost all types of niches. Now we are going to see some other child themes made by third-party developers.

Mai Achieve Pro

Price: $99 – Can be bought separately

mai achieve pro - genesis child theme

Mai Achieve Pro is a third-party Genesis child theme created by BizBudding. It is most suited for Law Firms and Business Consultants, as it has got a theme keeping advocates and CEOs in mind.

In the beginning, you’ve got an Info Bar with contact information and social icons, followed by primary navigation which is sticky enabled. This glues and attracts your visitor, because the entire website feels easy to navigate.

The main hero area on the homepage showcases a wide image with text area containing headline, and followed by 2 call-to-action buttons. Link them up to your best content and most recent client case study.

Mai Achieve Pro comes with 3 homepage designs, choose the one that goes well with your business. Furthermore, you can customize the theme with 9 different layout options.

Features of Mai Achieve Pro

  1. Mobile Responsive
  2. Retina Ready
  3. Comes with Mai Engine Plugin for theme customization
  4. Site Layouts, Headers & Footers allow for drag-and-drop components
  5. Optimized for Search Engine
  6. Engaging Blocks Components
  7. Layout Options
  8. Pre-Styled for WooCommerce
  9. Different Individual Attorney Pages – can be turned into About Me pages

Course Maker Pro

Price: $74 – Can be bought Separately

course maker pro - genesis child theme

Course Maker Pro is a third-party Genesis child theme created by brandID. This theme is most suited for online course creators, or people who’d like to run membership sites selling courses and on-demand content.

With this theme you get pre-installed LifterLMS, an online course management plugin that helps you and your students keep track of their study progress.

The homepage starts with a transparent header including Site Logo and Primary Navigation. In addition, the hero area boasts an image with text, followed by a CTA button. Link up your latest course right there for more visitor engagement.

This theme supports advanced Gutenberg block editor. Therefore, arrange the blocks and sections as per the content on your site.

Features of Course Maker Pro

  1. Gutenberg Support
  2. Lightweight Design
  3. Mobile Responsive
  4. Custom Typography, Custom Logo, and Favicon Support
  5. Separate Header Navigation Menus: one for logged-in members, another for logged-out visitors
  6. Blog Posts have a Grid Layout
  7. Transparent Sticky Header
  8. Responsive Slider for Featured Articles (optional)
  9. Search Engine Friendly
  10. Homepage comes with styled Accordion for FAQ section
  11. Pre-Styled for LifterLMS and WooCommerce
  12. Atomic Blocks, Display Posts Shortcode, Social Proof, WP Video Lightbox plugins included

Niche Pro

Price: $129 – Can be bought separately

niche pro - genesis child theme

Niche Pro is a third-party Genesis child theme which is more focused towards fashion and lifestyle blogging. The colors, typography, and backgrounds makes this theme more feminine. Although, those can be changed via theme customizer and this beautiful theme can be used by anyone as such.

Niche Pro is created by DesignByBloom showcasing content beautifully, grabbing your visitor’s attention.

Create a simple blog layout or showcase an elegant style affiliate website, depending upon your set of target audiences. This theme also comes with a full-width Instagram landing page and is pre-styled for WooCommerce.

Subsequently, Niche Pro offers a homepage that shows categories, product slider, opt-in, call-to-action buttons, and even advertisements.

Features of Niche Pro

  1. Theme Customizer for editing colors, fonts, layouts, etc.
  2. Homepage allows 4 Widget Areas to show engaging layout
  3. Sticky Primary Navigation
  4. Pre-Designed Custom Page Templates
  5. Search built into Menu Bar throughout the theme
  6. Mobile Responsive
  7. Full-Width Landing Page
  8. Built-In Read More Buttons
  9. Translation Ready
  10. Above all, this theme is pre-styled for WooCommerce
  11. Lastly, Floating Instagram Feed (Optional)

FAQs – Best Genesis Child Themes

What is the Genesis Framework?

The Genesis Framework is the foundation that lets you build beautiful websites. It acts like a parent theme and needs a Genesis child theme for you to build a site on WordPress.

How much does the Genesis Framework cost?

Recently, the Genesis Framework has become open-source. Meaning, you do not have to pay for using it. You can download and install the Genesis Framework on unlimited sites.

What is a Genesis Child Theme?

A Genesis Child Theme is the top layer of code that sits on the Genesis Framework. Think of the Genesis framework as a foundation to build websites and a Genesis child theme that lets you control how your website should look like.

What is Genesis Pro?

Genesis Pro is a subscription plan released by WP Engine. It costs $360 for yearly subscription that includes the Genesis Framework, all StudioPress Genesis Child Themes, Genesis Blocks Pro, and Genesis Custom Blocks Pro. Obviously, all these tools give you the ability to create beautiful websites in a matter of time.

Do I Need Genesis Pro?

If you wanted the best Genesis child themes created by StudioPress, then you’d have to go with Genesis Pro. Otherwise, third-party Genesis child themes do not require you to buy the Genesis Pro; and are also compatible with the Genesis Framework.


The best part now, is that the Genesis Framework is free to download and install.

All the genesis child themes mentioned here are high quality, trendy, SEO-friendly, mobile responsive, and fast in performance.

StudioPress has the best Genesis child themes, and this is an undeniable fact. I agree there are other third-party genesis child themes. But, I wouldn’t mind getting themes from the makers of the Genesis Framework (StudioPress).

Obviously, that would require you to go for Genesis Pro. Have a detailed look at the Demo of all the child themes and this way you will understand why they are here on the list.

Moreover, if you subscribe for Genesis Pro, all StudioPress Genesis child themes are yours. Use the one that suits your niche and resonates with your target audience. Fine tune websites by using pro versions of Genesis Blocks and Genesis Custom Blocks plugin.

On the other hand, you can even create websites for clients, use any of these themes, and charge them accordingly. These are the plus points of subscribing for Genesis Pro.

If you feel, we’ve missed your favorite Genesis child theme, just let us know in the comments section below.

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