SEO Tool Adda Review – Premium Group Buy SEO Tool

If you want to understand everything about SEO Tool Adda group buy SEO tools provider, then this SEO Tool Adda Review is for you.

SEO Tool Adda is a powerful tool that will help you optimize your website by improving its SEO, analyzing the required keywords, and get ahead of your competition.

It will help you step up your SEO game.

Having SEO Tool Adda package of Group Buy SEO tools, you will never have to worry about your website’s search engine ranking.

Hence, start your blog, have SEOToolAdda by your side, keep creating content, start ranking on search engines.

Seriously, tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Surfer SEO, Spy Fu, BuzzSumo, Grammarly, etc. will churn the best out of your content, and place you well high in SERPs.

Before we start looking into the details, let me walk you through a quick overview of SEOToolAdda.

SEO Tool Adda Overview

Editorial Ratings4.5/5
TypeSEO Group Buy Tool
ExtensionsOnly for Google Chrome users
Support24/7 Chat Support
Individual Tool PriceFrom ₹149 to ₹249
PlansCombo Plan ₹599 (Always Recommended)
FeaturesMore than 20 SEO Tools, 13 tools free for Combo Users,
Ahrefs direct access
Free Trial & RefundsNo Free Trials, 3-day Refund Policy

What is an SEO Group Buy Tool?

When it comes to SEO, you can use many tools and strategies to get your website ranking higher.

SEO Group Buy Tools are a collection of tools (say 10 or 20) shared by a group of SEO users, bloggers, or digital marketers.

Normally, each SEO tool would cost a lot and it wouldn’t be wise for a newbie or beginner to invest in a few tools.

Then, how is it possible for beginners to start ranking in the SERPs.

Therefore, by pooling resources with other bloggers and marketers, one can easily get access to a bunch of resources and ease his/her journey of performing SEO.

Advantages of SEO Group Buy Tool

First of all, an SEO Group Buy Tool can save you money and you can leverage that on other requirements of the website like development and producing content.

Secondly, it helps building relationships with other bloggers and marketers. Helping you create a synergy within the marketing community.

Note:- We are advising you to use this tool only if you are a beginner or newbie. Otherwise, stick to the authentic tools from their official website.

List of Tools Offered By SEOToolAdda

Pic Monkey
Keyword Revealer
Alexa Ranking Checker

Above mentioned tools with few others come with the SEO Tool Adda Group Buy Package.

All of the tools are of premium level and come at a very affordable price compared to any other alternative.

I have personally used SEO Tool Adda multiple times. Hence, I can vouch for its authenticity.

Moreover, the best part of this SEO Group Buy Tool provider is that, they provide 99% privacy and offer 24/7 support through email/chat.

Why SEO Tool Adda is The Best?

Following are the features telling you why SEO Tool Adda is the best;

  1. Once you buy SEO Tool Adda combo plan of 20 SEO Tools, you collectively get 13 more tools with it, absolutely free.
  2. Access any tool from a Single Dashboard. There isn’t any requirement for you to login into multiple tool websites. Bookmarking really works over here.
  3. Tools like Ahrefs have direct access.
  4. You get Instant Access as soon as you buy this tool.
  5. There is a chance of earning through referrals. Refer to your friends and gain a commission from 20% to 40% per sale.
  6. SEO Tool Adda gives a 3-day refund policy. If you did not like the tools or service provided by them, simply ask for a refund.

SEO Tool Adda Pros & Cons


Highly Affordable For Newbies
Instantly Accessible
Direct Access Ahrefs
Combo & Individual Plan
99% Uptime
24/7 Chat Support
3-day Refund Policy


Requires extension that only works on Google Chrome Web Browser
Can be used by one person at one time
Cannot Perform Site Audit

Individual Tools From SEOToolAdda

Likewise, SEO Tool Adda provides single tool purchases as well. If you do not wish to buy other tools then you can think of considering the Individual Tool purchase option.

seo tool adda review pricing

To put it briefly, with this type of purchase you mostly encounter less group users. Individual tools tend to respond faster than using a single tool from a combined group tool package.

Well, that is the only advantage, after the price, of course.

SEO Tool Adda Price On Combo Package

During this time, SEO Tool Adda has not got any discount. Although, purchasing a combo plan for 3 or 6 months can help you save Rs 200 to Rs 300 respectively.

Also, this offer cannot be used on Individual SEO Tool purchase.

How To Buy SEO Group Buy Tool From SEO Tool Adda?

Step 1 – Go to SEO Tool Adda website, create an account. Also, provide your phone number

Step 2 – Verify your account via email/OTP.

Step 3 – After verifying your email, you will land on SEOToolAdda Dashboard.

Step 4 – Select your required tool or the SEO Tool Adda combo plan.

Step 5 – Lastly, click on Pay Now and proceed to Pay.

Step 6 – Payments are accepted via PayTM, Net banking, Credit/Debit Cards, and UPI.

Step 7 – Once payments are made, you will receive a receipt in your mailbox.

That’s it. Done.

SEO Tool Adda Commission Program

If you are interested in making money with SEOToolAdda’s affiliate program, you might as well as join it.

That is of course after using it.

Following the use of this tool, with its affiliate program, you will be able to show detailed information to your readers.


  • 1 – 10 sales per month – 20% Commission
  • 11 – 20 sales per month – 30% Commission
  • More than 20 Sales – 40% Commission

Note:- They usually follow a 1-day payout method. You shall get your referral money within 48 hours of tool purchase.

FAQs on SEO Tool Adda Review

What is SEO Tool Adda?

SEO Tool Adda is an SEO Group Buy Tool that offers Individual and Combo Plan Group Buy Tools to SEO users and Bloggers. This service was introduced to offer premium SEO tools to multiple users in a shared concept. Thereby, each individual saves money and achieves what he/she is looking for.

Who is the best provider of SEO Group Buy Tools?

Providers like SEO Tool Adda, Toolszap, Toolsurf are all very good.

Are Group Buy Tools safe to use?

Yes, Group Buy SEO Tools are safe to use from legitimate providers. Not all, but SEO Tool Adda offers 99% privacy and 24/7 chat support for their users.

Where can I buy premium SEO Tools for a cheap price?

SEO Group Buy Tools is the answer. Go to the official website of SEO Tool Adda and buy their combo plan to avail 20 SEO tools with 15 other tools, all just for Rs. 599/-

Is SEO Tool Adda legit?

In this SEO Tool Adda review I have tried to explain each and everything about SEO Tool Adda. I have personally purchased their SEO Group Buy Tools and faced no problems with them.


In this SEO Tool Adda review, I have tried to include all the information required for a quick understanding.

With SEO Tool Adda’s Combo Package you can avail 35 SEO Tools worth Rs. 50,000/- just for Rs. 599/-

Therefore, I would encourage you to visit their website SEOtooladda to know more information about the latest tools, deals, and prices.

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