100 Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites [Tried & Tested] 2023

If you are looking for instant approval blog commenting sites, then you are at the right place.

In this blog post I have collected one of the best list of high DA/PA and lowest spam score websites.

These websites will not only help you in your early blogging journey, but also help you in building relationship with top bloggers in the community.

Plus, Blog Commenting is one of the easiest and fastest way to build backlinks, both Do follow and No Follow backlinks

So, are you ready to begin?

What Is Blog Commenting?

Blog Commenting is an activity where the reader writes a comment, after reading an article on a blog.

It is a very old activity and still continues to thrive.

When do you think the comment is useful?

The comment should add more value to the article itself, then it is not only useful for the author but also other readers who read that blog.

For example, you read an article about electric cycles. That post has been written by an author who has experienced everything about electric cycles, in his/her own perspective.

If you think you can add a couple of more points to that post, then go ahead and write your inputs in the form of a comment. Don’t think twice.

Your comment will not only be valued, but you might build a relationship with the author of that blog.

This is a very simple activity.

Since, the activity is so simple, it gets misused in today’s world of blogging.

Misuse over here means spamming.

Yes, you heard that right. In the greed of acquiring more and more backlinks, the rate of spamming has increased so drastically that it is a must to manually moderate all the comments on any blog.

Still there are some blogs that allow for instant blog commenting on their blogs.

I have compiled a list of these instant blog commenting sites that can help you out. Provided, you write legitimate and valuable comments.

Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List Table

These are the list of high PR websites that accept blog commenting on their articles.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

Benefits of performing blog commenting cannot be seen overnight or in a few days.

To be honest with you, this skill takes time to make you shine.

There isn’t anything difficult with this skill. But, with so many bloggers in each category commenting on each others blog. It just takes time to benefit from it.

It is a continuous process just like posting new articleson your blog.

Consistently commenting on blogs in your niche for about a years time can increase your backlinks, get you up on the Alexa ranking, help you build new relationships, and increase your blog traffic.

blog commenting benefits
Benefits Of Blog Commenting

Increase Blog Traffic

With regular blog commenting – atleast once in 2 days, you are performing 180 comments in a year. So, in total there are 180 comments written by you across the Internet, within your blog niche.

Most of the sites mentioned in the table above are high PR. Meaning, they already have a good amount of traffic visiting them within a month.

What if your comment adds more value to a certain part of the post?

You are about to be seen by the author and other readers as well. Boom, that’s when others will feel like visiting your site and explore your content.

You got free traffic, just by commenting.

In the beginning of the SEO days, Blog Commenting used to be done to create Do Follow backlinks.

But, due to the increase of spamming, almost all blogs now give No Follow backlinks only.

There is an exception to this, and that is CommentLuv. Blog owners who activate Comment Luv plugin are looking for genuine people with valuable comments.

Reason, they are interested to increase traffic on their blogs. But, during that time it is strongly advised to increase the website’s security.

In return they do offer a Do Follow Backlink.

Apart from Comment Luv blogs, all others offer No follow links.

Don’t be sad. In the eyes of Google, both Do Follow and No Follow are equally important. Always keep a balance of both these links in your backlink profile.

Your job is to perform blog commenting on high PR sites to be seen in your industry.

Increase Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking depends on how much noise your site or blog makes on the Internet.

This involves you to properly promote your blog and all of its articles on different social media channels.

Try to create Infographics for articles that are based on logic and reasoning and submit on different image submission sites. That too creates hell of a noise.

Try answering questions on Quora related to one or two of your blog articles. Apply links to those articles. You are bound to get cross channel traffic.

Add links to posts while commenting if and only if your comment is valuable and you think linking will benefit the author and his/her readers.

Build Relationships

Blog Commenting is the best way to build a professional relationship with other bloggers in your niche.

It can even lead to building a relationship with other readers who have read your comment on other blogs, visited your website and then followed you on social media.

Blog Commenting is an activity where both the parties benefit.

Building relationships with other bloggers and/or blog readers can lead to guest posts on your blog, sponsored content, interview posts, roundup posts, and so much more.

You see where it goes…

FAQs – Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites

How do I find Blog Commenting sites?

Well, the good thing here is that high PR websites are already mentioned in this article. But, you can find blog commenting sites by typing the following in Google search;
Blog Commenting Sites
Do Follow Blog Commenting Sites
Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List
Best Dofollow Blog Sites
Disqus Blog Commenting Sites
Blog Commenting Sites List for SEO
CommentLuv Blog Commenting Sites
Facebook Blog Commenting Sites
Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List

If you’d would like to find a blog commenting sites in your niche, just add the niche after the search query. For example, ‘best do follow blog sites for fitness’

Should I allow Blog Commenting on my blog?

Yes, definitely you should allow blog commenting on your blog. Commenting makes a blog highly engaging and thriving in the industry.

Does Blog Commenting still work?

Yes, Blog Commenting still works. It has to be done correctly. Perform Blog Commenting two to three times a week. Add valuable comments to other author’s post. Make them feel you know about the topic. Let them gain your perspective and then you see how things change for your blog.

Do comments count as backlinks?

Once your comment gets approved by the administrator, then it counts as a backlink. Please make sure you keep a good balance between Do Follow and No Follow backlinks.


I hope this instant approval Blog Commenting sites list will be beneficial for you.

Make it a habit of blog commenting at least twice in week and comment on all of these sites mentioned above.

If you feel I have missed any sites then do comment and let me know. I will add those sites for other readers as well. Plus, do let me know if you have any questions related to blog commenting, do follow backlinks, Google rankings, etc.

Relevant questions will get added to the FAQ section of this post.

Share this content on your social media. It will be helpful for your friends and colleagues. Remember, in the field of blogging and SEO you shine on top by helping others.

Share and Enjoy !

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