9 High Payout Real Estate Affiliate Programs in 2024

Do you want to earn money as a real estate agent without going through the hassles of earning a certification or a diploma?

What if I say you can you make money as a real estate agent without much trouble…

You wouldn’t need to be a professional, or a licensed real estate agent to do so. As a real estate affiliate marketer, selling or renting of homes will be a piece of cake, if you understand the techniques.

Let’s get you started by teaching you the nuts and bolts of real estate affiliate programs. So that, you can easily pursue this business and be your own boss.

What are Real Estate Affiliate Programs?

Before getting into real estate affiliate marketing, let me explain (in brief) what is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a performance-predicated marketing program, where-in you apply strategies to promote other company’s products.

This is mostly done on your website or a blog.

The moment you refer your traffic to an authentic company’s product pages (via your affiliate links), and when that person buys the product, you earn a commission.

Real Estate affiliate programs comprise of marketing strategies utilized by the authentic real estate companies that lets you earn a good amount of commission.

Imagine when someone has clicked a referral link from your website and booked a house or a piece of a plot worth thousands of dollars. The commissions that you get will be huge. This business is for people who are fascinated with making money online and want to boost their income real quickly.

Real estate affiliate programs are considered to be among high ticket affiliate programs that offer high payouts to its affiliates.

Let us now get into the nitty-gritty details of promoting one of the best real estate affiliate programs without further delay.

9 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Real Estate Express

real estate express official website

Real Estate Express is one of the early birds in this industry. Started first in the year 1996, it has helped many real estate agents to become successful.

Until now Real Estate Express has availed roughly over 400,000 aspiring real estate professionals for promoting their courses.

The best things about Real Estate Express is that they provide good income with unlimited growth potential. Moreover, it allows you to work from home with your own freedom of time.

How does Real Estate Express affiliate program work?

You will first need to sign up to their affiliate program, which is free to do so. Once you get approved, you can start promoting Real Estate Express products and gain commission.

After enrolling into their affiliate program, you will get an access to the Real Estate Express Dashboard, that helps in monitoring clicks, people enrolling from your website, sales, etc.

Once someone uses your affiliate link for purchasing their courses, you will get your commission.

Highlights of Real Estate Express Affiliate Partner Program

  • It offers 20% commission on every course each time someone purchases through an affiliate link present on your website.
  • With a highest cookie policy in the real estate niche, Real Estate Express provides 99 days for any site visitor to turn into a customer.
  • Your payouts are sent after 15 days from each month end.

Real Estate Express Sign-Up Process

You should submit your information on the form mentioned here to join the Real Estate Express Affiliate Partner Program.

Once you get approved, they will send you the required logos and banners that are helpful for displaying on your website and social media pages.

Real Estate Affiliates

real estate affiliates official website

The name itself of this website is Real Estate Affiliates. They are one of the top real estate affiliate program providers in the world. More than 20,000 affiliate marketers around the world monetize by promoting high payout affiliate offers.

How does Real Estate Affiliates program work?

If you are looking to profit from crowd funding real estate, its the best choice to join Real Estate Affiliates. This site caters to all types of real estate affiliate marketers, real estate agents, and publishers. Just simply head to their registration page to join their network. Once a sale is made through your referral link, you will earn a commission.

Real Estate Affiliates works on three different models;

Cost Per Action (CPA): Basically CPA is a model where in you send traffic to your partner advertiser. If your referrals complete an action, you get the payout. An action could mean anything from filling up a form, signing up an email list, to becoming a lead. Advanced actions earn you higher payouts. For example, if your lead buys a product you get the highest payout.

Cost Per Lead (CPL): This is the easiest of all affiliate models, but also gets you the least payout compared to others. You get your commission, once you send a referral to the affiliate network.

Revenue Sharing: In this model you receive recurring commissions for each and every transaction your referral performs with affiliate network’s partner advertisers. This model is advised to marketers who have more interactions with their visitors.

Highlights of Real Estate Affiliates Program

  • Earn upto 25% commission depending on the products
  • There is a 60-day cookie life for earning commissions
  • Payouts are made every 15 days to affiliate marketers


buildium real estate affiliate program

If you are looking for promoting a property management software then Buildium is the right choice for you. It was won several awards and has also been recognized on Inc 5000 list of “America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies” for the 7th consecutive year.

How does Buildium’s Affiliate program work?

For signing up you will have to register by filling in your complete information on this page. Once your affiliate program application gets approved (after 1~2 business days), you can start selling their software.

Buildium urges only those affiliate marketers to join their program, who’d use managed PPC campaigns and/or advertise their software on other real estate websites or blogs.

Highlights of Buildium Affiliate Program

  • It is free to signup
  • You get paid for qualified leads.
  • Moreover, you also get 25% recurring commission each month, for the referrals that have subscribed through your website.
  • Payouts happen once every month.

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Architectural Designs

real estate affiliate program of architectural designs

Running over the last 40 years, Architectural Designs has over 30,000 home layouts of different styles and designs.

If you look into their house plan gallery, you will see an entire library of photos that showcase different homes shared by their customers.

Plus, Architectural Designs also provides a quote of how much your home could cost, depending on the area, of course.

As a real estate affiliate agent we are interested in how much we can earn, right?

So, a regular real estate affiliate promoter promoting an Architectural Design build could earn 5% on every sale and/or $125 per referral.

Giving you a handsome affiliate income.

Highlights of Architectural Designs

  • Commission: 5%
  • EPC: $58.26
  • Cookie Duration: 120 days


vrbo real estate official website

VRBO is a portal dealing with vacation rentals worldwide. With 2 million plus property rentals worldwide, VRBO helps you generate affiliate commissions on cost per action basis. That is, when someone books a property for a vacation, you get your commissions.

How does VRBO’s Affiliate program work?

VRBO is a part of the Expedia Group (an online travel booking company). As soon as your website visitor uses your referral link to book a vacation rental with VRBO. You generate an affiliate commission. VRBO offers tracking via Expedia’s DeepLink Builder and also gives you monthly commissions.

For signing up to their affiliate program, you will have to join the Expedia Group’s Affiliate Program.

Highlights of VRBO Affiliate Program

  • VRBO provides 3% commission on referring a VRBO listing
  • If you refer a new listing to the VRBO website, you get flat $20
  • Payouts offered on monthly basis

CHBO – Corporate Housing by Owner

CHBO real estate affiliate program

Corporate Housing By Owner – CHBO, is an online marketplace that connects property owners with corporate tenants and even companies looking for a short-term furnished rentals. Their properties are located throughout the United State and worldwide.

Majority of their tenants are corporate travelers who’d like a short stay at every location throughout their business trip.

How does CHBO’s Affiliate program work?

You will need to have an affiliate account with Commission Junction in order to to sign up for the CHBO affiliate program. Well, it is completely free to join. After signing, you will be given a unique URL which can be used for promoting their properties to earn commissions.

Highlights of CHBO Affiliate Program

  • CHBO offers a 15% commission on every sale that comes from your reference (affiliate link).

Foreclosure Real Estate Affiliate Program

forclosure real estate official website

Foreclosure deals with low-priced distressed properties like back-owned homes, government foreclosures, pre-foreclosure listings, etc. There are tons of high converting properties for you to promote as a real estate affiliate marketer and even make hefty commissions on each sale.

More than 1.8 million properties are wide spread all across the United States. That means, there are lots of properties to promote. More properties = more money, for real estate affiliate marketers.

How does Foreclosure’s Affiliate program work?

Firstly, create an affiliate account with Foreclosure. After the account gets activated, you will be given a unique URL which can be used to promote their listings on your website, or in your emails.

Once the visitor clicks on your affiliate link, his/her IP address is logged and a cookie is placed in their web browser. As the visitor purchases from the same browser, that order will be registered as a sale and entitles an affiliate commission for you. You will receive your affiliate commissions after the review and approval of sale takes place.

Highlights of the Foreclosure Affiliate Program

  • Claims to have made 39.5 million commission payouts the previous year
  • Pays 25% commission on every successful sale
  • Highest payouts in the real estate affiliate market
  • Provides 180 day cookie duration

All Things Real Estate – Affiliate Program

all theings real estate affiliate programs

All Things Real Estate started in the year 2014 with an idea to design and create real estate marketing supplies. They make open-house products, design journals, folders and guides, and also make yard signs, stickers, apparels etc.

The team feels that having different marketing supplies will surely increase the look and feel of properties and entice the customers to buy from realtors.

How does All Things Real Estate’s Affiliate program work?

ATRE – All Things Real Estate has an affiliate program. Simply sign in and complete their registration process, its free to sign up. You can start your affiliate marketing activities as soon as the registration is done.

Highlights of All Things Real Estate Affiliate Program

  • A commission will be generated to your account after the customer purchases a product from ATRE
  • ATRE has kept the base percentage of commission as 7%
  • Their cookie life span is of 15 days

Lex Levinrad Real Estate

lex levinrad real estate affiliate programs

Lex has been a real estate investor from the year 2003. He has purchased, wholesaled, fixed, and flipped houses ever since. An active real estate investor, who wholesales at least 15 to 20 houses every month.

Dong this he has mastered selling distressed real estate homes. On his website he advertises programs where he teaches all this to interested real estate realtors. Some of his courses are Distressed real estate property selling, wholesaling homes, to fixing and flipping houses.

How does Lex Levinrad’s Real Estate Affiliate program work?

If you’ve got a website related to real estate having content specifically focused on investing in to real estate then this afffiliate program will work for you.They provide you all the necessary affiliate banners and stuff. All you got to do is apply those banners on specific pages of your website that show a good amount of traffic every month.

As per Lex Levinrad, a website getting 1,000 unique visitors per day is likely to get approved by their company to become an affiliate.

For becoming an affiliate of Lex Levinrad, just sign up to the Lex Levinrad’s affiliate program. The most important factor over here is the approval. You get to become an affiliate marketer for Lex Levinrad only if your website gets approved by their management.

Highlights of Lex Levinrad Real Estate Affiliate Program

  • They pay a 50% commission to approved affiliate marketers
  • Lex Levinrad’s real estate affiliate program provides a 180-day cookie lifespan
  • All affiliate marketers receive their payout one month after the buyer purchases their program/s.

Pre-requisites for Promoting Any Real Estate Affiliate Program

I have tried to deliver accurate and up to date information about the best real estate affiliate programs in the industry. But, how do we know when and whom to promote such offers?

It is very important to understand a few things before you go out promoting in this industry.

I would say there are 3 crucial pre-requisites to confirm before going out.

Always Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is always the first thing to do in any business. Just like any other business out there, affiliate marketing is also a business you have to build eventually.

For this reason, understanding the demographics and psychographics of your audience is crucial. Get to know their likes, dislikes, types of properties they like or even different areas your audience would like to invest in.

Understand your target audience and always promote the RIGHT affiliate programs to them.

Learn From Your Competitors

Go through and anlaze your competitors websites. Search for what they are promoting the most. Look out for the similarities between your audience and their audience.

Tap into the market by using the right type of SEO tools, and eventually build your email list.

Build Your Email List

As they already say, “the money is in the list”

That’s right, email gives you a very high ROI for every $1 spent. Building an email list is the blood line of affiliate marketing. Then even if you are into real estate affiliate marketing, building a solid email list with lots of leads will prove fruitful to your business.

Real Estate Affiliate Program – FAQs

What is real estate affiliate marketing?

It is a type of affiliate marketing where in the affiliate marketers tries to promote real estate properties to prospective buyers. Once the buyer purchases a product/property, the real estate company pays an affiliate commission to the real estate affiliate marketer.

Can you perform affiliate marketing in real estate?

If you are looking to make money in the real estate field without becoming a real estate agent. With a little knowledge about the real estate industry and knowing your target audience, you can promote the right properties to your visitors. This will surely bring you good income.

Is Real Estate Express legit?

Real Estate Express is backed up by 200,000 real estate professionals and is perfectly legitimate. They provide courses with up-to-date curriculum, best resources and top instructors that handle classroom-style learning.

What is the best online real estate school?

There are multiple online real estate schools, but the best I’ve known so far are Real Estate Express and Lex Levinrad’s online real estate programs. With courses like Distressed Real Estate Bootcamp, Fixing and Flipping Properties and proper real estate broker licensing education, one can master this niche from top to bottom.

How do you become a real estate affiliate?

In the above blog I have mentioned several high payout real estate affiliate programs. I have also mentioned a link under each program that takes you to their affiliate sign up page. Just fill in your details and register for their programs, that’s it. It is so simple to start your real estate affiliate marketing journey.

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