GeneratePress vs Astra – The Best Theme To Choose in 2021

Both GeneratePress and Astra are very popular in the WordPress space at the moment. They are premium and the best WordPress themes used by many bloggers and affiliate marketers. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, you can never go wrong with either of these themes. But, what if you’d had to compare which one to choose between GeneratePress vs Astra?

When we talk about themes, it is best to go with those who have the following parameters (at least);

  • A theme should be lightweight on your WordPress website.
  • There should be abundant options (almost) to create a fully functional beautiful website.
  • That theme should have great support and documentation available.
  • It should be popular among website owners and offer value for money.
generatepress vs astra

Generatepress and Astra astoundingly stand up to the parameters, and clearly offer more.

It is going to be a very tough competition between both these excellent themes.

So, let’s get started in understanding what your website would really need and which theme addresses those areas really better than the other. For a quick overview, I have tabulated generic information for your convenience.

GeneratePress vs Astra – Quick Overview

Free VersionAvailableAvailable
Renewal Discount (Annual)40%20%
Modules in Premium Version1519 (Astra Pro)
Pre-Built Site Templates6090
Page Builder CompatibilityYesYes
Enable/Disable ModulesYesYes
Website UseUnlimitedUnlimited
Unlimited AccessEverything
Need to Upgrade
(Agency Plan)
Check Them OutExplore GeneratePressExplore Astra

For better understanding, I have added the Pros and Cons of each theme before we actually get started with the details.

GeneratePress Pros and Cons


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  • You can create beautiful websites even without using page builders
  • It comes with 1 single plan that offers all the features.
  • Very clean and lightweight code
  • Less update frequency, but very stable
  • Impeccable support
  • Extensive documentation
  • Highly developer-friendly


  • There is no Whitelabel feature
  • Developed by a single developer

Astra Pros and Cons


  • Developed by keeping page builders in mind
  • Fast and responsive
  • Includes Whitelabel feature
  • More number of Pre-built Site Templates than GeneratePress
  • Includes Learning Management System (Learndash) Addon
  • Has lifetime pricing options
  • Good support, resolved by ticket system


  • Has lesser Header Layouts
  • Need to upgrade to higher plan for Schema Pro Plugin
  • Slower support during weekends
  • Has a mix-up with various pricing
  • Has two more plans (Mini Agency & Agency) if you need more features. Unlike GeneratePress, which has got all the features under one premium plan
  • Renewal discount annually is lesser compared to GeneratePress

Generatepress vs Astra – Which theme will you really choose?

Both these themes are super good and offer more than you can even imagine. So, the comparison is going to be a tough one.

But, nevertheless, we’ve got to settle with one in the end…

Unique Features

For any product, its unique features are the ones that first attract the users. Both of these themes are unique and offer quite a lot of features to their users.

We’ll add a few to get you thinking…

GeneratePress has the following unique features;

  • Lots of Hooks and Filters that allow you to include your own custom code anywhere into the theme.
  • The developer has developed a stable, clean, and optimized code that is compatible with major Page Builders.
  • Activate the Sections feature to build beautiful website layouts without even buying a premium page builder.
  • If you want to add custom headers, layouts, then just activate the Elements module.
  • The Menu Plus module offers awesome features like sticky navigation, slideout navigation, mobile header, etc.
  • Comes with a Secondary Navigation module that lets you create Mega Menu, allows for sec-nav widths & alignment, create different buttons, and much more.

The idea of the developer is to keep the theme simple and robust. Offering just the right amount of features or modules needed to create a unique and beautiful website. Thereby, keeping GeneratePress stable and compatible with the widest range of external plugins.

Astra comes with the following unique features;

  • Astra comes with a highly organized and speedy Customizer, where everything comes under a single tab. This minimizes the clicks to reach your website’s desired settings.
  • You can easily create custom headers, footers, 404 pages, and content by using the Custom Layouts feature.
  • The Mega Menu feature comes in handy to display options at a glance. This is very helpful if you have a website with lot of options and lower-level sub-pages.
  • Astra’s got a big collection of Starter Templates built using your favorite page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Brizy.
  • Now you can rename and present a product or a plugin of your own by using the White Label feature.
  • Convert your website into an membership based educational platform by integrating LearnDash & LifterLMS.

As you can see that both the themes have something different from each other. Selecting either one of them really depends upon the user’s requirements.

Winner: Tie

User Friendliness

Both GeneratePress and Astra are the most user-friendly themes in the WordPress space at the moment. Hence, you can see the rise in their popularity and usage among all types of website owners.

When you talk about Theme Customization, all the features are neatly arranged in one single line.

Right after you install these themes you can easily find all the features available under the Appearance section on your WordPress dashboard. While all the modules can easily be enabled or disabled depending on your requirement.

generatepress enable/disable modules

As you can see, these themes are using a modular approach. Activate the ones which are needed and keep the rest as deactivated. This helps to load your Customizer much faster and without any lags.

The simplicity and flexibility offered by both these themes have beaten all the other WordPress themes in the market.

I would give a plus one to GeneratePress here as the Colors and Backgrounds are two separate modules and there is a specific module to completely Disable Elements.

Winner: GeneratePress

GeneratePress vs Astra Performance

GeneratePress and Astra both have a great reputation when it comes to Site Performance. But, Astra’s page loading speed is a little faster than GeneratePress. Mainly due to the reason that Astra is much quicker with queries.

But, if you purely test Astra and GeneratePress without using any page builder, then both will surely score almost the same on Pingdom and GT Metrix.

Page Builders and Plugins are a user’s personal preference. Therefore, the performance results one achieves will always differ from another.

Since Astra is built keeping page builders in mind. Thus, it scores a little above GeneratePress, even when there’s a Page Builder on an Astra website.

Winner: Astra

Layout Customization

Header Layout

Header Layout option in GeneratePress comes with some features like increase/decrease the Header width, perform Header alignment, and even use navigation as a Header.

generatepress header customization

It can be easily found under the Appearance > Customize > Layout > Header.

The Header Presets lets you save your customized header settings so that you can speed things up while creating a website.

The option Header Width is the outer container of your header. You can use the Full or Contained settings over here depending on how you would like the Header out container to appear on the page.

Inner Header Width holds the content of your header like site’s title, logo, widget, etc.

GeneratePress offers you basic Header Alignment like Left, Center, and Right.

If you want to refine and adjust the padding of your header, you can do that separately for mobile and desktop views via the Header Padding option.

Under Use Navigation as Header you can do many cool things like adjusting the logo size and merging the header, creating sticky navigation with a height transition of the header, and even merge the header navigation with the page hero.

If you want to disable the default header appearing on mobile devices, and replace it with your branding logo, then switch ON the Mobile Header option.

Additionally, GeneratePress comes with the capability of setting page headers. Meaning, you can not only set headers for individual pages, but also make a transparent header, add background video, images, content, or use all of these at one time.

Whereas, when it comes to Astra it is a little different from GeneratePress.

astra primary header, above header, and below header features

Astra has differentiated its Primary Header settings from the Page Header settings.

You can easily select the website’s primary header layout as left, center or right. Following that, the header can be selected as a Full Width or Contained Width (container width).

You get an option of controlling the Mobile Header, which is very similar to the one seen on GeneratePress.

Overall, you get a lot of customization options with regards to headers, both in Astra and GeneratePress. But, Astra gets a step ahead by offering features like adding information (Breadcrumbs) Above Header, Below Header, and merging Page Header with Site Header.

Winner: Astra


generatepress footer customization

The Footer Module in GeneratePress can be found by going to Customize > Layout > Footer.

Footer Width is the outer container of the footer that includes footer widgets and the Copyright area. You can set it that to Full or Contained

Whereas, the Inner Footer Width helps in setting your footer’s inner container to Full or Contained.

GeneratePress offers 5 distinct Footer Widget areas, you can even select all to display at once. Here, GeneratePress gets a step ahead of Astra by offering different width settings for each widget area.

The Footer Bar Area helps in adding useful items like social media icons. They can be adjusted to the Right, Left, or Center.

Both, the Footer Padding and Footer Widget Area Padding are two distinct parameters which is neatly given in this theme. Adjust this according to your needs.

Last but not the least, GeneratePress has also taken care of the Back to Top Button. This really helps your user/reader to quickly scroll back to the top of the page.

Astra on the other hand, has separate sections for customizing Footer and Footer Widget.

astra footer customization

For customizing the footer you need to go to Appearance > Customize >Footer.

Just like GeneratePress, you can select two different Footer Layout – one section stacked over another or both sections inline. There is not much you can do here except add a Footer menu if you’d like a menu-style look in the footer.

For more settings, you’ll need to go to the Footer Widget module.

astra footer widgets with 7 layouts

Astra offers 7 different footer widget layout options. Plus, you can even control the overall width and padding size. But, you don’t get to set a specific width for each and every footer item. For this reason, I’d give a plus one to GeneratePress.

Winner: GeneratePress

Color Customization

When it comes to customizing colors, both the themes are almost as good as one another.

GeneratePress and Astra have the same and identical options for controlling color selection for various important elements of a website.

There are tons of color pickers for you to choose a color for almost every section of your website. Then it can be body, headers, primary navigation, sidebars, buttons, footer, etc. You really don’t need to be a CSS coder for customizing colors and making your website look beautiful.

generatepress color customization

I personally feel GeneratePress gives you better precision in changing colors and it also offers color pickers for Sliders and Form Elements.

Winner: GeneratePress


GeneratePress Premium comes with 15 modules while Astra Pro comes with 19 modules.

generatepress vs astra modules

Almost all the modules seen in Astra are included with GeneratePress, except for educational integrations like LearnDash and LifterLMS, and the website Whitelabel feature.

Not everyone would ever create online courses, and there are multiple third-party Whitelabel plugins that can easily be installed. But, explicitly having a feature is a plus point.

Winner: Astra

Starter Sites

As seen earlier in the table, Astra Pro offers more pre-built site templates than GeneratePress. Astra also has a Mini Agency and an Agency plan that offer even more pre-built site templates. But, we will stick to Astra Pro in this article.

Note: The Sites which display AGENCY marked on them, are not available with Astra Pro.

Starter Sites are pride for Astra. The company has built lots of them that cater to almost every industry/niche.

You can choose from sites made using either Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and even Gutenberg.

astra starter sites

Whereas, GeneratePress loses against Astra in this department. Although the developers have created atleast 60 of them using standard editor, Elementor and Beaver Builder, but that doesn’t beat Astra’s site library.

generatepress starter sites

Winner: Astra

Page Builder Compatibility

generatepress and asta page builder compatibility

The most popular page builders in the WordPress space are Elementor, Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect, Visual Composer, and Divi.

Both GeneratePress and Astra work flawlessly without any problems with either of these page builders. Most of the Starter Sites offered by them are built using either Elementor or Beaver Builder.

These themes are running from quite some time in the market now. Elementor has officially recommended GeneratePress in their articles, and Astra’s website has been designed using Beaver Builder. So, we can be very sure about the compatibility of various major page builders with both of these themes.

When GeneratePress was initially designed, it was not made for page builders. Although, today that is not the case. Whereas, Astra is built to be a theme for page builders. They also have multiple addons for Elementor and Beaver Builder.

Winner: Tie (Astra is made keeping page builders in mind)

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Except for WooCommerce, GeneratePress lacks any other third-party integration. That is because, the developer is keen to offer a theme that is excellent, fast, stable, and has the capability to produce beautiful websites.

They give you a lot of elements to play with, which helps in building more complex pages much easier and faster.

On the other hand, Astra works flawlessly with WooCommerce, LifterLMS, LearnDash, and Easy Digital Downloads (with Agency plan only).

With LearnDash and LifterLMS integrated into Astra Pro, you can now create a world-class learning experience and keep getting more and more students through custom-designed sales pages, specifically done for the education business.

Most of the well-coded standard plugins work great with GeneratePress. But, having explicit integration is always better.

Certainly, not everyone is going to create an online education system, but I’ll give Astra a thumbs-up here.

Winner: Astra

Developer Friendliness

developer-friendly, generatepress or astra?

Both Astra and GeneratePress are made keeping the non-coding markets in mind. Nevertheless, if you’d want to play with a few things. then both come with a Custom CSS module.

You can even add Hooks to any part of your website, without actually touching the theme’s code. That eliminates the need to create separate child themes.

Just in-case if you would like to create Child Themes, both GeneratePress and Astra let you to build beautiful child themes.

I would also like to add another point. Both these themes let you to Import/Export theme settings. This feature comes in very handy if you’ve created a fully functional website for a client and want to replicate the same for another client. Saves a lot of time and energy.

Winner: Tie

Support and Documentation

Both the themes come with one year of free updates and support. They have a good knowledge base and documentation. Although with GeneratePress 2.0, their documentation is growing and becoming a vast library.

When it comes to support, there is no theme in the market that stands a chance against GeneratePress. Be it any time of the day, or day of the week, you can expect to get your queries resolved in a matter of few hours.

The speed in replying to queries and resolving customer’s issues is the BEST on the Internet.

generatepress support

GeneratePress has a support forum where paid users can post their questions, but anyone over the Internet can easily view the discussion forum.

On the other hand, Astra’s support is great but is a bit slow during weekends. Its documentation contains over 200 articles and a YouTube channel that hosts How-To video tutorials.

astra documentation

Support and Documentation are crucial aspects to look into, before buying a product.

Winner: GeneratePress

We have one last topic to compare about GeneratePress vs Astra, and that’s the price.


Both the themes are competitively priced very close to each other. Astra has a yearly pricing and lifetime price. Whereas, GeneratePress only supports annual pricing.

GeneratePress premium offers EVERYTHING for $49.95, you get complete access to all the modules, all starter sites included, unlimited website usage, and one whole year of updates & support.

Whereas, Astra has the following pricing plans;

PlanOne YearLifetime
Astra Pro*$47$249
Astra Mini Agency Bundle$169$499
Astra Agency Bundle$249$699

*Note: We have compared Astra Pro with GeneratePress in this article.

I would like to add a crucial point here. GeneratePress offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, while Astra on the other hand, only offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. Although, I have never seen users asking for refunds from either of these theme makers. But still, this adds a level of security to the user before purchasing.

generatepress pricing

Astra offers a 20% renewal discount. On the other hand, GeneratePress offers a 40% renewal discount. This way GeneratePress turns out to be an affordable alternative with everything included.

Winner: GeneratePress

FAQs on GeneratePress vs Astra

Do I need a Special System/Software to use these themes?

You will need a WordPress website, that’s it.

Which theme is more popular among Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers?

Both GeneratePress and Astra are highly popular among bloggers and affiliate marketers from various niches.

Which Page Builder works best with them?

Elementor has officially recommended GeneratePress and Astra’s own website is built using Beaver Builder. So, surely these two work good but overall most of the major page builders like Thrive Architect, Visual Composer, and even Divi work great with both GeneratePress and Astra.

Are these themes mobile compatible?

Astra and GeneratePress can easily display beautiful websites on mobile devices. That is because they are Mobile Responsive and that allows the theme to auto-adapt.

How many sites can I use on them?

GeneratePress and Astra both support unlimited website usage. GeneratePress has an annual subscription, whereas Astra has both yearly and lifetime models.

GeneratePress vs Astra, which one is the best option?

Both are as good as one another. There is hardly anything to compare between them. Although, I have highlighted their unique features at the beginning of this article. Furthermore, it is the user’s personal choice to go with either one of them.

Are GeneratePress and Astra free?

They are freemium themes. You can download GeneratePress or Astra freely from their website. But, their free version has limited features as compared to their premium versions

My Verdict on GeneratePress vs Astra

Here is my final take…

When it comes to the number of Modules, Astra is better than GeneratePress. Although, both give the best modules required to create a fully functional beautiful website. But, Astra gives a few more features.

GeneratePress on the other hand is very good with color customization. It offers color pickers for almost every module given in the theme.

While Astra has a great Starter Site collection, that is much more than GeneratePress.

I was in a dilemma choosing between these two exceptionally great themes. But, I finally rolled my dice on GeneratePress.

So, in the end, all that really matters is;

  • Your website should look beautiful and it should load fast.
  • Website customization should not take a long day.
  • The theme should be compatible with page builders and it should support SEO.

As far as performance is concerned, Astra has a very good page loading speed. However, GeneratePress is a total value for money, wherein they give everything under one single premium plan. When it comes to GeneratePress vs Astra, the final choice is yours. However, this article must have helped you gain insights so that you can take the correct decisions based on your needs and situation.

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