How To Remove Copyright From Kadence Theme?

In this blog post, I am going to share the steps to remove copyright from Kadence theme footer.

This technique applies on the free version of Kadence theme and on Kadence Pro.

There is no need to download a third party plugin in order to achieve this.

In fact, it is so simple that you can do this in three simple steps and takes less than a minute.

Remove theme by Kadence WP, right from the theme customizer.

Kadence Theme – Overview

Kadence is popular WordPress theme with more than 200,000+ active installs.

It is light weight and performs very fast.

The theme code is stable, flexible, and made for multi-purpose website use.

Moreover, the Kadence theme is completely mobile-responsive, SEO-friendly, supports popular page builders, offers tons of starter templates, and supports language translation as well.

It offers lots of customization options.

However, the free version comes with limitations, but Kadence Pro is your swiss army knife for WordPress website customization.

But, for the sake of this post, you need to understand that it is possible to edit/remove footer copyright credit from Kadence theme.

Thanks, to the Kadence footer builder and copyright element available in the free version.

How To Remove Copyright From Kadence Theme Footer?

Let us begin our step-by-step tutorial to remove footer copyright credit from Kadence theme.

Step 1: Go to Kadence Theme Customizer

The first step is to go to the Kadence theme customizer.

On your WordPress dashboard > hover your mouse on Appearance > click on Customize

Step 2: Click on Footer

On the theme customizer, click on Footer.

This will open up the footer builder and all the available footer elements. As shown in the image above.

Also, have a look at the footer builder.

edit/remove footer copyright in kadence theme

Notice the footer copyright credit.

That is what we have to edit.

Step 3: Change Copyright Credit

As soon as you click on the footer element, you will see available placeholders like copyright, year, site-title, and theme-credit.

We have to change the theme-credit to our personal message.

Remove the theme-credit placeholder and add your message.

changing footer copyright message in kadence theme

For example, ‘All Rights Reserved’.

Don’t forget to hit the Publish button.

Let us verify at the front end of our website.

That’s it. You have successfully edited WordPress theme by Kadence WP with your own footer credit.


This was a short tutorial. I hope you don’t download third party plugins, and remove copyright from Kadence theme via the theme customizer.

I have also written a similar tutorial on removing copyright message from GeneratePress theme.

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