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How to Remove Powered By GeneratePress in Footer Bar

Written By: Ankur Purecha

GeneratePress is a superfast, attractive, and recommended theme in the WordPress eco-space. Due to its amazing features, more than 300,000 websites are actively running on this theme, over the Internet.

It comes with lots of features like pre-made templates, a built-in WooCommerce module for building, a fully functional web store, and tons of customization options. GeneratePress review also scores high in terms of SEO with built-in Schema Markup and offers advanced Page Level settings giving total control over your Header, Hero Section, Footer, and other pages like Blog Pages, Archive Pages & 404 Pages.

All of this makes GeneratePress a well-known theme amongst Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, and even Online Web Stores.

But, there is a small problem that comes with every theme in WordPress. Almost all themes come with a “Powered By (theme name)” text in the footer area.

GeneratePress is no different – after downloading and installing the theme, you will find “Powered by GeneratePress” in the copyright section of the theme.

powered by generatepress message in the copyright section of generatepress footer bar

Not to worry…

I have given the complete solution on how to remove powered by GeneratePress in the free and premium versions of the theme.

You will be learning the following;

  • Remove powered by GeneratePress in Free version using a plugin
  • How to remove copyright in GeneratePress footer via Code
  • Steps to remove copyright section in GeneratePress Premium Theme and add your own custom text/code

Remove Powered By GeneratePress In Free Version

There is no doubt that GeneratePress is an amazing theme. Lots of bloggers and affiliate marketers use it, even this website is on GeneratePress. That is because of the theme’s simplicity and performance.

Saying that there are many who would not buy the premium version of the theme at the beginning of their blogging journey. These people need a temporary solution on how to remove powered by GeneratePress in the free version of the theme.

For doing that, there are two ways – one method is by using a plugin and another is via coding

Remove Powered By GeneratePress Using Plugin

The best way of removing the copyright section in the GeneratePress free theme is via using a plugin that can find and replace in real-time activity.

Meaning, it dynamically allows you to replace code and/or text from themes with a code/text of your own before the page is delivered to the user’s web browser.

  • For doing so, you will need to download the Real-Time Find and Replace plugin.
  • On your Dashboard, go to Plugins section and select Add New.
add new plugin
  • Type in Real-Time Find and Replace in the search bar, install it, and then press the activate button.
search for Real-Time Find and Replace plugin
  • After installing and activating the plugin, go to the front-end of your website, right-click and select View Page Source.
view page source on the front end of your website
  • Then press Ctrl+F and type in Copyright-bar, to find the copyright section in page source.
copy the copyright line of code from the page source
  • Then on your Dashboard, go to Tools and select Real-Time Find and Replace.
Go to Dashboard - Tools - Real time find and replace
  • As the page opens, the first thing to do is click on Add. This will start a new case.
  • Following that, paste the code that you have copied, in the Find section.
  • Write the code you would like to replace it with, in the Replace section.
  • Lastly, click on the Update Settings button.
adding a new case in real time find and replace
  • After updating the settings go to the front-end of your website and refresh any page to see that the remove powered by GeneratePress is replaced by your own text. In my case Copyright BloggingIdol.
generatepress free footer copyright message changed via plugin

A little tricky, but pretty much easy if you follow all the steps properly.

Remove Powered By GeneratePress via Code

In this method, you can edit or change the copyright bar in GeneratePress using code in functions.php. For this process, you need to create a Child Theme. If you are familiar with the child theme then you can download Super Basic GeneratePress Child Theme here and use the below code in functions.php to edit copyright in GP Theme.

This method requires you to perform a little bit of coding. There are two ways of doing so. You can either change the copyright message in GeneratePress using code in the functions.php file. That will require you to create a Child Theme first.

If you are aware of child themes and ways to use them, then you might as well download the basic GeneratePress Child Theme from the button below.

If the child themes and functions.php file is way too technical for you then downloading a plugin might not hurt you at all.

I will demonstrate this method by downloading the Code Snippets WordPress Plugin. It is a much easy and quicker way for changing the GeneratePress copyright message.

  • On your website Dashboard, go to Plugins section and select Add New.
add new plugin from your WordPress dashboard
  • Type in Code Snippets in the search bar, install it, and then press the activate button.
  • Go to Snippets, under your WordPress Dashboard and select Add New.
add new snippets from your WordPress Dashboard
  • Give the Snippet a name – I have given Footer Credit.
  • Create your own custom GeneratePress footer credit in the code section
  • Now press the Save Changes and Activate Button below the code editor.
  • Refresh the front-end of your website and go to the footer section to verify your changes.
generatepress free footer copyright message changed via code

So, these were the two ways to remove powered by GeneratePress in the free version. Now we will have a look at how to change the copyright message in the GeneratePress premium version.

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Remove Powered By GeneratePress in Premium Version

This one is going to be very easy. There are only a few steps for changing the copyright message in GeneratePress premium version.

If you are using GeneratePress free theme then I would highly recommend you to try out the GeneratePress premium version.

This blogBloggingIdol, is running on GeneratePress Premium and I am very satisfied with the theme. It lets me do almost all types of customizations that are required for a fully functional website.

Moreover, you don’t have anything to loose as the company boasts a 30-day money-back guarantee without any questions asked, in-case you are unsatisfied with the theme.

Now, let’s get started…

  • In a freshly installed GeneratePress premium theme, you will need to Activate the Copyright Module. For doing so, go to Appearance section on your WordPress Dashboard and click on GeneeratePress.
select GeneratePress from appearance under the WordPress dashboard
  • This will open up the GeneratePress Modules section. Here you will see all the 13 modules stacked on top of each other. None of the modules will be active.
  • You will need to activate the ones which you need and then click on Apply.
  • I have activated a few of them (ones which I need). That includes the Copyright Module.
GeneratePress modules
  • After activating the Copyright module, again go to the Appearance section of your WordPress Dashboard, but this time click on Customize.
WordPress dashboard customize GeneratePress
  • It will open the GeneratePress Customizer on the left had side with your website’s homepage on the right.
GeneratePress theme customizer
  • From here, you will need to click on Layout and then on Footer. That will open all the footer settings with the Copyright section at the end.

I have changed the default Copyright message of GeneratePress from “Powered by GeneratePress” to my own custom message. Don’t forget to press the Publish button at the top of the GeneratePress Customizer, whenever you make any changes.

That’s it, removing powered by GeneratePress in premium version and adding our own custom text or code is so easy.


I hope the steps given in this tutorial will help you to remove Powered by GeneratePress, if you are using free or premium GeneratePress theme.

If you still have any doubts regarding this guide, feel free to leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “How to Remove Powered By GeneratePress in Footer Bar”

  1. Thank you SO much! I love GeneratePress; use it for all of my sites, but wanted their link to open in a new window. Did it with the Real-Time Find and Replace plugin!

    • Yup, GeneratePress is a high-quality theme. If you have GP premium, you don’t need a plugin to remove GeneratePress footer credits; that can be done straight from its theme customizer. But, if you don’t have a premium version and have installed GeneratePress on multiple sites of yours, I suggest you go for GP premium. One license supports 500 sites.

      Multiple features are available in the premium version’s theme customizer. Plus, you also get Elements module. With Elements module and free GenerateBlocks plugin, you can more or less create anything on your sites.

      For more information about differences between both the versions, have a look at GeneratePress free vs pro article on this site.


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