Astra vs Blocksy – What to Choose in 2024?

In this Astra vs Blocksy comparison post, we are going to compare two fast, lightweight, and highly customizable WordPress themes.

Both these WordPress themes are light in weight and offer fast performances but they vary in customization options.

For example, creating a conditional header in Blocksy is easier and can be created from the theme customizer itself. Whereas, in Astra theme, you need to create a Custom Layout and then add display rules to it.

Another example adds to the ease of use with global colors and typography.

Astra provides 3 color palettes and has a very easy approach to change a global color palette.

Both, Astra and Blocksy are great in terms of speed, customization, integrations, etc.

But, this post is purely about finding which is the best WordPress theme for you.

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What is Astra Theme?

Astra is a good WordPress theme created by a company called Brainstorm Force, and is very popular in the WordPress theme market.

It has been 6 years since the first launch of the Astra WordPress theme.

The Astra free version has more than 1 million active installs from the official WordPress website.

Just like every other freemium theme, the free version of Astra comes with limited functionalities. But Astra pro offers you dozens of advanced customization options.

You can easily create high quality website designs using Astra pro. Plus, it also supports all the popular page builders.

It also offers lots of starter sites of different categories to quickly help you create blog website, business sites, eCommerce websites, etc.

What is Blocksy Theme?

Blocksy is a light weight theme, but not as light as the Astra theme.

It is a beginner-friendly theme with free and pro versions.

Sergiu Radu and Andrei Glingeanu formed a company called Creative Themes, have built Blocksy.

Blocksy is mobile-responsive, RTL and translation-ready, very well SEO optimized and is developed using the latest web technologies.

Blocksy offers a very smooth fluid-like user experience.

The premium version has all the required components you need for creating an advanced web design with modern looks.

Astra vs Blocksy – Quick Overview

Free VersionYesYes
Popularity1 million plus WordPress
Active Installs
100,000+ WordPress
Active Installs
Enable/Disable ModuleYesYes
Modules or Extensions in Pro version11Free Extensions – 5
Pro Extensions – 10
Website useUnlimitedBlocksy Pro Personal- 1 site
Blocksy Pro Professional – 10 sites
Blocksy Pro Agency – Unlimited
Premium Support5/54/5
Refund Policy14 day, 100% money back guarantee14 day, 100% money back guarantee
Lifetime plansYes, with huge discounts
of up to 40%
PricingBudget friendlyUnlimited sites plan is expensive
Lifetime PlansYesYes

Which theme to buy, Astra or Blocksy?

Currently, in the WordPress theme industry, the focus lies on themes that give preference to speed and features.

The Blocksy WordPress theme is made using latest web technologies like React, Webpack, and Babel. This adds to the theme’s performance and fluid-like website user experience.

Astra WordPress theme is easy to install, offers faster speed wit lesser server requests, and gives amazing features.

The free version of Blocksy multiple features for beginners.

The best part about Astra is its ease of use and the theme customizer’s intuitiveness.

But, that being said, the Astra Essential Toolkit and Business Toolkit offer around 200 pro starter templates.

This is best when you don’t want to create anything from scratch.

Quick Answers – to help you decide

Go with Astra WordPress Theme if…

You need the best price for unlimited websites.

Starter sites is what you need the most.

You need more layouts /options for blog page, category pages, and single posts.

You’re looking for a theme with better WooCommerce options.

You are going to create web pages using Elementor.

You’re a ‘DIY’ person. Astra has way more documentation on the Internet, than any other theme.

You are considering to buy Astra Essential Bundle or Astra Full Bundle.

Go with Blocksy WordPress Theme if…

CSS is not your thing, instead you need all the design options at the click of a button.

You are going to create custom layouts throughout your site.

Friendlier support community is what you seek. Blocksy’s FB group has expert people.

You want to use Adobe fonts, Custom fonts, and Google fonts locally.

Astra vs Blocksy on WordPress

Astra has been a popular theme on WordPress for a very long time. I have personally used Astra on multiple website projects.

It has created its brand in the WordPress theme industry.

Whereas, Blocksy is a new entrant and was first launched in early 2019.

Let us see some of their stats on WordPress.

Active Installations, Reviews, and Ratings on WordPress

In the table below, I’ve shown and overview of what you can see on their official WordPress pages.

ThemeAdded To WordPressActive InstallationsReviewsRatings
Astra6 years ago1 million plus5,519
5/5 – 5312
Blocksy4 years ago100,000+802
5/5 – 796

There is a huge difference in the number of active installs.

In fact it can be better visualized from the two images below.

Astra Theme – Number of Downloads Per Day

The graph of Astra theme downloads per day shows an increase of downloads per day from last year.

At some days the downloads have even crossed 10,000/day.

There are a few reasons for this;

  • Astra theme has been for a long time and has made its brand value.
  • Brainstorm Force offers a free WordPress plugin called Astra Starter Templates that gives 280+ free starter templates for users using the free version of Astra.
  • Astra theme is a great combination of speed and functionality
  • This theme literally works great with any page builder

Blocksy Theme – Number of Downloads Per Day

The graph of Blocksy shows a consistent flow of downloads per day during the entire year.

After every 10 days, there have been more than 5000 downloads.

But, that’s much lesser than Astra.

Astra vs Blocksy – Speed and Performance

Understanding which theme provides you better website speed is crucial.

Plus, I will also share other performance-related features that come with each of these themes.

Let us start by analyzing a website running Astra theme, tested on GT Metrix, Pingdom, and Google PageSpeed Insights.

Followed by, testing another website running Blocksy theme.

Astra Theme Website Speed Tests

Starting with GT Metrix.

The page tested on GT Metrix is a pre-written “Hello World” blog post.

A total page size of 103KB, with 13 Requests, and 1.5s of fully loaded time.

Next, we head to Pingdom.

The page tested is the homepage, right after I’ve installed the Astra theme.

Pingdom test displays a page size of 111.4KB, 13 Requests, and 2.17s of fully loaded time.

Now, let us look at Google PageSpeed Insights.

A performance result of 97% on mobile is good.

Every other parameter is green except for speed index being 3.9 seconds.

Let us see the result on desktop.

Just like the mobile PSI insights, desktop also shows 97%, but the speed index has drastically reduced to 1.7 seconds.

Blocksy Theme Website Speed Tests

Starting with GT Metrix.

The page tested is one of the blog posts with enough content, images, sidebars, etc. to give us a real time result.

Next, let us head to Pingdom.

Pingdom test on the Blocksy web page shows a page size of 313.7KB, with 26 Requests, loading at 2.58 seconds.

Stats are higher than the website tested running on Astra, yet the performance grade is much higher.

Now, allow me to share the results from Google PageSpeed (PSI) Insights.

On mobile, the performance percentage of the blog post on the website running Blocksy is 91%

But, that for desktop is 98%

Desktop performance score is very impressive.

Following are the performance scores of Astra and Blocksy when tested via GTMetrix, Pingdom, and Google Page Speed Insights.


  • GTMetrix performance score: 93%
  • Pingdom performance score: 83%
  • Google PSI Mobile: 97%
  • Google PSI Desktop: 97%


  • GTMetrix performance score: 86%
  • Pingdom performance score: 89%
  • Google PSI Mobile: 91%
  • Google PSI Desktop: 98%
Page SizeLoad TimeRequests

Astra is much faster than Blocksy.

Winner: Astra

Performance Options in Astra Theme Customizer

Astra was first created some time ago, which means the foundation code on which Astra is built offers either performance or features.

Brainstorm Force has still managed to maintain a moderate balance between the two. Hence, with Astra, you don’t get an abundance of performance features within the theme’s customizer.

But, you still get to see one.

Load Google Fonts Locally

with its sub features;

  • Preload Local Fonts
  • Flush Local Fonts Cache

To access these features, go to Appearance -> Customize -> Performance -> Load Google Fonts Locally

load google fonts locally with astra theme
Astra Theme Performance Feature – Load Google Fonts Locally

Astra vs Blocksy – All the Features in Free Version

Before we jump into more detailed comparison.

I will tabulate the features that come with the free versions of Astra and Blocksy in multiple parts with respect to different areas (parts) of a website.

General Features in Free Version

This table is a general overview of what is available with the free versions of Astra and Blocksy.

Features in Free VersionAstraBlocksy
Fully GutenbergYes, 100%Yes, 100%
Mobile ResponsiveYesYes
Secure codeYesYes
SEO-friendlyYesYes, with markup
RTL support & translationYesYes
Global Color Palettes312
Typography Presets (font pairing)6None
Page Builder IntegrationElementor, Beaver Builder, Oxygen, Thrive Architect, SeedProd, Divi, etc.Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, Divi, Thrive Architect
Scroll to TopYesYes
Links style (global setting)Underline links5 different types of link style
Import/Export and Reset optionsNeed to add a pluginYes

Header, Footer, and Sidebar Features in Free Version

The following table is an overview of Astra vs Blocksy features for header, footer, and sidebars in their free versions.

Header BuilderYesYes
Header elements118
Off Canvas Header Builder (for mobile and tablet)YesYes
Sticky HeaderNoYes
Transparent HeaderYesYes
Transparent Header with conditions moduleNoYes
Footer BuilderYesYes
Footer Elements99
Sidebar Layouts34
Sticky SidebarNoYes

Blog Page Features in Astra Free Theme and Blocksy Free Theme

Check out all the features you get for customizing the blog page in Astra free theme and Blocksy free theme.

Blog title layouts22
Blog title descriptionvisible in 1 layout onlyvisible in both layouts
Blog title horizontal alignmentYesYes
Blog title vertical alignmentYesYes
Customize blog title container widthYesYes
Blog title container background imageYesYes, with multiple image sizes
Blog title image parallax effectNoYes
Blog title typography customizationYesYes
Blog title color customizationYesYes
Blog page layouts57
Sidebar selection for blog pageYesYes
Grid Layout and Masonry Layout NoYes
Card styles for posts on blog pageNone3 styles; simple, boxed, cover
Multiple featured image sizesNoYes, original, pre-defined (4 options), and custom size
Read more button for postsNoYes
Post meta elements on blog page5, comments, category, author, date, tags6, author, published date, updated date, taxonomies, tags, comments
Columns gap for postsNoYes

From the table above, we can make a clear distinction that the free version of Blocksy comes with many features.

Astra Free Theme Blog Page Settings

The image below displays all the blog features available with the Astra free theme.

blog options in the astra free theme
Astra Free Version Blog Customization

Blocksy Free Theme Blog Page Settings

Comparatively, check out the options you get to customize your blog page in Blocksy theme.

blog options in the blocksy free theme

You get even more options when you start customizing the “Cards Options” feature.

Blocksy Blog Customization Card Options

Options to customize the blog page and category pages are almost the same.

Features for Category Pages in Astra Free Theme and Blocksy Free Theme

Below table shows all the features related to category pages.

Category title layouts22
Category title visibilityvisible in 1 layout onlyvisible in both layouts
Category title horizontal alignmentYesYes
Category title vertical alignmentYesYes
Customize category title container widthYesYes
Category title container background imageYes, but shows same image as blog pageYes, separate from blog page title container background image
Category title typography customizationYesYes
Category title color customizationYesYes
Category page layouts57
Sidebar selection for blog pageYesYes
Grid Layout and Masonry LayoutNoYes
Card styles for posts on blog pageNone3 styles; simple, boxed, cover
Featured image orientation for blog posts on category pagesNoYes
Read more button for postsNoYes
Excerpt length option for posts on category pagesNoYes
Post meta elements on category pages5, comments, category, author, date, tag6, author, published date, updated date, taxonomies, tags, comments

This is the type of category page you get to see after customizing category pages on the Astra free theme.

Astra Pro gives many options.

The free version of Astra lacks grid layout and masonry layout, best you can do is select narrow width layout.

Whereas, Blocksy comes with almost all layouts and additional features making your posts look great.

astra vs blocksy - blocksy category page with all post elements displayed
Blocksy category page sample

Winner: Blocksy

Single Posts Features in Astra Free Theme and Blocksy Free Theme

Let us see all the features related to single posts available in the free versions of Astra and Blocksy theme.

Single posts title layouts22
Enable/Disable Single posts titleYesYes
Excerpt for Single postsYesYes
Breadcrumb option below single posts titleYesYes
Featured image displaying behind single post titleYesYes
Post meta elements for single posts5, Comments, Author, Published date or Updated date, Categories, Tags6, Author, Published date, Updated date, Categories, Tags, Comments
Single post title horizontal alignmentYesYes
Single post title vertical alignmentYesYes
Customize Single post title typography and colorYesYes
Customize Single post Excerpt typography and colorNoYes
Customize Single post Breadcrumb typography and colorNoYes
Customize Single post meta typography and colorYesYes
Single Post layouts54
Customize featured image for single postsNoYes
Enable/Disable post tagsNoYes
Share box for single postsNoYes
Social share box layoutsNone2
Enable/Disable social share channelsN/AYes
Single click button to set all social links to nofollowN/AYes
Author box for single postsNoYes
Author box layoutsNone2
Enable/Disable Author posts countN/AYes
Post Navigation with post titleNoYes

You can see all the features in the below images.

Some important features required for single posts are missing in the Astra free theme.

Related Posts & Comments for Single Posts

Related posts are an important element of single posts. They offer related content to your website visitors.

There are a bunch of features that are common in both, Astra and Blocksy.

But, Blocksy takes over Astra in this section as well.

Edit Related post title labelYesYes
Edit Related post title tagNoYes
Related post title alignmentYesYes
Option to display number of related postsYesYes
Related posts column layoutup to 4up to 4
Related criteriaCategory, tagCategory, tag
Related posts order byDate, Title, Post Order, Random, Comment CountsDefault, Recent, Most Commented, Random
Option to edit post title tagNoYes
Multiple options to edit Related posts featured imageNoYes
Related post Meta elements5, Comments, Category, Author, Publish Date, Tag6, Author, Published date, Updated date, Taxonomies, Tags, Comments
Clone multiple related post meta taxonomy elementNoYes, you can create second clone for tags
Option for Related posts module placementNoYes
Display Related posts before/after commentsNoYes
Related posts meta font colorNoYes
Enable/Disable website input field for commentsNoYes
Customize Comment label positionNoYes
Customize Comment form positionNoYes
Comment module placement and structureNoYes
Customize Comment container widthNoYes

There are so many customization options with respect to Related posts and comments for single posts in the Blocksy free theme.

Most of the features that are not present in Astra can be customized using CSS.

Like I said before, Blocksy gives you more design options, saving your design time.

Winner: Blocksy

Customizing Options for Pages in Free Version of Astra and Blocksy

The free version of Astra offers basic layout and customization options for pages.

Page title layouts22
Page title featured imageYesYes
Page title metaYesNo
Subtitle option after main page titleNoYes
Breadcrumbs under Page titleYesYes
Horizontal alignment for Page titleYesYes
Vertical alignment for Page titleYesYes
Page layouts54
Page Content area stylesNone2
In-depth featured image customization for pagesNoYes
Share box on PagesNoYes

Winner: Tie, both offer almost similar features.

These were all the features in the free version of Astra and Blocksy.

Next, we will look at what Astra Pro and Blocksy pro have to offer.

Astra vs Blocksy – All the Features in Pro Version

In the above section, I have given a detailed comparison of what you get with the free versions of Astra and Blocksy.

In this section, I will only share the theme customizer features that you get to see with Astra Pro and Blocksy Pro.

Note:- All the features that weren’t available with the free version of Astra theme, and are not seen in Astra Pro, are not there at all.

Astra Pro vs Blocksy Pro – General Features

Most of the options available in Astra and Blocksy are already shown in previous section, these are additional features that apply to a website globally.

Pro FeaturesAstra ProBlocksy Pro
Site layouts4 site layout containersAvailable in the free version
Separate headings colorYesAvailable in the free version
Customization unitsPX, EM, %PX, EM, VW, PT, %, VH, REM
Custom Scroll to Top iconNoYes
Font Awesome Scroll to Top iconNoYes, big library of Font Awesome
Menu locations137
Widget Areas128
Custom code snippetsNot in theme customizer. But, can be created via Hooks through custom layoutsgiven in theme customizer

The general features that come with Astra pro are already available in the free version of Blocksy.

Winner: Astra Pro

Astra Pro vs Blocksy Pro – Header, Footer, and Sidebar

The following table is an overview of Astra Pro vs Blocksy Pro features for header, footer, and sidebars.

Pro FeaturesAstra ProBlocksy Pro
Header Elements1414
Clone/Delete header elementsYesYes
Mega Menu typography and color customizationYesYes
Background Blur for header rowsYesBackground blur, spread, horizontal offset, vertical offset already in free version
Off-Canvas Menu items typography and color customizationYesAvailable in free version
Sticky HeaderYesAlready in free version
Sticky header animation styles34
Create Custom Header from header builderNoYes
Footer Elements1313
Widget spacing in footer rowsNoYes
Customize footer row background separately for desktop, tablet, and mobileNoYes
Footer rows top divider and bottom divider styles14
Sidebar spacing customizationYesAvailable in Blocksy free version
Sidebar & Widget color customizationYesAlready seen in Blocksy free theme
Widget title & content typography customizationYesAvailable in free version
Custom SidebarsNeeds Lightweight Sidebar Manager PluginYes

Next, we’ve got to compare premium features for blog page.

Winner: Tie

Astra Pro vs Blocksy Pro – Blog Page Features

Pro FeaturesAstra ProBlocksy Pro
Grid layout and Masonry layoutYesAlready in the free version
Archive Blog LayoutYesAlready in free version
Highlight first post layoutYesHighlight first two posts layout
Special Date box featuresYesNo
Read time post meta elementYesYes
Read More button for posts on blog pageYesAlready in free version
Infinite Scroll paginationYesAlready in free version
Featured images size customizationYesAvailable from the free version itself
Edit Excerpt count for posts on blog pageYesAvailable from the Blocksy free theme itself

Premium features for customizing Astra blog page.

Premium features for customizing Blocksy blog page.

astra vs blocksy blog posts customization comparison
Read Time card option and Posts Filter feature with multiple settings

To sum it up, for blog page, Astra pro offers additional blog page layouts, excerpt count, infinite scroll, and date box feature.

Whereas, Blocksy free theme already had those features for its blog page. Additionally, Blocksy pro offers read time and post filter options.

Winner: Tie

Astra Pro vs Blocksy Pro – Features for Category Pages

Most of the features that are seen under blog page apply to category pages as well.

Pro FeaturesAstra ProBlocksy Pro
Grid layout and Masonry layoutYesAlready available in the free version
Archive category layoutYesAvailable in Blocksy free theme
Highlight first post layoutYesHighlight first two posts layout
Special Date box featureYesNo
Read time post meta elementYesYes
Read More buttonYesAlready in free version
Featured images size customizationYesAvailable in the Blocksy free theme

Blocksy does not offer Infinite Scroll and Posts Filter option for its category pages.

Winner: Astra Pro

Astra Pro vs Blocksy Pro – Single Posts, Pages, Author Page, and Search Page

Finally, we will compare what features you get for Single posts, Pages, and other special pages.

I have only tabulated premium features from both the theme’s customizer.

Pro FeaturesAstra ProBlocksy Pro
Read time post meta elementYesYes
Read time in related postsNoYes
Featured Image with background overlayYesAlready in free version
Custom ImageNoYes
Multiple image size settingsNoYes
Image Parallax effectNoYes
Share BoxYes, but only at top location, within post title’s containerYes, top and bottom location in a separate container
Share box layoutsdefault2
Social Sharing channels911
Set sharing links to nofollowNoYes
Author BoxYesYes
Author box layoutsdefault2
Post NavigationYes, but without post titleYes, with post title. Available from the free version itself
Read Progress feature for postsNoYes
Read progress indicator height settingN/AYes
Read progress auto hide featureN/AYes
Read progress color customizationN/AYes
Read progress bar device visibility settingsN/AYes
Read time post meta element for pagesYesYes
Read Progress feature for pagesNoYes
Author PageNoYes
Author page elementsN/AName & Avatar, Bio, Author Meta, Social Channels, Breadcrumbs
Author page spacing and alignment customizationN/AYes
Author page typography and color customizationN/AYes
Search PageNoYes
Live Results featureNoYes

Astra pro offers read time post element, share box, and author box under single posts.

astra vs blocksy single posts

Whereas, Blocksy free already comes with these features. Hence, Blocksy Pro gives you Read Progress and Read Time post element.

Blocksy pro’s Read Progress feature.

astra vs blocksy read progress feature comparison

With this, we end all the features comparison.

Winner: Blocksy

Astra vs Blocksy – Ease of Use

In this post, Ease of Use refers to how easy it is for beginners to use Astra or Blocksy.

The parameters of this comparison are as follows;

  • Zero-code for styling purposes
  • More design options within the theme customizer
  • Enough starter templates to quickly get you started


There are some cases where you will need to apply custom CSS for blog page, category pages, and single posts.

The theme customizer is not so intuitively set for beginners. Typography and Colors are under the General tab. Whereas, you need to go to the back-end for creating custom headers and footers.

You cannot create multiple sidebars from the theme customizer or via custom layouts. You will need to download a third party plugin for that.

Astra gives enough starter templates to get started for creating any type of website.


Blocksy’s theme customizer is very intuitive and beginner-friendly. All the options are right in front of you.

You can easily create custom headers, footers, and sidebars from the theme customizer itself and add multiple conditions to it.

Not like Astra pro, but Blocksy also offers starter templates to create blogs, niche websites, business sites, WooCommerce websites.

Winner: Astra

Astra vs Blocksy – User Interface

When we talk about User Interface, it is all about how easily a user can work on the theme’s interface.

We will look at the following points;

  • Number of options on the theme’s dashboard
  • Quick settings while editing page/post (while working)
  • Additional plugin required for starter sites

To summarize, the user should be able to access all the options quickly and easily.


Right after you install Astra pro and click on Astra, this kind of dashboard opens up.

From here, you can straight away go to the theme customizer for each and every setting and also enable or disable Astra pro modules.

The next tab is Settings. Here, you can change make upgrades to your license, load Google fonts locally, roll back to previous version, and perform white label activities.

So far so good.

The only disappointment I feel is about Starter Templates.


After installing Blocksy pro, you will see a dashboard like the one seen in the image below.

These are basic customizer shortcuts for modifying your site’s colors, header, footer, sidebar, etc.

Similarly, all the pro extensions are kept under the Extensions tab.

premium extensions with blocksy pro theme

You can easily enable or disable the premium extensions with respect to your requirement. All at the click of a button.

Since, Blocksy already offers a lot with its free version, you won’t need to activate all the premium extensions. Except for some really needed ones like Custom Code Snippets, Post Types Extra, Advanced Menu (if you want to display a lot of content on your primary navigation).

But, for doing so, you first need to install the free version of Blocksy companion plugin.

Then, you can install the premium Blocksy companion plugin, which is also known as Blocksy Pro.

Winner: Astra

Astra vs Blocksy – Design & Customization

Both, Astra and Blocksy provide multiple options for designing an customizing your website.

Considering the free and premium features of both the themes, Blocksy has a leg up in this department.

Astra does offer the choice to choose between Ultimate Addons for Elementor. But, that is only available with the Astra Essential Toolkit and Astra Business Toolkit.

Comparing Page & Post Settings in Astra and Blocksy

When it comes to design and customization, users need control and ease of operation while building important elements of a website like homepage, header, footer, sidebar, blog page, category pages, etc.

As mentioned in this post above, Astra has all the features. But, Blocksy outperforms and offers more to its customers.

While creating posts or pages, both the themes allow for back-end customization at page-level and post-level.

Because of this feature you do not need to go back and fourth to the theme customizer.

Check out the options Astra Pro offers.

back-end page and post level settings in astra pro theme

And compare them with what Blocksy pro offers.

back-end page and post level settings in blocksy pro theme

Astra makes it much easier for a common WordPress user to let the global settings be as it is and only customize a specific page and/or post settings.

To build all the parts of a website, a premium theme does help but there are limitations.

Hence, users need a page builder like Elementor or a block plugin like Kadence Blocks, Stackable, GenerateBlocks.

But, a premium theme does offer options for easily customizing your website.

Winner: Astra

Astra vs Blocksy Pricing

Both, Astra and Blocksy are competitively priced, supporting annual and lifetime subscription models.

new wp astra lifetime price plan

Following is the Astra pricing model for yearly plan.

No. of WebsitesAstra ProAstra Essential ToolkitAstra Business Toolkit
17% discount
20% discount
25% discount
25% discount
19% discount
26% discount
22% discount
20% discount
26% discount

Now, here is Astra’s lifetime pricing plans with HUGE discounts.

No. of WebsitesAstra ProAstra Essential Toolkit
(Most Popular)
Astra Business Toolkit
33% discount
33% discount
40% discount
30% discount
33% discount
33% discount
30% discount
30% discount
36% discount

I have already discussed what you get with Astra Pro.

Whereas, Astra Essential Toolkit comes with;

  • Everything that comes with Astra Pro
  • Ultimate Addons for Elementor
  • Premium Starter Templates
  • Spectra Pro – WordPress block plugin (premium)
  • Priority Support

And Astra Business Toolkit comes with;

  • Everything that comes with Astra Pro and Astra Essential Toolkit
  • SureFeedback – Clients & Team communication platform to collect design feedback
  • SureWriter Pro
  • SureTriggers Pro
  • CartFlows
  • ZipWP Pro
  • SkillJet Academy Membership

The 1000 websites lifetime license of Astra Essential Toolkit and Astra Business Toolkit offers more than 30% discount.

Blocksy also has two pricing models; annual and lifetime.

new pricing plan for blocksy theme

Blocksy annual pricing table.

Blocksy PlansAnnualLifetime
Blocksy Personal (1 site)$69$199
Blocksy Professional (10 sites)$99$299
Blocksy Agency (unlimited sites)$149$499

Looking at all the tables above, Blocksy Pro Agency plan for lifetime doesn’t even come any closer to the Astra Essential Toolkit, forget the Business Toolkit.

If you only need a WordPress premium theme for building your personal sites, Astra Pro lifetime for 10 sites is more than enough for you.

But, if you need a premium WordPress theme and a premium block plugin, then Astra Essential Toolkit for 10 or 1000 websites is the best buy for you.

Conclusion – Astra vs Blocksy

Astra and Blocksy are amazing WordPress themes. They are fast and also offer lots of customization options.

Both these themes have been developed in a way that completely rules out the requirement of additional CSS coding.

Astra is a good fit for a new blog or services website, business sites, niche websites, and even eCommerce stores. Whereas, Blocksy is good for small business websites.

You need to create multiple sections and elements to make your web page look good.

If you don’t know coding, the best bet is to grab an Astra Bundle that not only gives a premium theme, but also offers a premium block plugin, premium Elementor Addons, and starter templates.

All of this makes website designing a piece of cake.

I have tried to compare each and every detail between both the themes, but the final decision rests in your hand.

If you still want to learn about any feature, setting, or are unaware about a particular comparison between the themes, you can ask me in the comments section.

Take a look at other WordPress theme comparisons on this website.

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  1. #####Asta is briliant cassic theme..but blocksy withkadency blocks is more powefull..astra themes are outdated….sorry to say once i was a astra i am doing all kind of site in blocksy only….blocksy is powerfull.

    • I agree with you Murugesh, Blocksy is a new-generation theme.

      However, it is slower than Astra and needs more HTTP requests to load a webpage. You need to use a cache optimizer plugin to keep web vitals score optimum.

      There are some glitches with its new starter sites, and some of my clients are complaining about its Add to Cart icon.

      I have also seen weird issues with its built-in Wishlist feature.

      Multiple users are facing customizer problems like header icons getting big, increased/decreased spacing, and add-ons missing. Meaning, there are still some compatibility issues with some plugins. I hope they address them soon.

      Many times the Blocksy Companion premium tool’s automatic updates don’t update the plugin automatically. To complete the update, I manually update the plugin. In this event sometimes the update completes successfully and other times it doesn’t. For this, I had to always keep a cleaner tool.

      These are some issues I have experienced with Blocksy. That doesn’t mean Blocksy is bad. In this article, I have given a general perspective.


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