Food Bloggers in India: Best of 2024

India is one of the world’s most food-loving countries. Cooking and eating delicious food is seen everywhere throughout India. Indian Food is not only loved in India but is very popular around the world. Therefore, this isn’t a surprise that there are many Indian Food Bloggers in India, who’ve turned their hobby into a full-time job.

The experience of cooking authentic dishes and turning them into Internet recipe blogs not only gives personal satisfaction but also helps audiences who are interested in cooking.

Sharing new recipes and tasty food guides are a few ideas on how top food bloggers in India showcase their talent while catering to the Indian food community.

Furthermore, competition among Indian food bloggers is equally intense. Competing on several social media channels and getting likes, comments, and fan following is not as easy as it sounds.

This post defines food blogging and shows how some people make a career and become top food bloggers.

So, let us begin our food blogging journey!

Top Food Bloggers In India

These food bloggers are based on the number of followers, their books released, and the awards they won for their unbelievable passion for food. These bloggers create innovative recipes, and people love their food.

Indian Food BloggerBlogBlog Traffic (monthly visits)
Aarthi SatheeshYummy Tummy Aarthi700K to 750K*
Sanjeev KapoorSanjeev Kapoor20K to 25K*
Shivesh BhatiaBake with Shivesh126,000**
Nandita IyerSaffron Trail44,600**
Richa HingleVegan Richa821,300**
Archana DoshiArchana’s Kitchen1.2 Million**
Chitara SendhilChitra’s Food Book195,000**
**Data collected from SimilarWeb

*Data collected from Ahref Traffic Checker

Aarthi Satheesh

Aarthi Satheesh is a food blogger, food photographer, recipe creator, and YouTuber. She is the founder of This is a very popular blog getting more than 700K visitors per month.

She is a real food blogger who could inspire you to start or continue your food blogging journey. 

She used to cook for her friends at work and everyone started asking about the recipe. At that point, she decided to quit her job and pursue her passion for cooking. 

Aarthi was part of MasterChef Tamil season 1 and was also awarded the Best Entrepreneur of Tamilnadu by Glory Awards.

Aarthi receiving Best Entrepreneur of Tamilnadu by Glory Awards from Sonu Sood
Aarthi receiving Glory Awards from Sonu Sood

She also won many other awards and being a blogger our favorite “Best Woman Blogger of the Year Award (Food)” by the GISR foundation.

At present she manage her blog, running 3 YouTube channels including 2 about cooking (one in English and one in Tamil) and one vlog channel. She is not very active on the English channel but adds 3 to 4 videos per week on the Tamil channel and almost daily on her vlog channel.

She also adds 4 to 5 posts each week on her website to keep it active. Her blog was registered on the 1st of February 2012. And she has been working on it since that time.

Her blog is built on WordPress and she is using multiple ad networks like Google Adsense, Tabools, Sovrn, etc. She is using the Foodie Pro WordPress theme which is available on StudioPress.

Blog Name
Monthly Blog Traffic700K – 750K (Source: Ahrefs Traffic Checker)
Insta Followers514K
Youtube Channel

Sanjeev Kapoor

If you are a foodie like me or not you must have watched Sanjeev Kapoor on TV in Khana Khajana. According to Financial Express Kapoor became the richest chef in India with an impressive income of Rs. 24.8 Crore.

Sanjeev Kapoor was born in Ambala Haryana. He was fascinated by cooking so he completed his Hotel Management Diploma from the Institute of Hotel Management in Pusa, New Delhi.

You may be thinking he become popular with his TV presence. Yes, you are right but nowadays you can also do the same by starting a blog or YouTube channel.

If you are just a food lover then please comment food lover below. Let’s move back to Sanjeev Kapoor.

He is a serial entrepreneur running many ventures but we will focus on his blog/website and social channels.

He is very active on his website and all social media accounts. He and his team share 3 to 5 recipe posts on his website, 1 to 2 videos on YouTube, and 2 to 3 posts on Instagram.

Domain name was registered on the 21st of August 1997. His blog or website has been active since 1997. Now his website is built with PubLive CMS (Gurugram-based company). 

Google Adsense, Outbrain, and Taboola are kinds of ad networks serving ads on their website. 

Sanjeev Kumar post Veg and Non Veg recipes, Embed videos from his youtube channel under video recipes, share web stories and have a Shop button which wasn’t working while updating this post.

Blog Name
Monthly Blog Traffic20K – 25K (Source: Ahrefs Traffic Checker)
Insta Followers1.9M
Youtube Channel

Shivesh Bhatia

Niche: Baked Food

Shivesh Bhatia is a self-taught baker, author, food stylist, and influencer. He started baking at the age of 11 and blogging at the age of 14. Watching his grandmother and mother, he got inspired to bake.

He saw an influencing opportunity to bake when his pictures fetched excellent engagement on social media. He is currently the best in the Indian baking niche.

He has several awards, multiple TV appearances, media coverage, and two books that sell like hot pancakes. He is India’s Top Digital Stars: The Making Of The List–Forbes India.

He scores the no.1 in a list of top food bloggers in India.

You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook, plus visit his top baking blogs on his website.

  • Instagram – 894K Followers
  • Facebook – 430K Followers
  • YouTube–911K Subscribers

Nandita Iyer 

Niche: Healthy Food

Saffron Trail is one of the most followed food blogging websites, created by Nandita Iyer

She started blogging in 2006, making her one of the earliest Indian food bloggers. Her food blogs are for audiences who are health conscious. It is clear from her blog, that all the recipes focus on a combination of health and taste, and are easier to cook at home. She is best at showing her creativity and talent in this area.

Nandita educates her audience and followers on healthy food and nutrition benefits through her blogs. If you are a health freak, you must follow her blogs.

She has been featured and has written for Vogue, BBC, Femina, and India Today. Nandita Iyer is the author of two top-rated books – Everyday Superfoods and The Everyday Health Vegetarian.

  • Facebook – 43K Followers
  • Instagram – 95K Followers
  • YouTube–17.5 K Subscribers

Vegan Richa

Niche: Vegan

Richa Hingle, known as Vegan Richa, is a food blogger, recipe master, and author. Richa is the best for people who are looking for an all-in-one food blog. From baking to healthy food to fast food, you name it.

You will find many mouth-watering dishes on her blog. Richa inspires her followers to adopt healthy eating habits from her blog posts.

She shares recipes that are 100% vegan and made using natural ingredients. Richa loves experimenting with her food, and her recipes will babble you to make those dishes with a twist.

Her Vegan Thai Pizza is a must-try. You should start following her since her words are fabulous, ranking her third on this list of the top food bloggers in India.

Richa is the author of 3 popular books–Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen, Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen, and Vegan Richa’s Instant Pot Cookbook.

  • Instagram–348K Followers
  • Facebook–1M Followers
  • YouTube–42.1 K Subscribers

Archana Doshi

Niche: Recipe Blog

Archana Doshi is an entrepreneur passionate about food and all things local and healthy. Archana Doshi founded Archana’s Kitchen in 2007 and soon became India’s leading food and recipe platform. Overall, Archana’s Kitchen has had over 10 million visitors over the last twenty years across her website, YouTube channel, social media pages and mobile app.

Archana started cooking and blogging at a very young age. Her blog is not only one of the first Indian food blog, but also provide accurate information about healthy cooking with mindful eating.

Archana has an enormous influence with many social media followers and comments.

Plus, Archana has also written a book called – 30 Meal Plans from Archana’s Kitchen: Easy Vegetarian Indian Recipes for Good, available on Amazon.

  • Instagram–364K Followers
  • Facebook–1.7M Followers
  • YouTube–137K Subscribers


Niche: Ethnic Food Blog (South Indian Style)

If you are carving for some traditional saucy gravy-type dishes, this is the place where you will find it all.

Chitra’s food book is an Indian vegetarian food blog with South Indian, North Indian, Tamilnadu, International recipes, and eggless baking recipes with a step-by-step tutorial, pictures, and videos.

Chitra primarily categorizes her food blog by regions like South India, Mumbai, Kerala, etc.

Chitra has many followers and comments on her social media platforms and YouTube.

  • Instagram–46.5K Followers
  • Facebook–1.1M Followers
  • YouTube–52.4K Subscribers

What is Food Blogging?

While most food bloggers know what food blogging means, does the rest of the world know what food blogging is?

This may seem a simple question to answer, yet there needs to be a clear definition of what a food blogger is. A blog is an online journal or website about a specific topic, to share your views and opinions with people like you.

Food blogging is a type of food journalism that blends gourmet food interests, blog writing, food photography, and videography. Food blogs are often authored by food enthusiasts, also known as “foodies,” and can be used commercially to make a profit by the blogger.

Food blogging is a by-product of love & passion for food and the desire to share it with the world.

“Food blogging is more than just sharing recipes; some of the most dedicated food bloggers will take you on an enlightening food journey with their culinary skills.”

That was all about what food blogging is. Now we see what the benefits of food blogging are.

Benefits of Food Blogging

People have been blogging for a long time, and it has been an incredible roller coaster ride for them. The journey is great. Surely you will face ups & downs, but believe me, you will enjoy every single aspect of it.

Plus, getting featured in top food articles and/or newspapers & magazines will equally boost your food blogging credibility. 

You will always be your own boss

Your blog is your space, and you’re the boss. You have all the control over your designs, layouts, content, and every other element attached to it.

Plus, the actual hands-on approach required for food blogging gives you creative freedom, satisfying you the most.

Food Blogging Monetization

Your blogs allow you to make your passion into a profession. Many successful Indian food bloggers are monetizing their blogs and earning more than what their regular jobs were paying. This digital world will allow you to make money through your blogs. It’s a career to make.

Travel Different Places as a Food Blogger

Another exciting adventure of being a food blogger is that you get to travel. If you love travelling and tasting food, this is the best career to choose.


This job will make you eat and travel around different places. Tasting, learning, and preparing authentic dishes from different regions around the world.

Real Blogging Connections

When you travel, you make some real connections with other bloggers, professionals, and experts from your niche. Being a food blogger not only brings you in touch with hundreds of thousands of people but will also introduce you to this beautiful community. You will find people with the same passion and profession you have, for food.

Believe me. You will be grateful to have friends from this job.

Perks of Food Blogging

Food Blogging has its own advantage and benefits. People will invite you to big restaurants and hotels for tastings. You get invited to fun events and parties. Once your blog starts growing, you will begin receiving sponsorships and get expensive gifts from other food brands.

Plus, you might also get paid for a holiday trip while going through food programmes created by other brands. That’s just awesome! 

All of these things make it a never-ending feeling of joy, happiness, and desire to learn new things.

That was all about the benefits of food blogging and being a food blogger. Now let’s see the types of food blogs!

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Types of Food Blogs / Food Blogging

Wait for a second, does food blogging have types?


You that’s right. Food blogging is a broad term that covers a diverse range of content. If you’re a new food blogger, you might be curious about what kind of blog to start and if it will be beneficial.

A food blog is among the most popular types of blogs. Food blogs are classified according to their subject: cultural, broad cuisine, speciality, regional, and photo blogs. The real benefits of hosting a blog vary according to the type of blog you create.

The following are some of the most popular types of food blogs:

Cooking & Recipe Blogs

These blogs are the most popular and commonly read because they cover lots of subjects and are more in-depth than others. New food bloggers find this food blogging style comfortable, to begin with.

Most successful food bloggers publish and promote their recipes, along with appropriate food images

The most successful ones publish and promote their recipes, along with images of the Food they’ve cooked.

This food blogging is perfect for you if you want your food blog to be a personal journal about your cooking journey or if you know more about various cuisines and cooking styles. Also, this style is a perfect fit if you are willing to share your food journey and experiences with the world.

Niche Food Blogs

This food blog style is always and will be forever in demand. It has many target audiences, which is the main reason for its popularity.

Niche food blogs mainly focus on only one element of the Food. For example, vegan and gluten-free foods include information on the lifestyle that accompanies the food they promote. This is also popular, as beginners in food blogging find it much easier, to begin with.

Mainly, people include their recipes based on one main food. You will gain instant popularity if you pick this style.

Special Cuisine & Ethnic Food Blogs

There are multiple types of ethnic and cuisine foods.

Foods Like,

  • Korean
  • Irish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • East-Asian
  • Mediterranean, you name it.

Depending on your experience and knowledge, you might find it simpler to share your knowledge. Since, you already know the recipe by heart and can change bits and pieces, according to your likes.

Nobody else would have that advantage, as you grew up eating these ethnic dishes. This makes authentic food blogging a popular sub-category.

Food blogs that specialize in a specific cuisine are difficult to find. It would be wrong to say they are in little demand!

However, it still has enormous potential as this food blogging style is comparable to a gold mine yet to be discovered!

Food Review Blogs

It has been days since I haven’t seen a real food review blog for a long time. Such blogs mainly focus on the packaged food available at food stores, shops, bakeries, and cafes. Here is where the line gets fuzzy when reviewing food from restaurants and cafes.

You can do food reviews and tasting together, leading you to a specific niche.

Ok! Let’s make it easier for you.

For example, think of reviewing a bag of chips or a line of dairy products created by a specific brand.

You won’t believe how many of them will love to see and know what this thing tastes like. What’s the story behind this? The most important is how healthy it is.

There are many more types of different food blogs/food blogging, but these are the ones that can lead you to make it easier for starting food blogging and making money.

Yes, money! 

It is a well-known fact that some food bloggers share some of the best recipes and food reviews on the internet, but very few people know how much they get paid by doing these things.

 It’s one thing to start a food blog and another to make money.

Ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships (sponsored posts) are the common ways of monetizing from a food blog. To help you get started with this business growth opportunity, let’s take forward a salivating experience and create a journey with some of the top food bloggers in India, along with eye-catching and mouth-watering images.

What’s Next

What a mouth-watering experience, indeed! I hope you’d find this list of top food bloggers in India helpful. These top food bloggers are rapidly gaining momentum and assisting in bringing in more business. If you have suggestions for the top food bloggers in India, kindly share them in the comments section.

And if you have made up your mind to start a food blog simply buy hosting and domain and you can start it now.

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