GeneratePress FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

In this article I am going to answer all GeneratePress FAQs asked by bloggers, website owners, newbies who want to buy this amazing WordPress theme.

In the first part of this GeneratePress FAQ post, I will be sharing common GeneratePress questions. Following that, next set of FAQs will be questions and answers about GeneratePress customization.

GeneratePress FAQs – General Questions

What is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress is a lightweight multipurpose WordPress theme that is stable and flexible. It follows a modular approach and is available in free and premium versions. Sites built with GeneratePress have a very high PageSpeed score than any other WordPress theme.

Is GeneratePress free?

Yes, there is a free version of GeneratePress but it has limited features. Take a look at GeneratePress free vs premium for a detailed comparison. GeneratePress free download is available on WordPress.

How to install Generatepress premium

1. Install GeneratePress free theme
2. Go to GeneratePress account, download GeneratePress premium plugin
3. On your WordPress dashboard, hover on Plugins, and click on Add New
4. Click on Upload Plugin and upload the GeneratePress premium zip file
5. Press on Install Now and then Activate the GeneratePress premium plugin

How to use GeneratePress?

After installing GeneratePress, go to your WordPress dashboard, hover on Appearance, and click on Customize. It will take you to the GeneratePress theme customizer, customize GeneratePress theme on your website accordingly.

Can I purchase GeneratePress premium from debit card?

No, you cannot purchase GeneratePress premium from debit card. If you go to the GeneratePress pricing page and select GP Premium, you only get PayPal and credit card option to make payment.

Does GeneratePress need a child theme?

No, it is not necessary to install GeneratePress child theme in order to use GeneratePress on your website. Although you do have an option.

Does GeneratePress add a user role?

Only when you create Generatepress Elements like hooks, blocks, headers, etc., you get to add user role. Elements is a module available in GP Premium.

Does GeneratePress support next gen image formats

Yes, Generatepress supports next-gen formats. That is, you can upload number of webp images on your pages and posts. GeneratePress supports and displays theme on multiple different browsers.

How fast is GeneratePress theme?

GeneratePress is one of the fastest WordPress themes in the market. You can expect PageSpeed scores of 95+ on mobile and 100 on desktop.

Is GeneratePress good for non coders?

No, GeneratePress is not good for non coders, especially the free version of GeneratePress. If you compare Astra vs GeneratePress, Astra gives you more features than GeneratePress, eliminating the requirement of coding.

What do you get with the free GeneratePress?

You get limited GeneratePress features with the free version like total color options, limited layout control and typography options. Very less customizing capability of header, footer, and sidebars.

Can I customize a WordPress site using GeneratePress?

Yes, you can customize a WordPress site using the premium version of GeneratePress theme. GeneratePress customization like displaying updated date instead of modified date, creating author box, related posts, social sharing icons in GeneratePress, etc.

Which WordPress theme works best with Elementor?

Considering the free and premium versions of the theme, its complete compatibility with Gutenberg, and tightly integrated with Elementor. I’d say GeneratePress is the best WordPress theme that works with Elementor.

How many sites does GP Premium support?

One license of GP Premium supports up to 500 websites.

Is GeneratePress responsive?

Yes, GeneratePress is fully responsive. A website using GeneratePress looks great on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Which is the best WordPress theme for SEO?

GeneratePress is best WordPress theme for SEO. It comes with schema markup and a clean semantic code. Plus, GeneratePress is compatible with Rank Math, Yoast, Slim SEO, All in One SEO and Squirrly SEO plugins.

Does GeneratePress have free templates?

The GeneratePress site library is only available with GP premium. So, GeneratePress does not have any free templates.

Can I use GeneratePress with GenerateBlocks?

Yes, you can use. GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks are made to work with each other.

Is GeneratePress the fastest theme?

GeneratePress is a fast loading WordPress theme giving you PageSpeed scores of 99 to 100.

How much is GeneratePress premium for?

The GeneratePress premium version will cost you $59 for a year.

What is the lifetime price of Generatepress premium?

The lifetime price of GeneratePress is $249 for lifetime with a one time fee.

Does GeneratePress have a refund policy?

Yes, GeneratePress offers a 30 day money back refund policy to those who are not satisfied with the theme.

faqs on generatepress customization

GeneratePress Customization – FAQs

How to customize GeneratePress theme?

To customize GeneratePress theme, go to your WordPress dashboard, hover you mouse on ‘Appearance’ and click on ‘Customize’. This will open the GeneratePress theme customizer.

Can I change the layout of my GeneratePress site?

Yes, you can change the layout of your GeneratePress website. In the theme customizer click on ‘Layout’ and then customize header, footer, primary navigation, secondary navigation, sidebars, etc.

How to remove built with GeneratePress?

You can remove GeneratePress footer copyright message by going to theme customizer >> Layout >> Footer >> Copyright – remove built with GeneratePress, and add your own custom text.

Does GeneratePress theme have sticky header?

Yes, Generatepress sticky header can be enabled from theme customizer >> Layout >> Header >> Sticky – select ‘on’. Sticky header is a part of GeneratePress sticky navigation of menus.

Can I add a custom logo to my GeneratePress website?

Yes, you can add a custom logo to the GeneratePress primary navigation. On the theme customizer go to Site Identity and upload your custom logo.

How to change footer credits in GeneratePress theme?

In GeneratePress free theme, download Real-Time Find & Replace plugin. Find the default footer credits and replace with custom text. On GP Premium go to theme customizer >> Layout >> Footer >> Copyright section – change footer credits. For step-by-step instruction visit change footer credits in GeneratePress theme.

Can I change the colors of my GeneratePress site?

Yes, you can customize colors of every element on your GeneratePress website. On the theme customizer go to ‘Colors’ and change global colors for body, top bar, header, menu, content, buttons, etc.

How to add author box in GeneratePress?

The easiest way to add author box in GeneratePress is by creating author box using GenerateBlocks.

How to add blank column in footer of generatepress

To add a blank column in GeneratePress footer, create a GenerateBlocks custom footer, make grid blocks as per required columns, and add an extra grid block for the blank column.

How to add footer menu in GeneratePress?

To create a GeneratePress footer menu, go to the theme customizer >> Layout >> Footer. Make footer full width, add no. of widgets, apply to widgets and footer, and publish your changes.

How to add footer widgets to GeneratePress?

On you WordPress dashboard, hover your mouse on ‘Appearance’ and click on ‘Widgets’. From here you can create footer widgets using core Gutenberg blocks or GenerateBlocks and they will be visible in the footer menu of your GeneratePress website.

How to add Google Analytics code to GeneratePress theme?

Get your Google Analytics tracking code and paste the code in a GeneratePress hook, choose hook setting as wp_head (for header), and display the hook on your entire site.

How to add phone number to Generatepress header?

On the theme customizer go to General >> change Structure to ‘Flexbox’. Create a GeneratePress hook, add a custom HTML with your phone number, give hook settings as generate_menu_bar_items, display the hook on Entire site, and publish your hook.

What is secondary navigation in GeneratePress?

GeneratePress secondary navigation is a secondary menu on your GeneratePress website. It will only be available in the theme customizer, once you have activated the Spacings module.

How to add widgets on my GeneratePress website?

On your WordPress dashboard, hover your mouse on Appearance, and click on Widgets. From here you can add Sidebar Widgets, Header Widget, and Footer Widgets to your GeneratePress website.

How to create a transparent header in GeneratePress?

To create a transparent header in GeneratePress, go to Appearance >> Elements >> add a new Header. After adding a new header, head to ‘Site Header’ tab and select the option ‘Merge with Content’.

How do I add sidebar in Generatepress?

To add sidebar in GeneratePress go to theme customizer >> Layout >> Sidebars and select sidebar layout for entire site, blog page, and single posts. You can also customize sidebar widget padding and sidebar width.

How do I add related posts in GeneratePress?

Related posts in GeneratePress can be created using GenerateBlocks query loop block and GeneratePress Elements block. Take a look at GeneratePress related posts content for step-by-step instructions.

How to hide page titles in GeneratePress?

To hide page elements in GeneratePress like page title, header, footer, featured images, etc., you need to activate Disable Elements module.


In this article I have tried to add as many GeneratePress FAQs as I could.

If you have some more questions or feel that I have missed out some questions, do let me know in the comment below. I will surely add them and it will be helpful for others who are planning to buy GeneratePress.

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