5 Best Blocksy Starter Sites For Creating WooCommerce Websites

I have specially created this post for Blocksy theme users, who intend to create eCommerce websites.

Choosing the right type of starter site for creating a WooCommerce website will not only give you pre-made pages, sections, and elements, but will also save your entire design time.

In this post, I have carefully selected 5 best Blocksy starter sites for WooCommerce websites.

  1. Floreo
  2. Garderobe
  3. Petsy
  4. Homi
  5. Modern Shop

All Blocksy starter sites come with all the advanced features. Templates that have been created to make eCommerce websites, come with WooCommerce installed.

That means, as soon as your starter site gets installed, you will see a shop page, product category pages, single product pages, checkout page, and cart page.

Short Information on Blocksy Starter Sites

Blocksy theme is popular and rapidly growing in the WordPress themes market.

Currently, it has more than 100,000 active installs from WordPress.

Among all the other remarkable features, you also get the Blocksy starter sites collection to create your own blogs, business website, portfolio websites, and even WooCommerce sites.

Most of Blocksy starter sites make use of Getwid and/or Stackable blocks for page designing purposes.

For importing a starter site you do not need the Blocksy plugin (premium version).

All of Blocksy’s starter templates are made by the best web designers, thus, they inherit all the basic values that Blocksy is built upon; like speed, custom features, global colors and typography, etc.

Few characteristics of Blocksy starter templates.

  1. All Blocksy page templates are built keeping performance in mind
  2. Most of them are multi-purpose
  3. You can install them in 1 click
  4. There are specific Blocksy templates for eCommerce

Note:- You can straight-away import the following starter sites, or create a child theme first. Download tha Blocksy child theme from here.

Overview of Blocksy Starter Sites for WooCommerce

Let us first understand what type of templates are the following starter sites.

Blocksy Starter SiteType of Starter Site and Products Included
FloreoAn eco-friendly online shop selling indoor plants
GarderobeOnline store to buy apparel and accessories
PetsyFilled with pet products and accessories
HomiBest for creating WooCommerce website selling furniture
and interior decorative items
Modern ShopComplete online shop with single, variable, and grouped products

Blocksy is compatible with Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, and even Gutenberg.

As a matter of fact, Blocksy has been created keeping Gutenberg in mind.

All the Blocksy starter sites mentioned in the table above can be edited via Gutenberg or Elementor.

Note:- You get to choose either one of them during importing the starter site.

5 Best Blocksy Starter Sites To Make WooCommerce Websites

Let us uncover all the Blocksy starter sites that will help you create the best eCommerce website.


The Floreo starter site is an online store that sells indoor plants to decorate homes and office spaces.

floreo is an indoor decoration online store blocksy starter site

You can import this starter site if you are planning to sell something like that on your website.

For example, this site will work good for indoor plants, flowers, or decorative vases.

Colors and fonts used on Floreo are;











  • Sen
  • Segoe UI

The Blocksy header on Floreo uses two rows. One for social media icons, search, home, and cart icon. The other one contains site identity, primary menu, with a call to action button.

homepage floreo blocksy starter site

It uses a transparent header with a big hero image and indoor plants title tag at the center. There is another call to action button just after the title text.

The shop page (all products page) of Floreo displays a 4 column grid-layout with basic sorting, name of product, rating stars, price, and an add to cart button.

While the services page displays all the services in a 2 column section.

The About us page shows a featured section, followed by team information, and the Contact Us page starts with contact info, a 2 column section to fill out contact form, and a 4 column grid displaying latest blog posts.

single product page of floreo blocksy starter site

Single product page of Floreo starter site does not contain any sidebars. A plain simple WooCommerce style-page, starting with breadcrumbs, product featured image, and image gallery at bottom.

Works with: Gutenberg and Elementor

Comes with: WooCommerce, Stackable, Elementor, WPForms


The Garderobe Blocksy starter site is a WooCommerce website that is neatly organized with clothes and other types of fashion accessories.

garderobe is a blocksy starter site selling apparel and fashion accessories

If you are planning to sell fashionable clothes or need to design a web project for your client, then this is the perfect starter site.

This type of starter site is ready-made for selling clothes, accessories, shoes, sunglasses, watches, etc.

Colors and fonts used on Garderobe are;











  • IBM Plex Mono
  • Segoe UI

Just like the Floreo starter site, Garderobe also uses a two-row header created using the Blocksy header builder. Starting with promotional store notice and then displaying the site identity with the main menu.

This site does not use a transparent header.

When we talk about the shop page and services page, this Blocksy starter site shows multiple features on the product page like a WooCommerce product filter on the left and widgets that show guaranteed product satisfaction message written by the seller.

Even the services page displays multiple services in a two-column grid made using Stackable.

The about us page starts with the best product that resembles the web store at a macro level, followed by a team block. Whereas the contact us page starts with a two-column contact section followed by latest products available in the store.

I would like to show you something more about this Blocksy demo site.

single product page of garderobe, a blocksy demo site

The single product page of Garderobe does not only shoe the regular WooCommerce layout of a single product but is also featured in with breadcrumbs and a sidebar on the right-hand side that also displays a top rated products section.

Works with: Gutenberg and Elementor

Comes with: Elementor, Stackable, WooCommerce, WPForms


This is another Blocksy WooCommerce theme template that comes with a transparent header encompassing a big hero image with a call to action button that takes you to its shop page.

Petsy has a plain and simple single row header with site identity, main menu, contact number, my account, and shopping cart.

building woocommerce stores with blocksy theme starter site petsy

Petsy is a great option for selling pet products online. It is ready to display multiple products under different categories.

You can use this starter site to sell pet accessories, pet products, food, toys, and bath items.

Colors and fonts used on Garderobe are;











  • IBM Plex Serif
  • Segoe UI

The best section on the homepage that caught my attention was its easy to select categories section.

Just click on the ‘food’ card box to explore pet food available on the entire website.

A single row header with main menu and sub menu items under products lets you directly explore the top categories of this website.

In case you have more content, just improve this starter site by adding in a Blocksy Advanced menu that showcases even more content on the primary menu (navigation).

Note:- Advanced Menu is a Blocksy Pro feature.

Petsy does not have a services. But, the shop page (products page) is similar to Floreo demo site.

Single product page comes with the default WooCommerce layout, with related products below for customers to easily choose between multiple products.

The best part I like with Petsy’s about us page is that, it displays a section that builds authority with its customers.

Contact us page of Petsy is similar to the ones you saw earlier, followed by best blog posts section below.

Works with: Gutenberg and Elementor

Comes with: Elementor plugin, Stackable Gutenberg Blocks, WooCommerce, WPForms

Homi – Blocksy WooCommerce Template

Homi Blocksy starter site is a WooCommerce theme template that beautifully showcases modern furniture for home interiors.

top woocommerce starter sites with blocksy for home interiors

You get the feel of a classic homepage that offers visitors a range of beautiful furniture for all their home needs.

Homi starter site can be used to sell furniture for homes, offices, hotels, etc.

Colors and fonts used on Garderobe are;











  • Merriweather
  • Segoe UI

Just like Petsy, it uses and transparent header and sticky header while scrolling to read further content.

The hero section is huge that displays a short video clip about furniture.

Just like Petsy, Homi does not a services page. But, there is a blog page with a three-column grid layout selected from the Blocksy theme customizer.

Plus, it is also neatly organized with 1:1 featured image ratio, post categories, and post title.

Again the shop page and single product pages are set up using default WooCommerce settings.

This Blocksy WooCommerce demo site comes with a narrow layout single blog post template with enough post meta enabled at the beginning of the article.

There is one more thing I’d like to add about Homi starter site, I really like the website footer.

sample blocksy starter site website footer

Its made using the Blocksy footer builder dividing it into four footer widgets and the bottom footer bar with copyright and social follow links.

Works with Page Editors: Gutenberg, Elementor, and Brizy

Comes with: Brizy, Elementor, Stackable Gutenberg Blocks, WooCommerce, WPForms

Modern Shop

I have kept the best Blocksy starter site for WooCommerce in the end. The additional Blocksy WooCommerce features on this demo site are as follows;

  • Multiple shop page styles to choose from
  • 4 different types of product variations
  • Carousel for trending products
  • Blocksy footer reveal feature that looks trendy on an eCommerce website
the original blocksy modern shop demo site

The demo site starts with a hero section, followed by multiple products in a 4-column grid

This is a multi-purpose shopping website. You can use this design to sell anything.

Colors and fonts used on Garderobe are;











  • Open Sans
  • Open Sans

Modern Shop has a two-row simple header layout with site identity at the center.

Like what I said earlier, this Blocksy starter site offers shop pages of three styles already done for you.

no sidebar layout on shop page of modern shop demo site
Blocksy Starter Site – Modern Shop, without any Sidebars on Shop Page
right sidebar layout shop page of modern shop demo site
Blocksy Starter Site – Modern Shop Right Sidebar Layout on Shop Page
left sidebar layout shop page of modern shop demo site
Blocksy Starter Site – Modern Shop, Left Sidebar Layout on Shop Page

Three different layouts of Blocksy shop page make it very easy for you to choose from, without actually designing it yourself. This saves time.

Let us also take a look at the options you get for displaying a single product.

Simple Product Page (the regular single product page)

modern shop, a blocksy starter site for woocommerce displaying simple product page

Variable Product Page

modern shop is a blocksy woocommerce template that also gives you variable product page

Grouped Products Page

External Product Page

blocksy woocommerce site with external product page option

By the way, all different types of product pages also display a related products section followed by trending products carousel element.

related products and blocksy trending products in modern shop

Works with Page Editors: Gutenberg, Elementor, and Brizy

Comes with: Brizy, Elementor, Stackable Gutenberg Blocks, WooCommerce, WPForms

All the Blocksy starter sites for WooCommerce mentioned above also support custom post types and custom taxonomies. You will just need to install the plugin for custom post types and fields.


From my personal experience, I have found these 5 Blocksy starter sites for WooCommerce as a very good starting point to create an online store with the Blocksy theme.

All of them have a variety of customizable features, select the one that best suits your requirements, style, and niche.

Later, as you go on, make changes and tweak the starter site with more fine tuned customizations.

I hope the article has been useful for you.

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