5 Best GeneratePress Templates For Affiliate Marketing

In this post, I show you the best GeneratePress templates for affiliate marketing.

It is important to select the right website template for your affiliate marketing projects. That’s why I have prepared this guide to help you choose the best GeneratePress starter sites specifically designed for affiliate marketing.

GeneratePress pro users get a feature called starter sites, and that comes with all types of GeneratePress templates, ready-made for you.

Creating an affiliate marketing based website is very much possible with the GeneratePress theme.

These are the best GeneratePress templates for affiliate marketing

  1. Scribe
  2. Marketer
  3. Avery
  4. Info
  5. Volume

Note:- If you have the free version of GeneratePress, then you won’t get the Site Library (starter sites) feature.

Short Overview on GeneratePress Templates

We all are kind-of aware, that GeneratePress is one of the fastest loading WordPress themes in the market.

It has a super-clean code with only the basic features. For all the other fancy things, you’d have to use plugins like GenerateBlocks or Kadence Blocks.

Since, GeneratePress is lightweight, it really doesn’t matter if you’ve installed other types of Gutenberg block plugins.

All of GeneratePress templates are made by world-class web designers, so they inherit all the basic values that GeneratePress is built upon.

Some characteristics of GeneratePress templates

  • All GeneratePress templates are super fast and pass Google’s core web vitals test
  • Many of them are multi-purpose
  • They are super easy to install and use
  • Templates that are solely made for affiliate marketing and blogging, come with beautiful layouts

5 Best GeneratePress Templates for Affiliate Marketing

Although, I have installed most of the GeneratePress templates on client’s websites. But, for the purpose of this article, I have only recommended the best GeneratePress templates for affiliate marketing.

So let’s get started.


Scribe is a super-clean site made for affiliate marketing and blogging.

It is already built using GenerateBlocks and GeneratePress Content Templates.

The GeneratePress Content Template is a pro feature that comes under GeneratePress Elements.

The homepage of Scribe template comes with a single row primary navigation with the logo on the left corner, followed by a featured blog post in the hero section.

Beyond that, there is a three-column grid used for displaying latest articles.

This is best for blogging or affiliate marketing of digital products.

It also has an opt-in area for email signup, right before the site footer.


Marketer is an amazing GeneratePress theme template, purely created for writers and affiliate marketers.

The site starts, by displaying all the blog content on the homepage in a default GeneratePress layout of content and right sidebar.

You can add all your blog categories in the primary navigation, and create a custom footer using GeneratePress elements.

You can also call this as a GeneratePress minimalist template.

The homepage starts with the latest article with the default blog layout and a sidebar.

Helping the website to load much faster.


Avery is a feminine styled website.

avery - a female styled generatepress template

With the feminine colors and soft typography, this template gets a female touch.

Avery is built using Gutenberg blocks and GenerateBlocks. Use it to quickly start your affiliate marketing blog.

It starts with top bar that gets all the primary menu items and social media icons.

Followed by, site identity (logo) and website’s major categories aligned in the center.

homepage of avery template

The hero section comes with a big hero image and a call to action.

The homepage also displays latest articles and about me section.

Best part about homepage of these templates is that, right after the about me or about us section, you can always include a 3 column or 4 column grid displaying the tools that we use.

All those tools can directly have affiliate links, linking to their respective sites.


The Info GeneratePress template is an information based blog and can be applied for news sites, affiliate marketing sites with multiple categories.

generatepress template - info

This template puts lot of focus on content. It starts with a basic primary navigation, followed by a latest posts section.

The blog item in primary navigation drops down to display multiple categories available on this site.

After all of that, there is a two column layout; one with content (sub-divided into two more columns), and another one with a custom sidebar.

Mostly, all the designs seen on the Info GeneratePress template are made using GenerateBlocks.

homepage of info - a generatepress template for affiliate marketing

Notice, how the sidebar column ends with the first 3 column grid of travel tips.

The next grid of travel tips posts is built into a 4 column grid.

Overall, this works best if you are doing affiliate marketing in multiple categories and have a lot of content to display.

I also like Info’s design of custom footer, made via GeneratePress elements.

It allows you add a 3 column grid letting you display the most important tools or software that you recommend for your readers.


Volume is another GeneratePress template made for affiliate marketers. It displays a large hero section subdivided into 2 columns with post featured image and post meta.

It is a clean canvas site, majorly built upon Gutenberg blocks. The gaps around latest posts section is wider than default.

Unlike our previous GeneratePress template – Info, this one can be used by webmasters who have just started or have moderate level of content.

Affiliate marketing model can be applied over sharing information about digital products and real products, via written content combined with embedding YouTube videos.

Again, this GeneratePress template is also built on using GenerateBlocks and a little bit of custom CSS for large page heroes, aligning post meta to bottom of post, and border-radius for post featured images.

homepage of volume generatepress template for affiliate marketing

Single blog posts are set with content/sidebar layout, giving you the chance to stick your affiliate offers and banners on the sidebar.

Overall, it gives a cleaner vibe to your readers with very organized content-to-background ratio.

So, these were the best GeneratePress templates for affiliate marketing.

Best Tools for Affiliate Marketing with GeneratePress Templates

I have used multiple tools and plugins on my GeneratePress website, and also advised the same to some of my clients as well.

The list of my plugins are;

First of all, it is best if you have GP Premium. This addon comes with all the ready-made templates that makes your web designing task much easier.

Secondly, always use a Gutenberg block based plugin. The number 1 plugin that goes hand-in-hand with GeneratePress, is GenerateBlocks.

If you are choosing a minimalistic template from the GeneratePress site library like Marketer, your website’s performance will sky rocket. But, it doesn’t give you any fancy look.

To overcome that, plus keep your performance balanced, I’d suggest you to go with Elementor.

Always cloak your affiliate links using a good plugin like Pretty Links.

If you are into Amazon affiliate marketing, the best plugin for you is AAWP.

I also use WP Rocket to speed up my WordPress website, and Semrush to find the best keywords where I can apply the concept of affiliate marketing.

FAQs – Best GeneratePress Templates for Affiliate Marketing

What are the best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing?

Out of all the WordPress themes, I find GeneratePress, Kadence, Astra, and Blocksy to be the best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing.

Is GeneratePress the best theme for affiliate marketing?

Yes, GeneratePress is the best theme for creating affiliate marketing websites. It is lightweight, has affiliate marketing style starter site, and comes with multiple features.

Can I use GeneratePress theme on my affiliate marketing blog?

You can use GeneratePress on your affiliate marketing blog, it is also used by many Amazon affiliate bloggers and content publishers.

How to create an affiliate marketing website with GeneratePress?

After installing GeneratePress, install and activate GP Premium addon, then go to Site Library and install Scribe, Info, or Marketer GeneratePress templates.

What are GeneratePress templates?

GeneratePress templates are pre-made templates created by world-class designers. They are ready to use for you.

Can I create an Amazon affiliate website using GeneratePress?

Yes, you can create an Amazon or Walmart affiliate marketing website.

Are the GeneratePress templates available in the free version of the theme?

No, you need to buy GeneratePress premium for accessing the site library.

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