16 Best Travel Bloggers in India to Follow

You will undoubtedly feel like you are living in another reality after visiting new locations, getting to know new people, and tasting some delectable foods. Learn more about India’s most popular travel bloggers by reading about their amazing travels. Find out about the many travel tips they may provide with you as well.

These incredible best travel bloggers in India have shown us all that there is no barrier to adventure seeking or experiencing the huge new globe. Their blogs encourage us to explore and learn from various cultures. Whether through their photos or some fascinating facts, bloggers have left their imprint all over the place.

Top 16 Travel Bloggers in India

Thrilling Travel By Ami Bhat

Ami Bhat travel blogger of India

Ami Bhat, a mother blogger and frequent traveller, launched the popular travel website Thrilling Travel. She has a marketing postgraduate degree and a strong desire to travel.

Ami is a PADI-certified diver and a freelance travel writer for publications, including Lonely Planet India.

If you’re interested in learning about new vacation places and travel advice, Ami Bhat’s blog is the place to go.

She has also been highlighted in important magazines like

  • BBC Travel
  • Deccan Herald
  • Dainik Jagran
  • Miss Malinin, and many more.

Devil on Wheels by Dheeraj Sharma

Dheeraj Sharma top travel blogger in india

Dheeraj Sharma, a software project manager, is an enthusiastic traveller, daydreamer, and ardent admirer of the Himalayas. He also enjoys driving while discovering new locations in the Himalayas.

He is making a lot of effort to carry out the vision and purpose of the DoW Travel Community. He is a devout follower of Leh-Ladakh and has given travel advice on his blog, “Devil on Wheels,” after successfully exploring some of the off-the-beaten-path locations in Ladakh on Wheels.

  • If you enjoy travelling in the Himalayas and need a comprehensive guide, his blog can provide you with the details you want.
  • Good lodging options and guides to Leh and Ladakh are available everywhere.
  • You may even ask him for advice on how to arrange your vacation, and you’ll get a prompt response.

Tale of 2 Backpackers, Amrita & Agni

Travel freaks Amrita and Agni

The finest Indian travel blog is Tale of 2 Backpackers, which discusses Indian festivals, culture, and tradition. Agni and Amrita are the best travel bloggers in India.

Both share all the experiences of their travels around India, is what the blog’s name implies.

This site is a must-read for you if you’re seeking travel information wisely with careful preparation and budgeting.

They have both been travelling for the past 12 years and have worked with several travel agencies, including those for

  • Thailand
  • Malaysia,
  • Incredible India

They have also worked for well-known companies like

  • Make My Trip
  • Thomas Cook
  • Tata AIG
  • Park Hyatt
  • The Taj

Travel Shoe Bum By Shubham Mansingka

Famous Travel Blogger Shubham Mansingka

Due to the fact that Travel Shoe Bum’s founder Shubham has been travelling full-time for more than five years and works as a travel writer and consultant, the site is one of the top travel blogs in India.

You should therefore check out his site since you may learn a lot about “solo travelling or budget travelling” if you’re interested in doing either.

Over 24 Indian states and 4 other countries were visited by him. On a tight budget, he typically travels alone.

Shubham got featured in major publications like

  • HuffPost
  • HT Brunch
  • The Hindu
  • Mint, and more.

Additionally, he undertook daring journeys, such as two lengthy winter excursions to

  • Ladakh
  • leisurely travel through Garhwal,
  • lone trek from Lahaul to Zanskar

IndiTales by Anuradha Goyal

Travel blog IndiTales owner Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal is an author, blogger, columnist, and public speaker. She has lived in several locations and has been writing since 2004. She previously spent more than 12 years working in the IT business.

She writes about her worldwide trips, her locations in India, and travel advice on her blog, “Inditales.” The only bilingual travel blog that is available in Hindi and English is IndiTales.

She is also the author of other publications, including.

  • Lotus In The Stone – Sacred Journeys In Eterna India” (2020)
  • “Unusual Temples of India” (2020)
  • “Bharat Ke Anokhe Mandir” (2020)
  • “The Mouse Charmers- Digital Pioneers of India” (2014)

The Solo Globetrotter by Reshma Narasing

Do you enjoy exploring new places on your own? Are you looking for a tonne of helpful information about solo travel and the top places to go alone? The Solo Globetrotter is one of the top travel blogs for solo travel in India, so you should certainly check it out.

You should read this site if you want to get all the information you need to travel alone, from inspiration to vacation places to travel tricks.

  • Reshma Narasing, a travel and writing enthusiast, started this blog.
  • She has visited 35 countries on her own as a female traveller.
  • She was also highlighted on well-known websites, like The Huffington Post, Amazing Thailand, Medium, etc.

Footloose Dev, Devesh Joshi

Devesh Joshi traveller

Are you looking for the most intriguing travel blogs from India? Then you want to visit the Footloose Dev blog unquestionably. The creator of this incredible travel blog is Devesh Joshi.

You should read Footloose Dev and subscribe if you’re seeking travel ideas, solitary travel experiences, travel adventures, and more.

  • Devesh left his corporate job in 2015 to pursue his passion for traveling full-time. Since then, he has traveled extensively.
  • Devesh, who has visited more than 25 countries, focuses mostly on sharing his incredible travel tales on this blog.
  • Additionally, he collaborated with numerous well-known travel companies, such as Germany Tourism, Singapore Airlines, Indonesia Tourism, and others.


Sankara popular travel blogger of india

When Sankara is travelling, he does extraordinary. He describes travel as not just his passion but also his life’s work. He is one of the most popular bloggers in India.

He became a full-time travel blogger after leaving his 8-year corporate job. His adventures have taken him all over the world, and he has visited every continent.

  • Even the daily Deccan Chronicle and the magazine National Geographic Traveller India have included some of his blog postings.
  • You may rely on this site for advice on various travel-related topics, including budget travel, backpacking, and how to stay vegetarian while travelling.

The Wanderer by Siddhartha Joshi

Siddhartha Joshi effortlessly juggles a lot of hats. He is a well-known travel blogger, designer, and photographer, all rolled into one. He has travelled the world extensively in his mission to find new areas, yet he never ends!

Through his blog, The Wanderer, which depicts a location’s architecture, culture, and street cuisine, he has made it his mission to communicate the specifics of his travels.

  • On his site, he also posts assessments of lodging facilities, dining establishments, and coffee shops, all of which are enhanced by his superb photography.
  • He was profiled in several publications, such as the Times of India, Business Standard, Hindustan Times, etc., and was nominated for an Indian Blogger Award.

India backpack motorbike by Venkat Ganesh

Venkat Ganesh is an expert at using road journeys as an exhilarating approach to exploring new places.

Venkat, a well-known travel blogger who enjoys being on the road with only his bike as a company, left his job to satisfy his wanderlust.

In addition to sharing information for backpackers and other adventurous travellers who are always eager to go the additional mile in search of their ideal locations.

  • He also teaches how to travel on a bike under budget.
  • His site tells exciting stories about his road trips.
  • Your jaw will drop when you read about his impromptu excursions, which turned out to be such thrilling experiences in and of themselves.

MY TRAVEL DIARY by Parnashree Devi

Originally from Assam, Parnashree Devi began a blog to share her travel experiences with readers worldwide.

It is quite well-known in the Indian travel blogging community because of her engaging writing and presentation styles.

You may read a thorough description of Parnashree’s extended cross-country travels on her blog.

  • In 21 days, she visited 21 locations spanning 5 states as part of the MTV road trip program Nano Drive with MTV.
  • Her passion is traveling to far-flung areas of the nation and beyond, where she can interact with the locals, learn about their culture, enjoy the local food, and then write about her experiences.

Tales Of A Nomad by Niranjan Das

Niranjan Das has a deep passion for all things travel-related. Furthermore, it should be no surprise that all travel-related topics are covered on his site, from thrilling train rides to difficult hiking. You also get to view the beautiful pictures he takes while travelling as an added treat.

His wanderlust has brought him to practically every state in the union and a few other countries.

  • The Hindu and a number of other newspapers have published his blog pieces.
  • The finest part of his blog articles is that they discuss his encounters with people as well as the locations he travels. 

Anki on the move by Ankita Sinha

Ankita Sinha famous travel blogger

Ankita Sinha is an enthusiastic traveller and even more enthusiastic travel blogger. She has a strong desire to see as much of the world as possible.

  • She has fulfilled her passion for traveling, seeing no fewer than 7 nations in just 2 years.
  • If you read her blog, you’ll see that she also has a gift with words and does a fantastic job of illustrating her travel experiences.
  • She is a frequent seeker of an adrenaline thrill and a travel and adventure fashion blogger.
  • The blog of an award-winning travel enthusiast is the one you should be perusing if you’re interested in learning more about a place’s adventurous side. 

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Desi Traveller by Prasad NP

Some travel blogs focus on destinations, while others are more on travel. In addition to discussing his travels and destinations, Prasad NP also writes about the things he finds while exploring these locations. He travels with his family, unlike the majority of travel bloggers.

So, check out this blog if you’re seeking comprehensive information about the locations that family members can visit. His blog entries largely explore the human side of the areas he travels to. The blog also includes hotel and resort reviews.

I share by Indrani Ghose

Indrani Ghose is not only a travel enthusiast but also a gifted writer who enjoys crafting charming tales. It’s hardly surprising that her trip diaries were included in a global book! She works as a freelance writer and photographer, but her true calling is to travel, and she’s always up for going somewhere new.

  • She is from Bangalore and has travelled to up to 20 different nations and as many Indian states.
  • Her blog posts on her travels are replete with details about not just the locations she sees but also about the local food, accommodations, and other specific things.

The tales of a traveler by Swati and Sam

Swati and Sam are two well-known personalities among Indian bloggers, particularly in the luxury sector. Swati and Sam are software engineers and travellers by passion. They serve as the ideal illustration of how a couple might accomplish their travel-related aspirations.

  • More than 16 foreign countries, as well as other domestic locations have been visited as a result of their shared enthusiasm for travel.
  • Their site, “The Tales of a Traveller,” is where you can discover helpful information on opulent lodgings, weekend getaways, unusual locales, restaurant reviews, travel advice, and much more.
  • It is filled with information about the places they visit that they share and you can learn a lot from their blogs.


You can always be prepared when visiting a new place, but making the most of your trip always requires a basic familiarity with the area and its culture. These travel bloggers can provide you with advice based on their own experiences in this situation. They act as a virtual guide at each stage of the procedure, from choosing a location to organising an itinerary. Set new travel objectives for yourself this year by taking inspiration from these top travel bloggers in India.

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