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Confused about which hosting service to choose? And looking for an honest review of EasyWP hosting. Then you are at right place.

In this blog post about EasyWP Hosting Review, I will tell why EasyWP is good for your website based on factors like user-friendliness, CDN and backup options, customer support, and pricing.

EasyWP Hosting Namecheap Company

It is possible you haven’t heard a lot about EasyWP but I am sure you must hear about one of the most popular domain name registrar Namecheap. Namecheap was founded in 2000 as a domain name registrar and manages over 10 million domains at present.

EasyWP is one of the products of Namecheap. Namecheap started to expand in the field of hosting and brought EasyWP.

EasyWP hosting banner for review

EasyWP is a managed WordPress Hosting that offers a 30-day free trial to test everything from speed to SSL and Backup to Support.

User-Friendly Interface

They have an easy-to-use interface, and if you have a website on WordPress, you can install WordPress on EasyWP in just 90 seconds.

Once you made the payment all you have to do is just click on “Set up WordPress”

In the next step, you can choose your domain name and click on “Create WordPress Website”.

In this step, all you have to do is enter your WordPress Title, Username, and Password. You can also select your WordPress theme and plugins here but it’s better to do all this in WordPress dashboard where you can see live results.

Once setup is complete you can manage the SSL certificate and CDN just by simply clicking on the website name in your dashboard.

Speed & Performance

Website page speed is the time taken by the website to load. It is one of the most important metrics to consider while choosing hosting.

EasyWP really nailed it as they claimed to have 0.7 seconds fully loaded time which includes time to first byte around 192 milliseconds.

Website speed for EasyWP hosting

Website speed depends on so many factors. If you use WordPress, a bad theme, a lot of plugins, and upload too many images. Then your website speed may vary. So there is no use in showing website speed on a dummy website with no or very little content.

EasyWP Pricing

You will have three plans with EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting. They have monthly and yearly plans.

99.99% Guaranteed111
Price (Monthly)$6.88/Month$12.88/Month$19.88/Month
Price (Annually)$34.88/Yearly or $2.90/Month (Paid Annually)$58.88/Yearly or $4.90/Month (Paid Annually)$68.88/Yearly or $5.74/Month (Paid Annually)
Visitors Capacity50K Visitors/Month200K Visitors/Month500K Visitors/Month
Free CDNYesYesYes
Free SSLNoYesYes
Uptime99.9%99.9%99.99% Guranteed

Note: EasyWP offers the first month free for any plan. You can try their service free of cost for 30 days. Try 30 days trial free.

Free CDN

CDN is essential for website loading speed. As CDN loads the webpage from the nearest server location.

EasyWP offers built-in CDN support. It offers 4 plans with one free plan.

FreeFor small websites,
50GB of accelerated traffic
Basic DDoS Protection only.
BasicFor Small & Medium sized websites,
250GB of Traffic
DDoS Protection & WAF
MediumFor Business & Medium Sized websites, 500GB of Traffic, Custom DDoS Protection, WAF$18.88/month
AdvancedFor Larger Websites, 1000GB of Traffic, Custom DDoS Protection, WAF with Custom Rules & More$38.88/month


Backup is a very important factor to consider before choosing any hosting company. EasyWP hosting offers a backup facility but they do not have an automatic backup option.

Whenever you need backup, you can simply enter the name for your backup and click on Create Backup button. Restoring from the stored backup is also very simple.

EasyWP also gives you the option to download Files & Database separately which can be helpful if you want to upload files on different hosts using File Manager and phpMyAdmin.

However, the unavailability of automatic backups is surprising as you may lose your whole website if you don’t have a backup. You must use a backup plugin like Updraft to keep backups regularly if you want to go with EasyWP. Or you can choose another hosting like hostinger.

Inbuilt Caching

EasyWP offers inbuilt caching. They have added their caching inside WordPress with their free EasyWP plugin.

Using this plugin you can get Varnish, Opcode, and Redis Object caching. According to EasyWP, this plugin provides better performance than any other cache plugin. But the problem with this plugin is that you only get a caching solution. To minify HTML, CSS, and Javascript you have to install different plugins.

EasyWP Customer Support

Customer support is an essential part of any hosting company in the world. We are using Cloudways for bloggingidol and literally their support system is awesome. Recently they started using chatbots to solve your query but when you get connected with a real person, you will get a solution to your problem. Now if we talk about EasyWP customer support they have Email tickets and Live chat options.

Their support is quite fast and they have a rating of 4.6 on Trustpilot. Among these lot of people praised for their customer support. But if you want the best kind of support you can go with cloudways.

EasyWP hosting reviews ratings on trustpilot


Migration from one hosting to another can be a difficult task if you have a large website without losing traffic & SEO. The good news about EasyWP is that they offer one website migration free of cost with all their plans.


EasyWP is good hosting as compared to popular hosting in terms of speed and pricing. Yet it lacks a lot of features like free SSL in the Starter plan and automatic backup options.

If you are looking for affordable and WordPress friendly hosting then you can go for EasyWP. I hope this EasyWP Hosting review provides you the detailed info you were looking for. If you want to start hosting as cheap as $0.60/month then you can give it a try to verpex hosting.

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