Guide to Best WordPress Team Member Plugins

In the modern world of today, you want to highlight your team members on WordPress sites. Certain kinds of plugins known as WordPress team member plugins will help you display your team members as part of the existing page.

You can also use these plugins for a dedicated page for your team members to complete certain kinds of functionality and divide team members into various categories. This will help visitors to find specific people.

wordpress team member plugins

Things to Know Before Using a WordPress Team Member Plugin

Installing one or more plugins means you need to add some extra codes to your WordPress site which will impact the performance of your website.

You can easily build a showcase page by using WordPress Editor, when it comes to managing your teams there is certain kind of tools available such as Trello and Asana. There are a few purposes and requirements which should be fulfilled from the plugin end.

  • Offering Premier User Experience: If you want your members to enjoy and engage with your content without any distractions, you need to add the kind of plugins that offer a premier user experience.
  • Content Releases: Think about when you want to release content, so focus on choosing the kind of WordPress team member plugins that allow you to schedule content to slowly release over time.
  • Payment Options: In the case of WordPress sites, one of the important things is the flexible payment options which are becoming increasingly popular as the eCommerce platform is shifting more towards the usage of mobile phones.
  • Integration with third-party services: There are various kinds of plugins that provide appropriate third-party integrations.

Let us see team members’ plugins for WordPress which can help you in adding team members.

WordPress Team Member Plugins

DV Team Plugin

One of the best team member plugins for WordPress is DV team which has several amazing features and compatibility This WordPress plugin for team members supports six custom post formats which include standard, image, quote, and gallery.

This plugin supports all modern browsers and supports the WPML plugin. It supports various kinds of RTL languages such as Hebrew, Urdu, Persian & Arabic.

My Team Showcase

If you want to create enough features for your Team Page, My Team Showcase is one of the best team member plugins for WordPress which goes all ways and offers ten color schemes where you can choose the right scheme for your team members. This team carousel WordPress plugin consists of ten display options which include name, job title, email, photo, website, description, and many more options.

My Team Showcase consists of 3 Pagination themes, eighteen slide-in animations, and eighteen slide-out animations which will make your page look more elegant and your column structure fully responsive.

Team Builder

Another best plugin for team plugins is Team Builder for all kinds of WordPress sites. It supports WPBakery Page builder so that there can be a distinct experience in designing your webpage.

With the help of teambuilder, it can help visitors to filter the team members and you can construct cards for email, skype, phone, website, and location.

Since it is known to be a multipurpose plugin, it can further help to create logos and testimonials. You can store multiple contacts of your employees for any kind of unlimited use and this option is open to any custom URL by clicking on the corresponding member to make it easy to contact your team members.

It has one of the best admin user interfaces with a clean and compact design and is considered a team member plugin for WordPress.

Team Showcase

In the scenario of WordPress sites, team showcase holds another role of importance being one of the best team member plugins for the WordPress site. With the help of this plugin, it can help you to display your team members properly and you can display pictures and sets of information in various kinds of layouts and thumbnails.

Team Members Pro

This plugin helps to see if your team is more attractive and one of the best and latest updates on the WordPress team member plugin is seven different layout styles for highlighting your team which has email and website icons that you can use twenty-three different social icons with six assorted styles.

Team Members

It is considered one of the free and effective team members’ plugins due to its user-friendly and fully responsive nature. This plugin supports all kinds of modern browsers and does not limit you to the number of members you can have on your website. It helps you in creating four social links for every team member.

One of the best features of this WordPress plugin is the stellar coding which makes it compatible with any WordPress theme, thus making it developer friendly and easy to customize.

Team by Radius Theme

One of the best parts of the Team by Radius Theme is that it comes with other features. This free version comes with a slider layout, two grid layouts, and 1 list layout which makes it easier to work with a different plugin. It further allows displaying team members in round or shaped squares.

With the help of this plugin, you can control all the fields of the team profiles which include detailed bios, short bios, social links, images, and positions. The smooth operation of the Team is due to HTM5, CSS3, and full object-oriented programming.

Team Pro

This pro plugin of WordPress Team Members helps you to get additional thirty layouts with the Team Pro Version with the settings enabled in such a manner that you can set the image style of the profile images.

It allows users to browse multiple numbers of popup profiles with the next or preview buttons which helps to highlight single detail popups for a single team member. You get various kinds of pagination options which include Ajax load more, Ajax number pagination, and Ajax load on scroll.

The best features of this include

  1. Full style control
  2. Displaying control on device views
  3. Query building function using filters
  4. Grid filter layout with filter styles like dropdowns or buttons.

Meet My Team

Another pro plugin in WordPress helps to compress team members’ lists into a single page by offering such kind of relevant interface which helps in adding team members and highlighting their personal information in the model.

This is the best team member plugin for WordPress which offers an amazing responsive grid with smooth readjustments with highly responsive elements. You can insert the team element of this plugin into any page using the shortcode which supports a few fields such as team members, name, profile pictures, and personal URLs which can be sourced from any social profile such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

WP Team

WP Team is the most adaptable and industry-leading WordPress team display plugin, designed to create and manage team member highlights with superb design and a variety of features.

The plugin has three distinct layout configurations as well as some incredible style possibilities. In a matter of minutes, you can simply create a visually appealing team members section on your WordPress site.

The plugin’s primary function is to display team or staff members, but it may also be used to display other types of content that require an image and text, so get creative. It’s ideal for displaying and managing the members of your staff, team, or workforce.


There are endless opportunities to display the list of your beloved team members and inform the world about the amazing people you have on your team. You can happily make your website trustworthy among the number of users of the plugins as discussed above.

By implementing the best plugin for your website, you can make your team members happy and their bonds strong. So, choose the best team member plugins for WordPress and make your website look beautiful and make bonds with the employees stronger.

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