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If you run a website or blog, or if you are an SEO consultant or looking for a job in the field of SEO and want your or your client’s website to rank on the first page of Google, then you should know about the social bookmarking sites list. These social bookmarking websites will help you gain exposure, social shares, targeted traffic, and backlinks for your websites.

After a lot of research, we created a list of social bookmarking sites. You can bookmark this page as we keep updating the list.

What is Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking refers to the method of bookmarking web pages on social platforms. It is the way to save, organize, and share web pages on social platforms.

To understand social bookmarking, you can first think about browser bookmarking. Just like you can bookmark any website on your browser, in social bookmarking, you can bookmark a website on social platforms like Pinterest or Reddit so that whenever you want to read something from that website, you can easily find it.

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The difference between the two is that when you bookmark a website on your browser, it’s only available to you on that specific browser. If you try to find that website from another device or browser (like Firefox), you won’t find it. However, if you bookmark a website on your favorite social bookmarking platform, you can easily find that website from any browser or device on that platform.

You can also bookmark this page of Bloggingidol on your browser or on any social bookmarking website because we bring information related to SEO and Digital Marketing.

Now, let’s talk about what is dofollow social bookmarking.

Dofollow Social Bookmarking

To understand this, you first need to understand the difference between dofollow and nofollow links. If you know the difference between dofollow and nofollow links, you can directly go to the section of the social bookmarking sites list.

Dofollow Links: According to Semrush, do-follow links can boost your website’s ranking. 

For example, a do-follow link looks like:

<a href="">Shoutnrise</a> 

This link can boost the authority of the website. By default, every link is dofollow. 

However, if I make a minor change to it, it will become a nofollow. 

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Shoutnrise</a>

Now, this link won’t pass any link juice or authority to the Shoutnrise website, but it doesn’t mean that nofollow links are useless. Nofollow links can bring traffic to your website which will help in boosting your website’s ranking. In this article, we will provide you with a list of both dofollow and nofollow social bookmarking sites.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking


Backlinks play a crucial role in ranking any website on Google. Although backlinks were one of the top 3 factors to rank a website until 2016, they are not as significant today. 

An analyst from the Google Search team, Gary Illyes, confirmed in 2023 that backlinks are not among the top 3 factors today.

However, they are still important. If these links are do-follow, they can boost your website’s authority. If they are no-follow, you can still get benefit from them by increasing traffic to your website through referral traffic.

Faster Indexing

When your website is new, you need to share it as much as possible to get it indexed quickly. Social bookmarking helps in indexing your pages faster by making them easily accessible to Google and other search engine crawlers. When Google or Bing crawlers crawl your website, they can index your website faster.

Social Signals

According to Ahrefs, social signals are not a ranking factor, but they indirectly help in improving your website’s ranking. They can increase E-E-A-T, attract more backlinks, and reach new audiences. You can obtain traffic and social signals through social bookmarking sites like Reddit and

Collaboration Opportunities

Social bookmarking provides opportunities to collaborate with other influencers and marketers in your niche. You can reach their audience by sharing your website on their platform and vice versa, thereby expanding your reach to new audiences.

Discover Trends

Social bookmarking sites are not just for sharing links but also for discovering trends in your industry. By participating in discussions on these sites, you can understand what people are talking about in your niche and gather information related to your business.

Website Authority

By submitting your web pages to do-follow social bookmarking websites, you can increase your website’s authority. By creating dofollow and nofollow links on social bookmarking websites, you can make your link profile look natural and avoid Google penalties.

Best Social Bookmarking Sites List

  1. Pinterest: 

Pinterest is a popular social media network that has 498 million monthly active users. It’s not only social media network but also a popular social bookmarking website. Pinterest is a true example of how people use social bookmarking websites. 

On Pinterest, you can bookmark or save any content in the form of a pin. You can also keep your content in different categories called boards. People can create boards based on their interests. For example, if someone has an interest in Fitness they can create a board of famous fitness influencers.

You can create a Pinterest account for your business and bookmark your posts using boards. In this way, you can attract users to your website. 

  1. Reddit:

If you want lots of traffic from US & UK Reddit can be the best choice. It has strong niche communities as subreddits where people discuss about politics, health and other issues. This platform maintain its status and do not allow spam. It has powerful karma system where first you have to add some value to promote something.

Reddit can be the another choice for social bookmarking but first you have to make sure you reached at a certain Karma level. Otherwise you may be shadowbanned or banned from subreddits. If you use reddit as other users do you will not have any problem.

  1. Medium:

Medium has become popular in recent years. It is an online article publishing and social bookmarking website. Medium send personalized emails to users and can help promote your articles. 

You can choose your favorite topics, writers and publications to personalize your feeds. As you like any post on Facebook there is a similar system on Medium where you can clap your favorite article. 

However, you can’t create public lists of bookmarked links on Medium and saved content remains private.

But you can organize your highlights into “Collections” based on themes or topics. This can help you categorize saved content.

  1. Pocket:

Pocket is popular social bookmarking app that allows you to save bookmarked article to a separate server where you can read it anytime on computer or mobile. It has both free and paid versions. With paid version you can annotate, highlight and also add notes. 

You need Firefox account to sign up with pocket. The articles saved in pocket are clutter-free and can be tagged for search purposes. User can also change the text settings for easy reading. 

To add bookmark you can use Pocket browser extension or App to save articles, videos of webpages. 

This app allows users to read saved content even without an internet connection. 

Social bookmarking on Pocket help creating backlink and help organizing your saved content with tags and collections based on categories or topics. 


Scoop it is another popular social bookmarking website. If you are looking for new ways to build reputation, generate interest and drive traffic to your website, Scoop it can do the work for you. 

It has free and paid plans. If you have basic social bookmarking requirement its free plan is more than enough. 

It gives you the ability to publish on your website or blog, newsletters and social media platforms directly through But to add social media channels you have to Pro Plan that starts from $14.99.

You can also aggregate curated content across multiple wordpress blogs. It also allow employees to share article privately using private hubs. 

How to Do Social Bookmarking

We know social bookmarking is placing the link of your website on popular social media networks. Every website has different interface and process to add social bookmarking but basics for all are same.

Let’s learn how to do Social Bookmarking on Pinterest.

Step 1: 

Sign up on Pinterest

Enter Your Project Email ID and other details. You can also sign up with Google.

Step 2:

Click on Create Pin Button

Click on Create Pin button

Step 3:

Upload the image from the page that you want to bookmark and then other details like Title, Description, and Link of page.

OR you can directly click on Save from URL button to fetch Image, title and description.

Step 4:

You can create a New Board or use existing boards. Also, Enter Tags so that users can easily find your content.

Step 5:

Click on the Publish Button.

Social Bookmarking Sites List FAQ’s

What is the best Social Bookmarking Website?

There are hundreds of social bookmarking websites. For good results you can focus on these 10 websites. 1. Pinterest 2. Reddit 3. Medium 4. Pocket 5. 6.Digg 7. Delicious 8. Folkd 9. Mix 10. Slashdot 

Is social bookmarking good for SEO?

Social bookmarking is not as effective as it was a few years back. A lot of social bookmarking websites now offer nofollow links. However, marketers still use social bookmarking websites for exposure and traffic. 

Are all Social Bookmarking Sites Dofollow?

No, all social bookmarking sites are not dofollow. For a good backlink profile you should create a mix of dofollow and nofollow links. If you only need dofollow links you can choose social bookmarking websites that offers dofollow links. 

List of Social Bookmarking Sites


Create More Backlinks:


To gain better ranking, traffic and enhance your online presence you can use free do-follow social bookmarking sites. I will recommend you to use a mix of do-follow and no-follow sites to keep your backlink profile natural.

Rather than creating a lot of social bookmarking links you should focus on quality links. 

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