Kadence Blocks Review – Is It Good For You?

This Kadence blocks review includes all Kadence blocks; the ones that come with the free and Kadence blocks pro version.

Designing WordPress websites is an art. But is it easy?

Not at all. Reason being, the usual WordPress block editor is very limiting for making designs.

Therefore, we have lots of page builders that come to our rescue. But, with Google’s Core Web Vitals out now, it gets difficult to pass speed tests when your website has lots of data built with page builders.

The recent solution to this problem is installing block-based plugins in WordPress.

What is Kadence Blocks?

Kadence Blocks is a WordPress plugin that acts like an extension over the default Gutenberg editor.

It follows a freemium model. Meaning, there is a free and pro version.

You can download the free version of Kadence blocks from the WordPress repository. It comes with a limited number of blocks, but is enough for a newbie.

On the other hand, Kadence Blocks Pro is a powerful toolkit that comes with all Kadence blocks from the free version, pro addons, dynamic content feature, custom icons, custom fonts, and Kadence premium design library.

You can buy Kadence blocks pro separately or via Kadence bundles.

The Kadence Essential Bundle, Kadence Full Bundle, and Kadence Lifetime Bundle include Kadence Blocks pro

Have a look at Kadence theme review, to learn more about the theme and bundles.

With the editing capabilities offered by Kadence blocks, you will be able to create a fully customized WordPress website.

Kadence Blocks Review – Installation, Reviews & Ratings

Kadence Blocks was getting developed and tested in its beta phase, and was first released on 16th of April 2021 with version 1.10.9.

Since its release, there have been over 400,000 active installs of the free version.

Whereas, Kadence Blocks Pro was first released on 6th of April 2021 with version 1.4.29.

So far there have been multiple fixes and additions to the free and pro plugin.

PluginKadence Blocks
Official NameGutenberg Blocks with AI by Kadence WP – Page Builder Features
Current VersionVersion 3.2.35 (at the time of writing)
Last UpdatedApril 22nd 2024 (at the time of writing)
Active Installations400,000+
Reviews166 Reviews | 150 Five star reviews
Official LinkKadence Official Website

The best part I see here is that there are enough downloads for you to try the plugin. Plus, the developers make a point to keep updating the plugin very often.

Why Use Kadence Blocks, Isn’t Gutenberg Blocks Enough?

There is no doubt that Gutenberg is rapidly getting developed and there are new features and blocks released every now and then.

Gutenberg offers an enjoyable editing experience compared to its predecessor – TinyMCE. But, there are lots of designing limitations.

First of all, the mostly used 2-column layout itself isn’t so captivating on certain mobile devices. There aren’t any blocks where I can showcase featured items in rows or columns.

Likewise, there are multiple requirements in page hero area, landing pages, widgets, footers, etc. that need something more than just basic Gutenberg.

Here is where Kadence Blocks comes into picture.

Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks is like a swiss-army knife for website owners.

Kadence Blocks comes with lots of Gutenberg block elements that have been missing from the default Gutenberg editor. It gives you the power to design anything and anywhere on your website.

Moreover, Kadence Blocks Pro comes with more features and block elements than its free version.

You can create multiple rows, columns, accordions, backgrounds, overlays, animations, icons, table of contents, sliders and background sliders, forms, video pop ups, etc.

Kadence Blocks Free

Each and every Kadence block is created keeping performance, usability, and extended functionality that helps you creating different sections on your web page.

Similar to the feature section you see below.

Kadence Blocks Free – Features

Intelligent Load

This feature allows Kadence Blocks to only load CSS and Javascripts when required and only for those blocks are used on the webpage.

Responsive Controls

Tweak designs for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. All Kadence blocks are mobile responsive.

Layout Controls

Kadence Blocks allows you to build any type of layout and control its size via Row/Layout block.

Typography Controls

You get to choose from 900+ Google Fonts with advanced typography control options to design your site the way you want it to look.

1500+ SVG Icons

Choose from fast-loading 1500+ icons and customize their size, color, and stroke width.

Color & Background Controls

Customize backgrounds, gradients, overlays, blends, borders, and even parallax to give next-level design looks to your site.

Configurable Defaults

Create default settings and save as reusable blocks. All your previous settings are applied automatically.

Setting Visibility Controls

Choose to show/hide certain block settings for specific user roles. Keeping unwanted users away from website designing.

Spacing Controls

Kadence Blocks allows you to control margins, padding, borders, border radius in which ever units needed.

Free Kadence Blocks

All the blocks shown in the table follow the features mentioned above.

Kadence Blocks Pro

Many professional features are only available with the premium version of the plugin.


Now, let us look at all the features that come with Kadence Blocks Pro.

Animate on Scroll

With Kadence Blocks Pro you get to create beautiful on-scroll animations to keep your content engaging.

Custom Icons

Upload you own set of custom icons to keep a balance between all the icons throughout your website.

kadence blocks pro - dynamic content

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content is an essential feature that helps in pulling custom fields within your blocks, saving you lots of designing time.

Custom Fonts

Easily upload your own font or utilize an Adobe font to create a balance between fonts and design on your site.

custom fonts feature
kadence blocks pro premium design library

Premium Design Library

This is the best feature of Kadence Blocks Pro- premium design library. It helps you save lots of designing time, since you have access to all dsign licrary items and starter sites.

Page Specific Scripts

Allows you to add custom tracking code (script) to a single page or single post, from within the editor tools

Pro Version of Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks Free vs Pro Overview

The below table shows all the blocks available with the free version and premium version of Kadence blocks.

General Info | Type of BlockKadence Blocks FreeKadence Blocks Pro
Number of blocks1527
Available onWordPressKadenceWP
Table of Contents
Advanced Gallery
Advanced Buttons
Icon List
Advanced Text
Image Overlay
Video Popup
Post Grid/Careousel
Portfolio Grid/Carousel
Product Carousel
Split Content
Advanced Slider
User Info
Pro Gallery Addons
Pro Countdown Addons
Pro Form Addons

Kadence blocks free version itself is quite powerful, but if you want access to features like dynamic data, modals, content sliders, then you need to get the pro version.

KadenceWP has injected some new features recently like;

  • Lottie Block
  • Support for Meta Box
  • Google Maps with API option

Why You Should Use Kadence Blocks?

Kadence Blocks will simplify your experience in creating websites. Let us look at all the possible reasons of downloading this amazing plugin.

Saves Time

You time is precious and you a block-based Gutenberg plugin can take your web designing experience to the next level in very less time.

This brings us to our next point.

Building Websites For Clients

If you are building websites for clients, it is best to have the right type of tools that gets the job done in no time. So, you can focus on whats more important, getting new and better clients that help keep your business going smoothly.

Handing finished jobs back to clients before time is going to always be the number one point in clients coming back to you.

Lock & Key Access

There are times in website building for clients when your customer wants to make certain changes and really spoils tthe entire look and feel of the web pages. Kadence Blocks offers a lock and key system to lock all your designs intact.

Better Customization Options

It is better to make a unique site that stands out in the crowd. For that, Kandence blocks and Kadence blocks pro is the perfect tool set.

No WordPress Knowledge

Everyone does not need to know everything about WordPress, but still be able to make great sites. Almost all themes lack in high-level wordpress designing. That is when WordPress expertise comes into picture.

But, what if I don’t know the coding part of WordPress.

I use a block-based plugin, and Kadence blocks pro is the solution.

More Than 400,000+ Active Installs

I would be mad to think so many people are wrong to download Kadence blocks.

It is by far one of the best block-based plugin like Stackable and GenerateBlocks, with features and block elements that help you take your website to the next level.

Kadence Blocks – Pricing

KadenceWP offers the premium version of Kadence Blocks for $89 per year.

Or else, you can also go for Kadence Bundles.

You have the option to choose from two bundles and a lifetime full bundle.

Kadence Essential Bundle

The Kadence Essential Bundle comes with the following.

  1. Kadence Theme Pro
  2. Kadence Blocks Pro
  3. Custom Fonts
  4. Pro Starter Templates

The Kadence Essential Bundle will cost you $149 per year.

Kadence Full Bundle

The Kadence Full Bundle comes with the following.

  1. Kadence Theme Pro
  2. Kadence Blocks Pro
  3. Custom Fonts
  4. Pro Starter Templates
  5. Kadence Cloud
  6. Kadence Conversions
  7. Child Theme Build
  8. Kadence WooCommerce Shop Kit
  9. Kadence Recaptcha
  10. Access to all future plugins

The Kadence Full Bundle will cost you $219 per year.

The Kadence Lifetime Full bundle gives you everything at a one time payment of $799.

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FAQs – Kadence Blocks Review

What are Kadence Blocks?

Kadence Blocks is a WordPress plugin that contains lots of Gutenberg block elements. It is a block-based plugin with block elements that you don’t regularly find under Gutenberg. In this Kadence blocks review I have shown all the blocks with a short description of what they do.

How do I install Kadence Blocks?

From your WordPress dashboard go to Plugins, click on New Plugins, type Kadence Blocks, Install and Activate the plugin.

How to use Kadence Blocks?

After installing Kadence blocks, press the + icon while editing a WordPress page or post, click on browse all, and look for your desired Kadence block element.

Are Kadence Blocks better than Generate Blocks?

Generate Blocks comes with 6 main block elements. They made their plugin in a way that lets users create and design anything they want. On the other hand, Kadence blocks offers you ready to use 15 blocks and the pro version gives 12 more blocks for you to create stunning websites.

How do you customize Kadence theme?

Customizing a theme can really be a daunting task. Thanks to plugins like Kadence Blocks and Stackable. They offer you so many block elements that creating anything on your website is just child’s play. When you have Kadence theme and work with Kadence blocks, you can create amazing results.

Is Kadence Pro worth it?

The Kadence Pro theme bundle comes with Kadence Blocks Pro. So, for the price of one theme, you get a premium theme and premium version of a block-based plugin. Hence, it is worth it.

Conclusion – Kadence Blocks Review

Creating WordPress websites is a common thing in website building. Since, WordPress is easy to set up.

But, what about getting your website to stand out of the crowd?

Website building is a tedious job. Especially, if you are consecutively building more than 5 to 10 sites each month for your clients. That is when you need a tool which can ease your burden, but still get the results that you desire.

Kadence Blocks pro with 25+ block elements can help you finish your task faster, let you save your designs for future use, and aids in finishing your gigs before time.

I hope this Kadence blocks review has given you enough knowledge about all the features and block elements that you get with the free and premium version of this plugin.

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