GeneratePress vs Genesis – Who Do You Think Will Win?

Are you looking for the best WordPress theme for your website and have stumbled upon GeneratePress or Genesis? If so, then let’s end this game today. I have compared GeneratePress vs Genesis to help you decide which one you should go for building a fast, secure, SEO-friendly, mobile-responsive, and a beautiful website.

GeneratePress vs Genesis theme review

Let me ask you a question…

What makes any website owner buy a theme?

There are many more advantages of buying a premium theme for your website, but i’ll keep it short and simple…

  • A theme can drastically increase the page load speed, if it’s coded properly.
  • You get a uniform color scheme to represent your brand to a whole lot of audiences.
  • Complex customization becomes a piece of cake even if you don’t know coding.
  • Themes can save you hell lot of time by automatically creating a beautiful mobile version of your website.
  • They add a BIG PLUS point to the overall SEO of your website, giving you an extra edge in the SERPs.

I encourage you to have a look at one such theme mentioned in my GeneratePress Review article. This theme actually offers you much more than all the points written above.

Both, GeneratePress and Genesis are two very popular themes in the WordPress space that are commonly known for their speed, usability and SEO.

For a quick overview between both these themes, I have tabulated generic information for your convenience.

GeneratePress vs Genesis – A Quick Overview

Free VersionYesNo
Pricing$49.95$59.95 for Parent Theme and
$40~$70 for any 1 Child Theme
Lifetime ValidityNo (Validity for 1 year only)Yes
Renewal Discount40%N/A
User FriendlinessYesYes
Coding Skills NeededNoYes
SEO FriendlyYesYes
Mobile ResponsiveYesYes
Unlimited WebsitesYesYes
Unlimited AccessYes (Everything included,
even the 60+Starter Themes)
You can Access only what you’ve bought
Check Them OutExplore GeneratePressExplore Genesis

*The Performance of a website depends upon the hosting, using less no. of plugins, minifying JavaScript & CSS, and much more. Genesis is actually good for developers. As, you will need to download multiple plugins in case you do not coding. Since, the theme lacks some customization options. That will bring down the performance of a website.

For clear understanding, I have added the Pros and Cons before we actually get started with the details.

GeneratePress Pros and Cons


  • Very lightweight code
  • Lesser updates, but very stable
  • Create beautiful websites without page builders and coding knowledge
  • There isn’t any need for a child theme
  • Complete access to Site Library
  • Extensive documentation & support available
  • Comes with 1 single plan that offers all the features


  • No lifetime plan available

Genesis Pros and Cons


  • Has lifetime validity for both Genesis Framework and Child Theme.
  • Decent Performance
  • Has multiple advanced layout options
  • It is a theme highly recommended for Developers
  • Extensive homepage customization options by controlling multiple widgets
  • Demo site codes available and ready-to-use right after purchase


  • Need to buy the Genesis Framework (Parent Theme) and a Child Theme separately.
  • Each Child Theme is unique and made for a specific niche. Therefore it should be bought separately.
  • Customization options are very less, unless you know coding.
  • Need to install different plugins if you are from a non-coding background.

GeneratePress vs Genesis – Let’s See Who Wins?

GeneratePress is Best Known For

It is a freemium theme which has been coded keeping a minimalistic approach in mind. GeneratePress is best known for Site Performance and Customization. It is compatible with all the major page builders and supports hassle-free integrations of all well-known WordPress plugins.

generatepress downloads and happy customers

The theme can be freely downloaded from WordPress, while the premium version is simply a plugin. You get all the basic features like limited options with the Customizer, Top Bar & Footer Widgets, Mobile Responsiveness, SEO-friendliness, etc. You do not need to know any coding for using the GeneratePress theme.

The free version of GeneratePress is good for starters, but lacks a multitude of options that you get from the GeneratePress premium version.

I encourage you to learn more about both the versions from GeneratePress free vs premium.

Genesis is Best Known For

Genesis is a framework. Thus, it is commonly called as the Genesis Framework. It can be only downloaded from the StudioPress website. Unlike GeneratePress, Genesis Framework is not a freemium theme, and you will have to pay for it. But, the validity is for lifetime.

genesis downloads and happy customers

The framework acts like a Parent Theme. Unless you are very good at website development, you will need to still buy a Child Theme corresponding to the niche you are into.

Meaning, if you are really good at HTML, CSS, and JavaScript then you won’t need to buy a Child Theme, and can easily create your own fully functional website on the Genesis Framework.

The Genesis Framework is lean, SEO-friendly, and easily integrates with 3rd party plugins.

Winner: GeneratePress (You get a multitude of options)

Unique Features of GeneratePress

It is important to note a product’s unique features. These are the ones every user wants to know before buying.

  • It has got lots of Hooks & Filters by which you can include your custom code anywhere in the theme.
  • GeneratePress is stable, clean, and has got an optimized code which is very compatible with major Page Builders.
  • But if you do not want to buy a premium page builder, you can still create beautiful website layouts by the help of the Sections feature.
  • The Elements module help in adding custom headers and layouts.
  • If you want awesome features like Sticky Navigation, Slideout Navigation, Mobile Header, then just activate the Menu Plus module available in the GeneratePress premium version.
  • For further customization like creating Mega Menus, performing sec-nav allignments, creating different buttons, etc. Just activate the Secondary Navigation module.

This theme is made keeping simplicity and usability in mind. Therefore, only the right amount of features have been included that help you in creating beautiful websites in the matter of minutes.

Unique Features of Genesis

  • Genesis is very well-coded and well-supported.
  • Updating Genesis will never ever break your site. As the customization and changes you’ve made are sitting on the child theme files.
  • The payment you make is for lifetime. Whether you buy a child theme or not, once you pay for the Genesis Framework, its valid for lifetime.
  • Genesis has got many Dedicated Plugins which are also supported unto an extent.
  • If you are developer, Genesis has a Developer Pro Pack that offers 60+ Child Themes for approx $400
  • Every Genesis purchase includes a Developer License. Meaning, the product you’ve purchased can be used over and over again.

The theme is different from GeneratePress. It is worth it if you are a developer or running a website dev business.

Winner: GeneratePress (From common user’s perspective)

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GeneratePress Site Performance

A fresh install of GeneratePress is not more than 10kb. Unlike Genesis, it is not made on the principle of parent and child theme. Although you can create child themes, but the need has been taken off, by bringing in the Hooks feature.

The theme (premium version) includes almost everything. Therefore, you need not worry about speed and issues involved in installing other plugins for carrying out various customization tasks. This gives an edge over Genesis

Genesis Site Performance

The Genesis Framework is built keeping speed in mind. Hence it is made super lean.

If you are from a non-coding background, you will obviously rely on child themes. Moreover, these child themes also lack certain customization options.

For such options you might need to download additional plugins. Although Genesis has dedicated plugins that get support from the StudioPress community. While some plugins are available free of cost, but others will cost you.

Plugins like the following will improve customization and give your site a beautiful look…

  • Genesis Dynamik Website Builder
  • Genesis Simple Edits
  • Genesis Custom Footers
  • Genesis Design Palette Pro
  • Genesis Responsive Menu

This has a DOWN SIDE. Installing more plugins will hamper the overall speed of the website and that deteriorates Site Performance.

On the contrary, if you are good at coding or have a dedicated website developer. Then there shouldn’t be any problem with respect to your website’s Page Loading Speed.

Winner: GeneratePress

GeneratePress Customization

GeneratePress uses a modular approach. It has almost all the modules which are required to create a fully functional beautiful website.

You can activate/deactivate the modules as required. A million thanks for developing this type of theme. Reason being, this approach always helps in loading the site much faster. For example, I have deactivated Backgrounds, Disable Elements, Secondary Nav, Sections, and WooCommerce.

generatepress modules can be activated/deactivated

In GeneratePress you can customize the following in much more detail, compared to Genesis;

  • Layout
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Background Images
  • Widgets

For performing such detailed level of customization in Genesis, you will either need to download additional plugins or be very good at coding.

generatepress color customization

I have added a screenshot of Color Customization available with GeneratePress. Likewise, you get to perform detailed customization of Layout, Typography, Background Images, and even Widgets.

Genesis Customization

On the other hand, Genesis lacks this greater level of customization. Users are much dependent on writing codes and adding it to the Additional CSS area.

Perhaps, you can create stunningly beautiful websites in Genesis by using additional dedicated plugins. There is a limitation to this as well. Since, few plugins are available for free, while the rest are paid ones.

genesis dedicated plugins for customization and simple edits

For example, the Design Palette Pro created by StudioPress is an awesome plugin (page builder), specially created for Genesis. A website created using Genesis and Design Palette Pro will be at par with a website created using Elementor and GeneratePress.

design palette pro

Unfortunately, it does not come for free. The basic plan for 1 year will itself cost you $49 for a single license. It’s the price you will need to pay if you do not know how to code or don’t want to hire a website developer.

Overall, you will need to install Dedicated or 3rd Party plugins in Genesis for performing customization. But, GeneratePress let’s you perform almost all types of customizations without the use of plugins or any page builders.

Winner: GeneratePress (As the theme comes with lots of in-built customizing options)

GeneratePress vs Genesis Popularity

After comparing both these themes on Google Trends I saw some very unusual results.

Following is the screenshot of GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework, worldwide comparison of last 5 years, as of 16th October 2020.

generatepress vs genesis google trends popularity compared

You can see that Genesis was at its peak 5 years ago. But slowly, due to the advent of modular approach themes like GeneratePress and Astra, it has lost a lot of popularity.

GeneratePress was first created and released somewhere about 6 years ago and that is what we are seeing here – the rise of its popularity ever since. There can mainly be two reasons for this;

  • If you are not going to develop your own theme, then you need to buy a Child Theme after buying the Parent Theme of Genesis (Genesis Framework). This becomes an expensive purchase.
  • In Modular Style Themes you can deactivate the features which you no longer need. That drastically increases the Performance of the site. Genesis does not offer this capability.

Winner: GeneratePress

GeneratePress User Friendliness

Both GeneratePress and Genesis are user-friendly WordPress themes. But, GeneratePress gets a step ahead and provides all its features in the basis of Modules that can be enabled/disabled as per your requirement. Hence, you can see the rise in their popularity and usage among all types of website owners.

generatepress user friendliness- theme options in one line

When you talk about Theme Customization, all the features are neatly arranged in one single line.

generatepress elements section under appearance

Right after you install these themes you can easily find all the features available under the Appearance section on your WordPress dashboard. While all the modules can easily be enabled or disabled depending on your requirement.

Genesis User Friendliness

Genesis is very intuitive to understand. All features corresponding to the Genesis Framework are arranged in one page. You will see the options once you click on Appearance section of your WordPress dashboard. If you want to change/alter certain things in the theme, you will have to go to the Theme Settings.

genesis user friendliness

Although its Raw version does not offer many features, but you can install Dedicated/3rd Party Plugins.

Winner: Tie (Although, GeneratePress is quick in responsding, but generally speaking both the themes have a very good support system)

GeneratePress Support & Documentation

GeneratePress has a good knowledge base and documentation. Although with GeneratePress 3.0, their documentation has grown and become a vast library.

generatepress documentation

When it comes to support, there is no theme in the market that stands a chance against GeneratePress. Be it any time of the day, or day of the week, you can expect to get your queries resolved in a matter of few hours.

generatepress support screenshot

I would say that GeneratePress developers have the best speed in replying to queries and resolving customer’s issues.

Genesis Support & Documentation

Genesis is managed by StudioPress. They provide documentation for each and every child theme that helps you in getting started. You can literally copy the codes given in the Setup Instructions which can be found next to the Theme, under your StudioPress account.

By using these codes you can make your website very similar to the one you see while purchasing your Child Theme.

The Genesis Framework, all Child Themes, and Plugins created by StudioPress get full support on installation, usage, configuration, and other bug fixes.

studiopress genesis support

StudioPress offers basic troubleshooting and best practices advice for customizations made on Child Themes and 3rd Party Plugins (Non-StudioPress Plugins).

Winner: Tie (Although, GeneratePress is quick in responding to user’s issues. But, generally speaking both the themes have a good support system)

GeneratePress vs Genesis Pricing

This is the most important factor that needs to be compared between any two products. Generally speaking, most of the users use this parameter before actually making a buying decision.

The GeneratePress premium theme will cost you $49.95 for a 1 year subscription. After purchasing the theme you get access to all Premium Modules and complete Site Library.

You can utilize the theme on Unlimited Websites, get all the Updates and Support required for 1 whole year. The theme can be used on your websites, even after your subscription period ends, but you will miss out on updates and support.

It comes with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. The only drawback with GeneratePress Pricing is that you will need to pay for the theme every year. Although, there is a 40% renewal discount and that leads to…

$49.95 – 40%= $29.97

generatepress pricing

Which is worth it and provides great value for money option.

On the other hand, all products you by from StudioPress have a lifetime validity. In order to use the Genesis Theme, you will have to buy the Genesis Framework which will cost you $59.95

studiopress genesis framework (parent theme) pricing

You will also need a Child Theme, if you are not good at coding. Generally speaking, all Genesis Child Themes will cost you somewhere near $40 to $70. In the long run Genesis turns out be a cost effective option.

genesis child themes pricing

The only drawback with Genesis Pricing is that, if you need another Child Theme then you have to buy it.

Winner: GeneratePress (You get many options, and can also create any type of website without actually relying on Child Themes)

FAQs on GeneratePress vs Genesis

GeneratePress vs Genesis – which one can I use for free?

You can use GeneratePress for Free, but you can’t use Genesis for Free

Are GeneratePress and Genesis compatible with Gutenberg?

Yes, both the themes are very much compatible with Gutenberg. They can be accessed and edited via the Gutenberg Editor.

Is it necessary to Purchase the Genesis Framework?

Yes, it is required to purchase the Genesis Framework, in order to run the Genesis Child Themes. Genesis Framework is the Design, Security, and SEO core of your website.

What is a Genesis Child Theme?

StudioPress has created many Genesis Child Themes. They run on top of the Genesis Framework. Think of it like a house built on top of the foundation.

What is Genesis Pro?

Genesis Pro is a powerful WordPress Content Builder that is used to create compelling content at a much faster pace. It is an optional product and is not required to run the Genesis Framework or any other Genesis Child Themes. Although, it is priced at $360 for a 1 year subscription.

Are GeneratePress and Genesis SEO-Friendly?

Yes, both GeneratePress and Genesis are very much SEO-friendly.

Can I Manually add Schema in GeneratePress and Genesis Theme?

Yes, you can manually add schema in GeneratePress and Genesis. In GeneratePress, you will need to do that using the Hooks feature. While in Genesis, you have to do it using the Genesis Script Box.

My Verdict on GeneratePress vs Genesis

Here is my final recommendation…

When it comes to making beautiful Home Pages, Genesis gives an awesome look to your website, than GeneratePress. Although, Genesis lacks other customization options within a site, and you will need to rely on Dedicated/3rd Party Plugins.

On the other hand GeneratePress is just too good and has lots of customization options.

Use GeneratePress If

  • You want to pay for 1 theme that includes everything in it (even 60+ Pre-made Site Templates).
  • You’re that type of a person, who enjoys making websites by quickly dragging and dropping multiple elements.
  • You’d like to build fast, SEO-friendly, and beautiful websites without using any page builders.
  • Coding doesn’t seem to excite you, but you still want to create beautiful websites that give a WOW feeling.

Use Genesis If

  • You do not mind paying for both Parent Theme (The Genesis Framework) and Child Themes.
  • You are going to buy the Genesis Framework and code everything else by your own.
  • You’re into website development business and have a team for doing all the coding work.

I am much of a DIY person, so I made a call with GeneratePress. Also, I found out that at some point of time your website would need a super professional touch-up. With Genesis, you’d either know how to code well or would need to hire a professional developer from the StudioPress Community.

When it come to GeneratePress vs Genesis, the final choice should be yours. However, I hope this article must have helped you in gaining insights, so that you can take the right decision based on your needs and situation.

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