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You want more traffic on your website or blog but you don’t know how to get it. Building backlinks regularly can be the key to success for any website. For this, you always need websites that provide backlinks. Free blog submission sites can make this task easy. Websites like blogarama, vingle, medium and bloglovin give you the option to submit blogs. As we aim to get the contextual backlink, we can get it from the blog post we submit to any of these websites.

If you are in SEO and continuously build backlinks for business websites and blogs, you must be aware of the power of a contextual backlink. These high-DA blogging sites provide authority and send traffic to your website. 

There are hundreds of blog submission sites available on the internet. Going with every site available can damage your website. So we handpicked the list of free blog submission sites that can make your website rank higher in Google search results. 

What are blog Submission Sites?

Before creating backlinks using blog submission you should understand what are blog submission sites. These are blog directories or blog websites that allow users to submit blog posts. 

Some blog websites allow do-follow backlinks but many of them only provide no-follow backlinks. 

Websites like LinkedIn and Quora can bring a lot of traffic to your website. These websites need good quality content while there are some other websites that directly share your recent article on their platform. You just need to enter your website name and you are done. 

Submitting blog posts to every website available on the internet is not a good idea. You should only select websites that are niche-relevant, have good traffic and DA, and have low spam scores. 

Benefits of Blog Submission Directories

Blog submission directories or sites can boost your website’s visibility and authority and help get a better rank on Google. Let’s check out the benefits of blog submissions.

  1. Backlink Building: Most SEOs use blog submissions to get backlinks for their website. There are two ways to get backlinks using blog submission. The first one is submitting your blog homepage to blog directories. Blog directories keep records of different niche blogs for their users. So you help blog directory owners by providing details of your blog. They may also publish your recent blogs on their websites using RSS feed. For this reason, you may have to submit RSS feed. The second method is publishing blog posts on blog submission sites. For example on Medium, you can write and publish a blog post and insert a link in that blog post. 
Backlink building using blog submission sites
  1. Increased Visibility: Visibility is something every website owner wants. When you submit your blog to blog directories you get exposure to your website. Users looking for a particular niche website find your website. Google also gets confirmation about your niche and starts ranking your keywords for that niche.
  2. Higher Authority: High DA blog submission sites help gain authority. Higher authority is the most required thing to rank higher in Google. But I would recommend you gain high domain authority by gaining links and also focus on quality content and E-E-A-T.
Group of people showing authority to represent website authority with blog submission links
  1. Targeted Audience: Niche-specific blog submission sites or directories are a great way to reach the targeted audience. These blogs already have an audience who is interested in your niche and going to like what you offer.
  2. Community Building: You can also connect with other bloggers using blog submission directories. This is a great way to network with other food bloggers, travel bloggers or lifestyle bloggers, and website owners in your niche to share ideas, and guest posts and learn from each other.

Type of Blog Submission Sites or Directories

Blog Directories: These kinds of directories work like general directory websites. The only difference is that these blog directories showcase the latest news or blogs from different niche blogs/websites. They have a broad audience and cover a wide range of niches. Alltop and Blograma are some of the popular names in blog directories.

Content Platforms: These content platforms provide a space for the popular voices of the industry. These platforms work like content writing and sharing platforms and some like social media. For example on Medium experts share their thoughts and on Linkedin, professionals share their knowledge to build personal or company brands. 

Content Aggregators: These websites gather different content types from different websites and present them to their audience. They work like a giant library that organizes news, blog posts, videos, etc. from different publishers under one roof. They use RSS feeds, web scraping, and manual curation to collect data, filter them into different categories, and present them to their audience on their platforms, newsletters, etc. For example, Flipboard, bloglovin, and Google News work like content aggregators.

Best Blog Submission Sites [Free]


It is one of the oldest blog directories where you can submit your blog/website for free. They claimed to have more than 189000 active blog listings. Once you submit your blog to Blograma they keep updating your latest post indexing status. If you facing issue with backlink indexing check out this ping submission websites list.

The process to join Blograma is quite simple. 

  1. Go to their Homepage and click on Submit Your Blog
  2. As you are not already registered so click on Register.
  3. Register with your email ID and submit your blog.
  4. Verify your blog via email and that’s it.


BlogAdda is an Indian Blogger community platform where you can connect with other Indian bloggers. They handpicked some of the best blogs and placed them on their home page. You could see the Top Brands of India Like T Series, Nivea, and India Today they claimed to have worked with.

Now let’s move on to how to Submit your Blog to BlogAdda.

  1. Open BlogAdda homepage and click on SignUp in the Top Bar.
  2. Enter your blog’s full URL and Click on the Next button.
  3. Register with your email address, verify and you are done.

Entire Web

Entire Web is a search engine that has been working since 1999. It helps businesses and websites to increase their online visibility. You can submit your website on Entireweb for free. 

You can submit your website, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and other social media channels to the EntireWeb. It will help improve your online presence and reach new potential customers.

Check out how to submit your website to Entire Web.

  1. Go to this link and click on Submit Website under the Regular Webpage 
Entireweb blog and directory submission options
  1. Enter your webpage address and contact email. 
  2. Click on Click here to Submit button to submit your website.

On Top List

On Top List is a Business and Blog Directory on which you can submit your blog or business website. Their business directory is US-centered and helps users in find companies, products, and services in the USA. They will publish your blog feed daily for their users.

The process to submit a website or blog is quite simple.

  1. Go to their homepage and click on the Submit Site button at the top right corner.
  2. Enter your website details and choose the appropriate category.
  3. Once submitted a real person will review your site and publish it in their directory.

Blog Ville

Blog Ville is a keyword-based blog directory where users can find your blog based on keywords. It is a blog-only directory and you can’t submit a business website on this website if you do not publish blogs. After blog submission, they will evaluate your blog and will check if your content is appropriate for most users.

How to submit a blog to Blog Ville:

  1. Open the blog homepage and Click on Submit your Blog button.
  2. Enter your blog Title, description, URL, and tags. Tags are keywords to find your blog. So choose your tags wisely.

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Blog Submission Sites Still Work for SEO in 2024?

Yes, it will work for SEO in 2024. If you have good quality content on your blog or website and fulfill the user’s intent blog submission is going to help a lot. Do not submit your website or blog to every blog directory and only choose the best ones.

What are the best Blog Submission Sites?

Blograma, BlogAdda, Entire Web, On Top List, and Blog Ville are some of the best blog submission sites.

What’s Next

If you are new to off-page SEO you may be worried about your website’s authority and traffic. And you may also be worried about whether this kind of blog submission site may affect you negatively. 

So what to do? 

The answer is you should only choose the best blog submission sites. Here in this article, I listed a few. But how to choose the best? Simply look for High DA, Low Spam, and Moderate Traffic websites and drip feed your website.

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