How To Add Facebook Pixel In Blocksy Theme?

In this post I will show you how to add Facebook Pixel in Blocksy Theme. It is important to learn this if you interested in tracking all of your Facebook marketing activities.

First of all, I would like to say what is Facebook Pixel.

Facebook Pixel is a small snippet of code that allows you to keep track on how many visitors visit your website via Facebook.

It is important to track and analyze this data if you are using Facebook for lead generation, visitor interactions, or even website conversions.

That being said, if you are running a Facebook Ad about an offer displayed on your website with a landing page connected to that FB Ad. You will need to apply Facebook Pixel to your website or that very page, in order to analyze how many visitors clicked on the Ad and reached that particular page, on your site.

To summarize, Facebook Pixel is like a bridge between your Facebook marketing campaigns and your website.

Add Facebook Pixel In Blocksy Theme

For this, you will need Blocksy Pro and your Facebook Pixel.

Check my latest article explaining what you miss out if you choose Blocksy free instead of Pro.

The Blocksy free version does not come with code snippets. Although, you can install a third party plugin. But, Blocksy Pro even allows for running code snippets on single page or blog post.

This is a much better way than enabling Facebook pixel on the entire Blocksy website. In this way, you do not compromise the entire website’s performance.

Let us start the procedure of enabling Facebook pixel in Blocksy.

Activate Blocksy Custom Code Snippet Extension

To activate Blocksy Custom Code Extension, you should have first installed the Blocksy Companion Pro plugin.

For learning more, have a look at Custom Code Extension section under Blocksy theme review.

This is the premium plugin that turns Blocksy free theme into powerful Blocksy Pro.

This plugin is only available at Creative Themes, and will be showcased under My Account, once you have purchased your premium subscription.

opening blocksy dasboard
Reaching Blocksy Dashboard

Alright, after you have installed the Blocksy Companion Pro plugin, click on Blocksy in your WordPress Dashboard.

That will take you to the Blocksy Dashboard.

From there, click on the Extensions tab, followed by Pro Extensions.

blocksy custom code snippets
Blocksy Pro Extensions – Custom Code Snippets

Click on activate. In the image, I have already activated it on my website.

Once you complete doing that. The Custom Code Snippets will now will be visible in the Blocksy Theme Customizer.

Add Facebook Pixel To Blocksy Theme

This activity adds Facebook Pixel to the entire Blocksy website.

After activating the Blocksy Custom Code Snippet, it is time you put your Facebook Pixel in the right code snippet location.

For that, go to your theme’s customizer settings and click on Custom Code Snippets under Extensions.

Note:- You do not get this option, if you hadn’t activated Blocksy Custom Code Extension.

The custom code snippets in Blocksy offers three areas for placing code. According to Facebook, it is best if you apply this code snippet in the Header Scripts area.

add facebook pixel in blocksy theme
Blocksy Custom Code Snippets

After copying the Facebook Pixel into the Header Scripts area, hit publish and clear the cache of your browser to see the pixel actively working on your website.

Add Facebook Pixel To Blocksy Page or Post

For adding the Facebook Pixel to a single page or post, do not add the custom code snippet in the Blocksy Theme Customizer.

Instead, add it to a single page or post.

Of course, you will need to go to a Blocksy Single Post or Page, as shown in the image below. On the right-hand side, enable the ‘B’ for Blocksy button to see Blocksy Single Post Settings.

facebook pixel on blocksy single post
Adding Facebook Pixel On Blocksy SIngle Post

Then, go all the way down to see Custom Code Snippets. From then on, it is the same procedure to paste Facebook Pixel Code in the Header Scripts area.

Additional Activity

It is important to download the Facebook Pixel Helper from the Google Chrome web store and apply it to your browser’s extensions.

It allows you to verify whether the Facebook Pixel you recently added is working or not.

For learning that, visit the page which has the Facebook Pixel enabled and open the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension.

You should see popups, indicating how many pixels were found on that page.

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Facebook Pixel or Fb Ads Pixel is a property of Facebook, and all its related information can be found here.

Finally, I hope you have understood how to add Facebook Pixel in Blocksy theme.

Blocksy is a very powerful and multipurpose WordPress theme. The premium version has so much to offer you, that it is worth giving a shot.

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