Divi Theme Review – Powerful and Multi Purpose Theme of 2021

Divi is a theme built by Elegant Themes. It is powerful, flexible, and a multi-purpose theme that makes it great for pretty much any purpose. In this Divi theme review we will be looking at all the features one can expect after buying this beautiful WordPress theme.

I am sure that you have already heard about this theme somewhere, but aren’t convinced with what it offers and how well would it suit your requirements?

Well, not to worry…

We are here to help you remove all your doubts about Divi. There are other popular themes for blogger, you can read more about them here generatepress vs astra comparison, generatepress vs genesis comparison and generatepress review.

Divi theme review

To start with, Elegant Themes has bundled five different products under one single purchase. They call it the Divi All-In-One Theme. This Divi All-In-One Theme comes with the following;

  • Divi Theme – A #1 WordPress Theme with a Visual Page Builder
  • Divi Page Builder – The Visual Builder, included with the Divi Theme. Also known the Divi Builder.
  • Extra Magazine Theme – A theme for Bloggers and Online Publications
  • Bloom – Popular Email Opt-in plugin for WordPress
  • Monarch – Social Media Plugin for getting more Shares and Followers

In this Divi theme review we will be taking a closer look at the Divi Theme and the Divi Page Builder.

A Quick Overview – Divi Theme

ThemeDivi – The Ultimate WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder
Version4.9.4 (Latest version, at the time of writing)
DevelopersElegant Themes
Unique FeaturesDrag & Drop through Divi Page Builder
Perform Real Time Visual Editing
Responsive Editing
Complete Design Control over entire Website
Wireframe Mode that provides better Overview of Page Structure
Create Reusable Sections to use it Throughout your Site
40+ Website Modules
Instant Inline Text Editing
1500+ Pre-Made Layout Designs
200+ Full Website Packs
Built-in Lead Generation, Split Testing, and Conversion Insights Tool
16 Fully loaded WooCommerce Modules
Save & Manage Unlimited Custom Designs
Global Defaults Editor to Manage designs of Elements & Style throughout your Site
Undo/Redo from your Editing History
Annual Price$89 – One year access to support and updates (Theme works even if you do not update)
Lifetime Price$249 – Lifetime support and updates

Divi Pros & Cons


  • The Divi theme is specially made for non technical group of online entrepreneurs.
  • Best multi-purpose theme that fits freelancers, agencies, bloggers, and people who’d like to create web stores.
  • Customize anything and everything using the Divi theme. Thanks to its 40+ website modules.
  • Divi Theme comes with a Global Website Editor that helps in creating site-wide changes, to efficiently complete all your designing tasks.
  • Divi has the ability to create powerful sales pages and landing pages that convert your visitors. Without writing a single piece of HTML/CSS/JavaScript code.
  • Divi allows you to check your designs in real time.
  • It’s got an excellent drag and drop page builder that helps in customizing almost anything on the website.
  • The pre made templates and layouts have amazing designs.
  • Comes with additional Fullwidth Modules giving you more choices of rows and columns.
  • Divi lets you create custom Header, Footer, Blog Pages, Archive Pages, and 404 Pages. Without having to rely on 3rd party plugins.
  • It is fully compatible with WooCommerce, giving you 16 dedicated Woo Modules to create Product Pages, Shop Pages, Category Pages, and Archive Pages.
  • Integrates all major email marketing software like MailChimp, Aweber, SendInBlue, etc.
  • Designs and configurations created on one Divi website can easily be exported to another Divi site, via the Import/Export tools.
  • Divi offers a history of auto saves while designing. Undo, redo and explore your revisions.
  • Divi theme comes with a Role Editor that’s helpful in setting custom roles and permissions.
  • There is extensive resource and documentation for your help.
  • Support is accessible via Messenger Chatbot and Facebook Groups. Plus, you could also enable the Remote Login feature. In case of expert level troubleshooting.
  • Elegant Themes packs 4 bonuses while purchasing the Divi theme – Divi Page builder, Bloom, Monarch, and Extra Theme.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Divi come with a theme and a page builder, giving you lots of options, and that can sometimes be quite overwhelming.
  • Once you use Divi, you won’t like to switch over to any other theme.

Divi Theme – A Brief Introduction

The Divi WordPress theme is a flagship product developed by Elegant Themes, first in the year 2013. From that time, Divi has seen quite a number of updates and is constantly getting improved in terms of visual appeal and performance.

bluehost hosting banner

As per most of the people involved in the WordPress eco-space, Divi has been seen to come into two forms. The WordPress theme and the Divi Plugin – an independent page builder in itself.

But, from October 2019, with the release of Divi version 4, Elegant Themes has added the Divi Theme Builder (page builder) into the actual theme itself. Making Divi one of the most modern and visually appealing theme. Divi Version 4 is the current major release with lots of additions, and improvements to the existing modules. That makes the product super handy and useful to almost anyone who is into websites. Be it website designing freelancers, Web and SEO agencies, or even independent website owners who’d love to create sites with very little to no effort.

What’s in the Divi Version 4?

In the previous versions of the Divi theme, customization was restricted to posts and pages. There wasn’t a Dynamic Content feature and the theme had limited number of modules.

Divi 4.0 is the new Divi Theme with the Divi Theme Builder. With this you can easily customize any part or page of your website without any knowledge of coding. Let’s say you are trying to customize the look and feel of your site’s Header & Footer. If you are not satisfied with all the available options, you can even go one step ahead by creating them yourself and saving the template for later use.

Not just save the templates and reuse it but, Divi 4.0 also gives you the power to choose which Page, Post, Category Pages, or Archive Pages you want to apply your custom templates to.

add custom templates to different pages via divi theme builder

Additionally, you can now build Custom Headers & Footers, Category Pages, Blog Post Templates, 404 Pages, and more. It also offers Dynamic Content, 46 Website Modules, and 16 distinct WooCommerce Modules. So that you never feel like not having enough modules.

Divi theme builder on WordPress dashboard

Most of the changes seen with Divi 4.0 are in the Theme Builder.

Sites Running The Dive Theme

Before we move on to this detailed Divi theme review, let me show you few popular sites running on this amazing theme.

As per the statistics shown via BuiltWith, Divi is the most popular WordPress theme in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Spain, and Italy. It has 2.9 million downloads till date and is currently running 1.8 million websites around the world.

Let us look at some examples of how a Divi site would look like;

Brave official website - built using Divi

This is another popular website offering services in the SAAS and E-Commerce verticals.

KissMetrics official website - built using Divi

Following is an example of a website that sells digital products like website templates and courses.

The Design Space official website - built using Divi

So, you can see that how Divi can be used on almost any type of website. Use the theme on blogs, eCommerce stores, portfolios, business websites, etc.

Now let us look at the unique features that Divi theme offers…

Divi Theme Features – Detailed Divi Theme Review

Before looking at all the crucial details of Divi, I would like to showcase some of the highlights that this theme offers.

The Divi Builder

From the time Elegant Themes has released the Divi Builder 3.0, it has drastically changed the way Divi users are building their websites. Dive has been built in such a unique way that offers a Visual Drag and Drop Builder right into the main theme itself.

This has created a shift paradigm in themes and builders, within the entire WordPress eco-space.

For a better understanding, you can think of Divi having the goodness of both, a Multi-Purpose Theme and a Page Builder like Elementor Pro, Beaver Builder, etc.

Note: Divi Builder is also available as a standalone plugin, if in-case you’d want to use it with any other theme.

The tools provided lets you build 100% Truly Customized Designs without the need of knowing any code. Thanks to its back-end and front-end builder that lets you visualize your entire website during the designing phase. All the changes made are Real-Time.

You’ll work in a visual interface like below, where you can see exactly how your design will look to visitors.

Divi page builder with header and sections

The builder’s interface lets you control the layout via adding multiple different modules to Rows and Columns. For example, you can see that for this page I’ve kept a Header, Two Text Modules, a Contact Form and an Image module.

Divi Theme Builder

The Divi Theme Builder utilizes Divi Builder’s interface that lets you create Custom Theme Templates which you can use throughout your Website’s Pages or Posts.

Additionally, you can also create custom templates for all your WooCommerce Product Pages as well.

With the power of the Divi Theme Builder, you get to customize your website 100%. For instance, create one custom template for your blog post and apply that design to all the posts throughout the website.

With the Divi Theme Builder you get the power to create…

  • Global Header and Footer from scratch (without any code), that can be used on the entire website.
  • Custom 404 Pages and Archive Pages
  • Custom Blog Post templates
  • Unique Product Pages for all products on the site.
  • Entire Theme Builder Packs that can be saved exported and imported to other websites (of-course, it should be running on Divi).
creating theme templates for different pages, using Divi builder

From the screenshot above, you can see that a specific design can be applied to almost any post or pages on your website.

Divi Theme Options

Divi Theme Options can be accessed within your WordPress Dashboard under Divi > Theme Options.

You can control all the important settings of your website that are categorized under General, Navigation, Layout, etc.

Divi theme options

General Settings – Set your Logo, Fix the Navigation Bar, select colors and create a Color Palette as per your brand’s (business) color. It also lets you style your blog and enable/disable Social Media icons. Additionally, if you have a business or a physical store, you also get an opportunity to include a Google API key for enabling Google Maps in Divi theme.

Navigation Settings – Here you can set everything related to your main Navigation Bar like excluding Pages and Categories from the navigation bar. It also lets you display Home Link (optional), set the no. of DropDown Tiers, hide Empty Categories, etc.

Layout Settings – These settings help you in displaying PostInfo section like Author, Date, Categories, and Comments. Additionally, you can also enable or disable comments/thumbs on your posts.

Divi Ads Settings – Divi has even taken care of Ads. It gives you an option to display a Banner Ad of 468 X 60 on the bottom of every single post. That’s good for Blog Monetization through Ads.

Divi SEO Settings – From this tab you get the enable Canonical URLs to prevent duplication of your content. Also enable/disable Meta Descriptions, Autogenerate Titles, and use Separators between Blog Name & Post Title.

Integration Settings – Helps in adding third-party code to your website like custom codes for Header and Body. Plus, you also get to add codes like Google Analytics, Google FeedBurner for email subscription, Floating Share Icons, and codes to place Advertisements on Top of your posts (prime viewing area).

Updates – Avail the latest updates to your theme and builder through this area.

Layouts and Templates

With Divi you can build a website from scratch or you could choose from a huge library of pre-made templates. These templates have world-class designs and original photos that are freely available for all Divi customers. Moreover, these designs are 100% customizable through the Divi Builder.

Divi layout packs

Presently, Divi has 193 Layout Packs categorized under Art & Design, Business, Community & Non-Profit, Education, Fashion, Lifestyle, and much more. Together all the layout packs contain a total number of 1425 Layouts. Meaning, there are multiple Layouts under a single Layout Pack that gets categorized under a certain Category. For example, if you are thinking of creating a Restaurant Website then you’d just have to select the category of Food & Drink and select from the available templates.

Divi Modules

Divi modules are the Website Elements, you can think of them as your Content Building Blocks. These Blocks are required to create a website. You can drag and drop any of these blocks between Sections, Rows and Columns within the Divi Builder.

Currently there are 46 Divi Modules in total. There are modules for Audio, Video, Blog, Call to Action, Portfolio, Maps, Pricing Tables, Image, Testimonials, and much more.

Divi modules

Every Divi Module is designed in such a way that you can add them straight-away to the content of your website. From basic text to forms, audio/video, or product listings, all without performing any coding.

Divi’s Drag & Drop Capabilities

Divi is a multipurpose theme that brings together the power of a theme and a visual page builder that is completely drag-and-drop. You can also opt for this as a standalone plugin, and it works perfectly fine with any other WordPress theme.

This page builder is not much different from the popular ones available in the market like Elementor Pro, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer. But the key difference is that the Divi Builder is built into the theme and that is what most users like about it. Being built into the theme means there is no need for purchasing a page builder. Websites that have a page builder as a separate plugin tend to take time to load compared to the ones which are built with themes having in-built page builders.

Divi drag and drop page builder

You can literally do anything and everything by using the builder’s visual drag-and-drop interface. It lets you control the features, design, style, spacing, alignment, etc. for each and every module. Plus, you can also create your own custom designs without writing any code. All thanks to the visual drag-and-drop page builder from Divi.

The Visual Builder of Divi

Divi as Builder, comes in two forms – the regular Back End Builder and the Front End Visual Builder. The main power of Divi is hidden in its Visual Builder. This is not only a drag-and-drop Page Builder, but it also allows you to build pages right in front of you. Meaning, in the Front End.

Divi visual builder front-end and back-end example

While both the interfaces will allow you to build similar types of websites. But, with the Visual Builder, experience of building a website is much different than any other regular page builder that works in the Back End. With the front end visual builder, you can add content, make specific design adjustments, or even place modules in different area of the webpage. All your changes will appear instantly, right in front of you. If you’d like to make changes to the typography of a particular content located in specific page, it can be easily highlighted and changed instantly to see the effects.

Divi’s Lead Generation & Split Testing Tool

With the help of Lead Generation and Split Testing techniques, you can easily perform simple testing in the Divi Theme. A business will do better and better if it gets a continuous flow of leads that gets converted into sales. It is an on-going process.

This on-going process requires you to keep on improving and testing your pages regularly, seeking how to get more out of your content. Divi Leads lets you create alternative versions of your pages and presents them to your visitors. It keeps a track for which versions have scored better. Plus, you also get choices to select a time period for viewing the overall statistics, like 24 hrs, 1 month, 3 months, etc.

Divi lead generation

If you can make meaningful decisions of how your web page should look? or how well a headline should resonate with the content? by just looking at the overall scores given by the Split Testing tool. Then I’d say this would drastically increase your user engagement on all your revised pages, and that could eventually generate more sales for you.

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Divi User Interface & Customization

The Divi theme review would stay incomplete if I would have not touched upon this topic. Well, Divi has one of the best Customization options that anyone would ask for. All of which that can be enabled without the need of coding.

This is everyone’s most important factor in deciding which theme to choose for building a website. The makers of Divi understand this very well and have put a strong focus on User Interface and Customization Options.

Website owners require more customization options, so that they can give their website an elegant look with the right proportion of UI/UX effects.

Divi’s User Interface is thin, rich in look, simple, and fast to work with. While working on your website, the theme also Guides you about what you need to do next. This plays an important role for beginners, who are trying to make beautiful websites. For example, if you would want to create a page in Divi, then you would first need to create a Structure for that page, followed by adding different Elements to it, via the drag-and-drop builder.

Easy Responsive Editing

what is responsive web designing

Just like all the current popular themes in the WordPress Eco-Space, Divi is also highly responsive. Websites made using the Divi theme can easily be viewed on Desktop, Smartphones and even Tablets.

You get the privilege to toggle between different views while editing your page on the go. The front-end Visual Builder stays completely functional in all the three modes, so that you can specifically apply custom settings (breakpoints) for each view.

This way website owners can easily create beautiful and responsive websites for any device.

Moreover, all Divi Pre-made Website Layouts also support responsive editing. Thus, if you do not want to build a website from scratch and need a template. You can be rest assured that the template will be completely functional on Desktop, Smartphone and Tablets.

Hover Styling Effects

You can create awesome looking websites using Divi. But if you wanted to further design each of your web pages to make your designs more appealing to your visitors, then Hover Styling is a very useful technique. Each and every design setting in Divi that supports transitions can be customized for Hover Effects.

Through Hover Styling one can easily provide micro-interaction effects to their visitors, which would make them feel that there is something clickable behind the effect. It also provides a feeling of knowing more information before actually clicking on the link/asset.

Therefore spicing up your website will really intrigue your visitors to seek for more information. Making them browse more and more through your valuable content. Eventually, it reduces the overall bounce rate of your website.

Divi Typography

Typography is an element that is highly responsible in grabbing your reader’s attention. If your fonts are pale, boring, small, or not pairing well with the website’s overall design, then your audience is likely going to read a similar content somewhere else.

Keeping that in mind, Divi has above 800 fonts with 1000’s of weights and styles that help you easily create the right type of text which is perfect for your audience. Moreover, if you’d want more, then it allows for you to add custom fonts right into the Divi Builder.

divi typography options

A builder should have multiple font weight choices, and the ability to customize the font with its weight, for each Heading Level Manually. So that all your headings are uniformly customized according to your website’s design and user interface.

recent list of used fonts in the Divi page builder

With Divi, all the 800 fonts come with Ultra Thin, Thin, Ultra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Semi Bold, Bold, and Ultra Bold Dynamic Font Weight choices to choose from. The Divi Builder also saves your recent font selection in Recent Fonts which s quickly accessible in case you are trying to build everything from scratch. This is a time and effort saving feature that comes with this theme.

Divi Shape Dividers

Another new option that comes with Divi are Shape Dividers. They give you the ability to add custom shapes and super cool effects to your web pages, giving a dynamic look to your website. With an array of 26 different shapes build stunning transition effects above and below each Section of your web pages.

Each and every shape is built using SVG, that means they can be scaled without having to worry about quality loss or drops in website loading speed. The shapes can be flipped, sized according to your need, or even combined with one another. Divi builder allows for resizing upto any height using pixel or percentage measurements. All of this can be visually seen while making changes.

Divi shape dividers examples of websites

As you can see, I have tried to group few websites together in the above image showing how beautifully you can set the shape dividers according to your personal preference.

Divi’s Transformation Control and Effects

With this super cool feature of Divi, you can move different elements, scale them from top to bottom, rotate in three different axis, or even skew the element with ease. The features that once needed powerful graphic designing programs like Corel Draw, Illustrator, or Photoshop, can now be easily achieved using Divi’s Transformation Control Effects. Saving you a lot of design time and effort.

using Divi transformation to create great SVG graphics tranformation

For achieving your desired result, Divi has introduced a Special User Interface only to perform Element Transformations called Transform. It has been placed under the Design Tab for almost every module. The best part is that all of this happens using CSS Transformations, so there is no impact on the load time for any given asset.

What are the Divi Transform Possibilities?

  • You can Scale any module up or down, letting you adjust an element’s overall size
  • The Transform Control lets you to move elements in any direction without the need to worry about other parts of your web page. As well as the Transform Origin helps you to change the position of transformed elements.
  • Rotation Controls allow you to rotate the element in three different axis for a complete range of dimensional rotation. Combine rotations to get a super cool design effect.
  • The Divi Transform User Interface also lets you to Skew an element, just in-case you needed to design something while unlocking its aspect ratio.

These designs are mostly seen on Scroll, Hover Effects, Blurb Modules, and even on images. The feature gives total design control to the user.

Divi Background Options

The Background Options in Divi have been re-organized to offer you with a new User Interface that has divided the options into four types – Background Color, Background Gradient, Background Image, and Background Video. You get total design control to choose over 100 designs and apply your them on any of the Divi’s Sections, Rows, Columns, and Modules. Moreover, the Visual Builder Interface also lets you to preview each and every background style, making your design clearer to you.

Divi backgrounds and parallax effects

Now you can also create stunning Gradient Styles and apply vibrant designs to your web pages. For each Background Image, you get to set its size, position and repetition. If you needed some Parallax Effect, Divi Background Options also come with Parallax. The image above shows a mix of all the background options (including parallax) that can be used in Divi.

Box Shadow Effects

The Box Shadow feature in Divi gives you the ability to design beautiful shadow effect design to any of Divi’s Module, Row, or Section. The new User Interface lets you to build Custom Shadow Effects using all the Box Shadow Controls or just use a Pre-Defined Preset, if that works well for you.

Each an every Module, Row, or Section can be given a particular shadow effect using controls like position, strength, blur, insets and outsets. You can add Box Shadows to Button Modules, Images for Depth, Pricing charts, etc.

Divi Text Shadow Effects

The Text Shadow options lets you to add cool text shadow effects to all your Text Elements and Divi Modules. By using the simple Visual Interface one can easily design and customize beautiful shadow effects for their Website’s Typography.

Divi text shadow effects

Just like Box Shadows, Divi’s Text Shadows are completely customizable. You can control settings like position, strength, blur and color. Nevertheless, Divi also gives 5 unique Text Shadow presets, if that works fine for you. These presets can further be customized according to your personal touch.

Advanced Animations For All Divi Modules

With Divi you can Animate any Module, Row, or Section. The new Animation System includes 7 different animation styles like Fade, Slide, Zoom, Bounce, Flip, Fold and Roll. Each style is different, giving you a unique look and feel of the element on your web page.

A Unique Animation option in Divi is the Intensity Slider. This slider helps you achieve a perfect transition in any animation, depending upon how subtle or strong intensity do you require.

Are the Divi Animations Fully Customizable?

  • Animation Direction – Allows you to set different directional queues like top, bottom, left, and right.
  • Animation Duration – All the animations are set to a duration of 1 second, by default. But, you can set the speed according to your requirements.
  • Animation Repeat – Repetition of any animation is always set to 1 (i.e. once). However, a change can be made in-case you’d wanted to draw your visitor’s attention.
  • Animation Delay – Any animation automatically starts playing as soon as you scroll to the location of the element on your web page. Delays can help you achieve an increase in time before the animation starts playing while you’ve still reached the element on your screen.
  • Animation Intensity – This setting is for getting a snappy or subtle look animation. Divi has made it simple, just slide the bar and keep your appropriate settings.
  • Animation Starting Opacity – If you ever wondered how would you reduce a fading effect on an animation, then this setting can get the job done for you. All animations fade in from a starting opacity of 0, by default. Increase the percentage to get your optimum effect.
  • Animation Speed Curve – There are 5 different speed curves, each of which gives a different look to your animation.

Custom Header & Footer in Divi

Initially, on the default Divi website template, it is advised to create a Global Header and Footer Template which applies to your entire website.

After you’ve done that, Divi allows you to create Custom Header and Footer to specific pages that you feel require a better design that could appeal to the eyes of your visitors. For example, a specific informational product’s Landing Page would need a stunning looking Header with a Sticky Navigation. Another example could be having a total site navigation on the Footer of your Blog Posts. Helping your visitor in reaching different areas of your website apart from blogging category.

In both the examples mentioned above, a Custom Header and Footer will only be applicable for specific pages. Before the release of Divi 4.0, you’d have to download third-party plugins to achieve this. But, now that is not the case, you can not only customize the Header or Footer with different Colors and Typography, but also add any of the Divi Modules to them.

Divi Custom Blog and Archive Layouts

The best part of buying the Divi theme is that you get an overall theme builder that adds value to your purchase. With a Theme Builder you can control your website more better than having only a page builder.

Theme builders help you in building custom Headers, Footers, Blog Pages, Archive Pages and much more. Just create your custom design from any pre-made layout or build it from scratch. Apply the template to your desired pages and your done.

creating custom header, footer, blog and archive pages using divi theme builder

For example, in the above image I am trying to create a custom header and footer for the Blog template. Using this template, all my blog posts will have a different header and footer compared to the other pages on the website.

Similarly, you get the opportunity to create your own templates for a variety of Archive Pages.

applying custom header and footer to specific pagesin the Divi theme builder

Looking at the variety of options to choose from, Divi has given all the power to the website owner. Create a template for any type of page – be it a Blog Page, Category Page, or any type of Archive Pages.

Wireframe View in Divi Builder

Unlike any other visual builder, Divi offers a Wireframe View for its users. This helps in easily moving, locating and modifying the web pages. All of the content on Divi is divided into Sections, Rows, and Modules. Think of it like the skeleton system containing the building blocks of your website.

Having a wireframe view mode can easily help in changing or deleting any content on your website. With the wireframe view, you can simultaneously edit the front-end of your website with respect to Desktop View, Tablet View, and Smartphone View.

wireframe view in the Divi page builder

The above image is a wireframe view of the Hero Section created on one of my website’s home page. This way I know, what all I’ve created and can make further changes if there is a need to.

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Built-in Marketing Tools in Divi

The Divi Theme not only gives you plenty of options to customize your website, but also offers you built-in marketing tools that help in optimizing traffic while creating leads (customers).

With built-in tools like Email Plugin, Split Testing, Pricing Tables, and Social Following Plugin you can analyze your content, design and the overall look and feel of your entire website. Analyze how each page performs, see which landing page converts better, figure out what works best and what doesn’t.

Bloom – Email Opt-in Plugin

When you buy the Divi Theme, you also get Bloom. It is an email opt-in plugin that helps you in growing your email list. Giving you all the tools you need that turn your visitors into customers. It is rightly said that email marketing is so powerful that it can show you 20X more engagement than any other form of content.

Bloom gives you the privilege to target or exclude specific posts or pages, while allowing you to display unique offers based on visitor’s location. Following, is an image of the bloom dashboard showing how you can set active and inactive options.

Bloom dashboard

Bloom offers you 6 opt-in forms to create and display them on unique areas of your web pages.

Bloom 6 opt-in pop-up locations

Now you see that Bloom comes with enough opt-in options that can easily turn your website visitors into followers and customers.

Use Bloom To Your Advantage

We will also take a brief look into how you can effectively use Bloom to your advantage…

Activity Use
Preferred Timed Delay – Use a fly-in to trigger your visitors who loved reading your contentAutomatic Fly-in Pop-up
End of Post – Give your readers the chance to opt-in for better content in their emailContent Opt-in
After Defined Percentage of Scrolling – Let users opt-in for unlocking the remaining part of the contentUnlock Content Opt-in
After Commenting – Create an in-line opt-in right below the user’s commentIn line Opt-in
After Purchasing – Use the opt-in method for users who have purchased your productsContent Opt-in
After Page Inactivity – The automatic pop-up will be of great use in this caseFly-in Opt-in
Bloom Opt-in options in most used cases

Bloom also connects to several email marketing softwares like MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, SendInBlue, MailPoet, etc.

Divi Pricing Tables

If your website offers a paid product or a service, then a clear and concise pricing table is one of the essential things to have.

A pricing table clearly tells your customers what will they get for the money they spend. Divi comes with a Pricing Table Module by default. The default module can accommodate four pricing columns per row. Each column in the table comes with variety of options like creating Horizontal Pricing Modules, highlight more than one pricing column, etc.

Divi price tables for sales pages or landing pages

Every design within the table is mobile responsive. One can even further design their sales page by integrating the Divi monthly/yearly pricing toggle switch that looks and works great.

Monarch – Social Sharing Plugin

Social media is an ever growing part of the internet that runs on creativity. If your content is unique and creative, it will be posted or shared on social media within minutes.

And that is what you’d want to achieve…

Monarch is a social sharing plugin that comes included (in the pack) when you purchase the Divi Theme.

Monarch gives you the ability to harness the power of social media effectively. It allows more than 20 different social sharing networks to showcase on your website, So that your visitors can easily share your content on their profiles. Which in-turn brings more engagement to your website.

Monarch compatibility with multiple social sharing networks

With 5 different sharing locations, Monarch really gives you the edge over social sharing. Creating an irresistible desire within your audience to share the same, provided you’ve created something damn good on your web pages. And since, this plugin is totally responsive, it also gives a good look on mobile devices.

All the social sharing icons in Monarch are customizable. You get 3 button shapes, 5 sidebar button hover effects, and 4 inline button hover effects. Apply any design that suits your theme perfectly fine.

Monarch 5 social sharing locations

If you really want your icons to match with the color of your theme, Monarch allows you to pick and change the Native color of any network, to your own color preference.

Moreover, Monarch gives you the ability to mention Social Network names with a total number of shares and/or follow counts.

The settings that you’ve created are easily exportable. This comes in handy when you have multiple websites but need to configure the same settings on other sites. Doing this saves a lot of time.

Divi Leads – Split Testing Tool

This tool allows website owners to create different versions of their webpages and broadcast them to their visitors. It includes testing headlines, colors, modules, columned rows, buttons, any module as such.

This happens in a round-robin style. Say if you’ve made 4 different headlines that you wanted to test. Each unique visitor (with a unique IP address) will see only one headline until the fourth headline is seen by the fourth unique visitor, then the loop resets.

Its a test that basically gives you a clear picture of what will work and what won’t. This is the most practical way of making changes on the go and tracking their outcomes, for using the best performing variation.

divi lead generation - split testing tool

To explain in brief;

You make different variations of your webpages, define the goal, view complete analysis of the test, and make an informed decision.

We all want a good performing website. But wait, what do we mean by that?

A website that brings in more visitors, has a minimum bounce rate, users keep on coming to gain more information. If it’s a website that sells a product or a service then I’d always want visitors to convert into customers and become loyal followers.

For all of the above, a practical and useful public feedback is very important. Its like half of your work is almost done.

Such tools often have a monthly or an annual subscription fee, but you get this for free in the Divi theme.

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Languages and RTL Support in Divi

Divi is a multi-lingual theme and is fully translatable into 32 different languages. In most themes you would see that only the front end elements getting translated into a different language. With Divi, you will see that the Divi Builder interface with form fields and descriptions also get translated.

Divi fully translatable into 32 languages

Including support for RTL languages, Divi can automatically switch to RTL mode. This requires you to enable the RTL language which is present on your WordPress dashboard. The instant change in language will be visible on Divi and on the front-end of your website.

Divi Marketplace – Paid & Free

The Divi marketplace is filled with tons of third party extensions, child themes, layouts, bundles, and multiple plugins that extend Divi’s features & functionalities.

Divi marketplace showcases paid and free products. Almost all paid products in the marketplace have atleast one free alternative to try and experiment on your website.

Note: Drag the slider to $0 for viewing all free products on the Divi Marketplace

Divi marketplace

This comes in very handy for new website owners who would like to develop a complete website without writing a single piece of code.

Makers of the Divi theme, Elegant Themes – ensures the quality of the code, design, and further performs rigorous testing on products before putting them up on the marketplace. Therefore, you can trust the legitimacy of these products.

Speaking about their guarantee of quality, it wouldn’t hurt you even if you buy a third-party product that extends your website’s feature. Since, the platform commits to pay the refund to customers within 30 days, if they are unsatisfied.

Moreover if you are a developer, the Divi Marketplace allows you to sell your products, giving you 70% on each sale. Provided you’ve fulfilled their eligibility criteria for selling products on the marketplace.

Support and Documentation

With the buzz going on around the WordPress eco-space for themes. I have heard a lot about Divi and its possibilities. This theme can transform your boring looking website to a vibrant, fully-functional, and SEO-ready site, without writing any code.

But, what about its documentation and support?

That’s the first thing I look into when I’m thinking of buying a new theme. Divi does offer a lifetime access, and you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a theme which lacks support and documentation for the rest of your life.

Keeping that in mind, the team at Elegant Themes have created lots of documentation and resources, which can be easily understood by a non technical user.

Divi theme and page builder documentation

Meaning, even if you are new to WordPress, web design, and stuff; you will still easily be able to understand all of Divi’s documentation.

Note: They also have an official YouTube channel – incase you need to see things practically before applying them on to your site.

The best thing I’ve liked about their resource is that, they are deep and clear. So clear that you wouldn’t need to raise a support ticket if you get stuck somewhere (in most cases).

If at all you still can’t resolve some issues, go ahead and start a chat on their chatbot. This chatbot is available on the official website of Elegant Themes. Sending a message or chatting with an expert on the chat bot is the primary mode of support they provide. They generally reply quickly and are very helpful.

Another mode of support you get is via their Facebook groups. Elegant Themes Facebook Group and the Divi Theme Users Facebook Group are the two official groups which are active with multiple posts per week.

Divi Theme Review – FAQs

Is Divi good for beginners?

Divi is a multi-purpose and user-friendly theme for creating amazing websites without writing a single piece of code. Therefore, it is good for beginners to start their website creation journey with Divi.

Is Divi a theme or a plugin?

There is a Divi theme and a Divi Page Builder. The Divi Page Builder is generally referred to as a plugin. When you purchase the Divi theme, you get the Divi page builder as a bonus. Well, you can use the Divi page builder with any professional WordPress theme without any hassles.

How much does Divi theme cost?

The entire Divi theme that includes Divi page builder, Bloom email plugin, Monarch Social sharing plugin, and Extra Magazine theme costs $89 for 1 year and $249 for lifetime access. It is worth the price. If you are going to use it atleast for 3 years, then the financial investment of lifetime access is totally worth it.

Is Divi a good theme?

Divi is an exceptional theme that not only lets you build professional websites, but also takes care of SEO and reduces lots of bloatware to load your website faster.

How do I get free Divi themes?

Divi is not a free theme. But, they do have a 30-day money back guarantee. Pay for the theme, use it and apply for a refund within the 30 days. You won’t be asked any questions before getting your money back.
That being said, you won’t be doing such a thing as the theme is amazing in every possible way.

Is the Divi builder free?

The Divi builder is actually the Divi page builder and it comes for free once you purchase the Divi theme. It is available when you purchase a 1 year or a lifetime access.

Does Divi slow down your site?

Divi reduces the number of CSS lines automatically unless you’ve added multiple user defined classes. It works like gem and is superfast.

Can I use the Divi Builder without the theme?

Yes, of-course you can use the Divi page builder without the Divi theme. Divi builder can be used with any professional WordPress theme.

Is Elementor faster than Divi?

I remember tweaking 10 pages of my website at once , and I never felt Divi was slow. Infact, both Elementor and Divi are quite fast in loading multiple modules, changing designs and applying site-wide changes.

Is Divi good for SEO?

Divi is very good for SEO. It has a dedicated SEO section in the Divi Theme Options, for you to make changes as per your strategies.

Can I use Divi theme on multiple websites?

One can use the Divi theme on unlimited websites.

Do professionals use Divi?

By the word professionals, I am taking it as website designers, people working in agencies and expert solopreneurs. Then yes, professionals do use Divi because of its speed, user-friendliness, huge library of templates, photos and layouts. All of this makes one’s work super easy.

Do I need a separate Divi license for my client?

No, you do not need a separate Divi license for your client.

Is Divi good for ecommerce?

I would say Divi is the best for e commerce, as you get 16 dedicated WooCommerce modules to create very good beautiful online web stores.

Can I install Google Analytics on Divi theme?

Divi lets you Integrate Google Analytics, Google Maps and even Google Adsense. All this can be found under Divi Theme Options on your WordPress Dashboard.

My Verdict

This has been a very long post, as Divi comes with excellent features which I can’t miss telling you.

The Divi theme and theDivi page builder are both amazing products. You can close your eyes and buy the Divi theme. Moreover, Elegant Themes are also giving 4 bonuses. This makes it another reason why you should buy the Divi theme.

According to their official website, more than 750,000 members have purchased the theme. Plus, they have also got more than 15,000 five star rating reviews on TrustPilot. Now doesn’t all of this useful data give you complete peace of mind?

I’m sure it does. Hence, I would always recommend Divi to anyone who needs a theme with a page builder and wants to create stunning websites, without coding.

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