Divi Pros And Cons – Divi Advantages Disadvantages

In this informative blog post, I will list out all the Divi Pros and Cons for you to make a perfect decision before buying the Divi theme.

There are many users who still feel confused about whether Divi is worth it or is it right to go with Divi.

Divi is a flagship product made by Elegant Themes. To be more clear, Elegant Themes have created a theme and a page builder.

Divi is the WordPress theme and Divi builder is the visual builder that helps you with all sorts of customization.

Right now, if you purchase Divi, you get

  1. Divi Theme
  2. Divi Builder
  3. Extra Theme
  4. Bloom Email Plugin
  5. Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

That’s right, all 5 products at the price of one premium multipurpose WordPress theme.

What is Divi?

Divi is a WordPress theme with a visual builder, making it a complete solution for website creators, marketers, bloggers, and even eCommerce site creators.

The reason I say this is that not everyone is good at designing or coding. Divi gives you almost 1500 total layouts and 255 complete website layouts to choose from. Plus, a visual builder to customize almost anything and everything required for a website.

Select any premade Divi layout and go ahead from there. Just change the fonts, colors and layouts as per your brand.

To get a clear picture before going ahead, if you’d like to know more about the theme, I’d suggest you to look at my Divi theme review article.

Divi is the best known for the following;

  • Comes with All-In-One package (5 products for the price of 1)
  • Highly Responsive and Multipurpose theme
  • Drag & Drop Visual Builder
  • Divi Layouts
  • Support & Updates

Of course, there are other points that add up to Divi’s strengths, but these are one of the best-known points.

For example, over 2.3 million websites run on Divi theme, they have got almost 19,000 reviews on TrustPilot, scoring 4.9 out of 5.

Divi Pros And Cons

This article is basically for understanding the flaws and benefits of using Divi. A theme has both sides to it, and it is important to know them before going further.

Let us begin understanding Divi pros and cons one by one.

Divi Pros

divi multipurpose wordpress theme

Multipurpose WordPress Theme

The image above represents that Divi is a perfect multipurpose WordPress theme. It can be used for creating service websites, business websites, and online stores.
That being said, you can also use Divi theme for creating blog sites, health and nutrition sites, restaurant sites, online education sites, and much more.

Divi Theme Options

Elegant Themes have added Divi Theme Options for easily setting your entire Divi website from one single dashboard view. You can make changes to website navigation, SEO, basic site customization, site accessibility, Ad management, theme updates, etc.

Divi Theme Builder

Create any number of custom headers, footers, body containing sidebars, buttons, blurbs, accordions, etc; using the Divi Theme Builder. Moreover, the Divi Theme Builder also allows you to apply your custom made pages or posts to specific categories. The theme builder is often used to create custom 404 pages and WooCommerce single product pages as well.

divi customization


Divi theme allows you to customize each and every part of the website. You can create custom Divi headers, footers, and sidebars. Create different types of page layouts for separate categories, change fonts, colors, add box shadows, and also apply cool animations.
The Divi builder is a bonus, offering 42 Divi modules that can be placed and customized anywhere on your Divi site.

divi global site editor

Global Website Editor

Making site-wide changes have never been so easy. With the latest updates on the Divi theme and Divi builder, you get a Global Site Editor. Make the changes once and see them reflect overall on the entire site.

drag and drop divi builder

Drag and Drop Divi Builder

The Drag and Drop Divi Builder allows for visual editing, helping website owners make design possible in no time. The Divi Builder also lets you control all layouts editing rows, columns, and modules.

divi presets

Divi Global Presets

Making site-wide changes have never been so easy. With the latest updates on the Divi theme and Divi builder, you get a Global Site Editor. Make the changes once and see them reflect overall on the entire site.

divi layout packs

Divi Layouts

After purchasing Divi, you get access to all Divi layouts and templates. Currently, there are 258 total layouts and approx 1891 premade templates covering almost all categories you can imagine.

divi fullwidth modules

Divi Fullwidth Modules

Elegant Themes brings you additional 6 Divi Fullwidth Modules for Header, Portfolio, Gallery, Image, Map, and Menu. Plus, the Blog settings under the Divi Builder also support a full-width view.

divi portability


Easily import and export entire page layouts with website elements, from one website to another, without losing any designs at all.

divi woocommerce modules

Divi WooCommerce Modules

Divi comes with 25 WooCommerce Modules within the Divi Builder all included in your single purchase. Now you can easily add, remove, or restyle all of WooCommerce elements. No need to download third party plugins and nightmares of modifying CSS to keep the right elements at the right place.

divi revision history

Revision History

In built mechanism to undo, redo and explore the changes that you have made, if you accidentally deleted something while creating in Divi. The possibility to restore Divi page is great. You don’t need to worry about unsaved work anymore.

divi wireframe

Divi Wireframe View

Divi WordPress theme comes with a brilliant Wireframe view that easily lets create block-based pages and posts, switching back and forth between desktop and wireframe view. Gives you an added advantage over time.

divi role editor

Divi Role Editor

The Divi Role Editor allows webmasters to enable or disable permission settings depending on the role of a user. It gives complete control of what each and every WordPress User Role can and cannot perform. It is often used by web designing agencies when handing off websites to their clients.

Divi Support & Documentation

Elegant Themes offers 24/7 chat support, and you can even raise a support ticket if the problem is deeper. Plus the Divi community is very helpful when it comes to supporting forums. There are lots of tutorials and articles on the official Elegant Themes website, giving users information on Divi theme, Divi Builder, Extra theme, Bloom, and Monarch plugins.


Overload Customization – With lots and lots of customization, most users feel overwhelmed. For example, it would be difficult for a newbie to make 10 to 15 revision changes by just changing a different call-to-action enabled blurbs on the homepage.

Once you’ve got accustomed to using Divi theme and Divi Builder, switching to another theme gets difficult. Since, the ease of creating pages, posts, and website elements is so easy with this theme.

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What is Divi theme?

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes developed by Elegant Themes. It is well known for its powerful builder and features like Divi theme options. You can create professional websites, blogs, e-commerce stores using the Divi theme.

Is Divi easy to use?

Divi is an easy theme to use. However, the learning curve of Divi is a little longer than other WordPress themes. But, overall using most of its features is quite easy to use.

Is Divi good for SEO?

Divi is an SEO-friendly theme, you get to add title, meta tags, headings, FAQs, how-to, etc. It also supports review based posts and articles.

Is Divi a responsive theme?

Yes, Divi supports mobile responsiveness. The breakpoints for desktop, tablet, and mobile are already set in the Divi theme.

Can I get Divi for free?

Unlike, other WordPress themes, Divi is not available for free. But you do get a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Is Divi well supported?

Yes, Divi is very well supported, with a large community of users. Plus, premium users get regular updates as well.

Conclusion – Divi Pros And Cons

Just like any other WordPress theme, using Divi also has multiple benefits and flaws. Therefore, creating this post was essential, I hope this article was useful in giving you a ‘top of the layer’ insight about Divi theme.

However, Divi has been one of the favorite WordPress themes of several marketers, designers, business owners, and even web store owners. Since, you get so much value, after purchasing this theme.

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