Cheapest WordPress Hosting India: Top 5 Hosts (2024)

Building a website in India? Great hosting is crucial for success. Hosting is the key to a fast-loading website, no matter how lightweight your theme (like Astra or Blocksy) or how good your caching plugin (like WP Rocket) is. Without good hosting, your website will still be slow.

That’s why you need to choose not only affordable WordPress hosting but also a provider with a strong track record of fast loading speeds and top-notch security.

What are the cheapest WordPress hosting options in India?

Luckily, I’ve found the 5 Cheapest WordPress Hosting providers for India that offer everything a typical Indian user needs. Some even have servers located in India! Why settle for a server in the US when your audience is right here?

Check out this short summary and choose the best WordPress hosting in India for your needs.

5 Cheap WordPress Hosting India (Summary)

Cheapest WordPress Hosting India

Let us look at what are the cheapest WordPress hostings in India.

Note: NG stands for not given. All data given here is only for the first basic plan.

Cheapest WordPress Hosting in India


Hostinger cheapest wordpress hosting india
  • Starting From: Rs. 69/per month
  • Handle Traffic: 10,000 to 100,000 visitors per month
  • Free Domain: For Premium & Business Plans
  • Backups: Weekly
  • Server in India: Yes
  • Uptime: 99.9%
  • Storage: 50GB SSD (for Single Plan)
  • Free Email Accounts

Hostinger is one of the most affordable and fastest solutions for all your hosting needs. It is my favorite hosting as they have the latest technology and that is the LiteSpeed server.

They also offer a free domain name for one year which save around 6 to 10$ which is approximately 500 to 800 rupees. This free domain is not available with the “Single plan” but available for all other plans.

They have servers in India that can cater to your audience in India with more speed.

Their cheapest plan starts at Rs. 69/month and can handle around 10,000 visitors in a month. They offer 50GB SSD storage to 200GB storage depending on different plans. Free domain is not available for this plan but only for Premium and Business plans.

Hosting india pricing

Check All Plans

You will only get the cheapest hosting with Hostinger if you buy it for more than one year. This applies to almost every hosting in this list so don’t worry about it.


  • Starting From: Rs. 200 per month
  • Handle Traffic: Data not given
  • Free Domain: Yes
  • Backups: Daily
  • Server in India: No
  • Uptime: 100% (Claimed, not tested)
dreamhost hosting

Dreamhost is another cheapest hosting with a 97-day money-back guarantee, which is truly unbeatable as no one offers this much time for a refund.

Another good thing about Dreamhost is its clear pricing. They do not have much difference in pricing even if you buy for 1 year or 3 years. Along with that, they are offering a free domain even with their Shared Starter plan which starts at $2.59/month i.e., around Rs. 200/month.

Dreamhost hosting plans pricing detail

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So you are getting a free domain with their starting plan and saving around Rs. 800 for one year. With Stater Plan, you will get 50GB SSD storage but in their unlimited plan, they offer everything unlimited.


Hostgator Hosting
  • Starting From: Rs. 79/month (US Server), Rs. 149/month (Indian Server)
  • Handle Traffic: Not Given  
  • Free Domain: Yes (for higher plans)
  • Backups: No
  • Server in India: Yes
  • Uptime: 99.9%

HostGator was the very first hosting I tried. Time has changed a lot but still, HostGator can be your choice if the price is the only concern.

With two servers in India in Mumbai and Hyderabad they have a dedicated website for India i.e.,

HostGator pricing starts from Rs. 79/month if you buy it for 5 years and 99/month if you buy it for 3 years. They have different pricing for Indian servers and cost Rs. 149/month for a 5-year plan.

Hostgator hosting plans pricing

With their Starter Plan, you will get only 20GB SSD storage and a free domain is available only for higher plans.

HostGator India also offers No-cost EMI for Indian credit card holders (Not for SBI).

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A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting
  • Starting From: 240/month
  • Handle Traffic:  Not Given
  • Free Domain: No
  • Backups: For Higher Plans Only
  • Server in India: No but in Singapore (Asia)
  • Uptime: 99.9%

A2 hosting is another promising hosting service that does not have servers in India but has servers in Singapore (Asia).

They are equipped with the latest technology and continuously update themselves. Their 20X faster speed with Turbo Servers can definitely attract you but that is available only for Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plans.

A2 Hosting Plans Pricing

Check All Plans

Their cheapest plan for 1 website starts from $2.99 if you buy for 36 months. You will get 100GB SSD storage with the Startup plan and then unlimited storage with higher plans.

They do not offer a free domain for any plans and offer automatic backups for higher plans only.


Bigrock Hosting
  • Starting From: Rs. 79/month (US Server), Rs. 149/month (Indian Server)
  • Handle Traffic:  50000 per Month
  • Free Domain: Yes (for higher plans)
  • Backups: No
  • Server in India: Yes
  • Uptime: 99.9%

Bigrock is the only company on the list which started in India and expanded globally. They understand Indian customers’ mindset and hence offer the cheapest WordPress hosting in India. They also have a toll-free number for Indian users to resolve their hosting-related issues.

Their pricing plans are very similar to HostGator. They have different pricing options for Indian and US servers i.e., Rs. 79/month for US servers and Rs. 149/month for Indian servers.

Bigrock Hosting Plan Pricing

They are offering 20GB SSD storage capacity and 50000 monthly users allowed with their STARTER plan.

The rest of the plans are totally unlimited and a free domain available with them.

Keep this in mind while choosing Cheapest WordPress Hosting India

Local Servers

Here I help you choosing the cheap WordPress hosting in India but you must be clear about where your target audience resides. If your target audience is in India, you should choose hosting which has servers in India.

Some hosting providers are cheap and they have servers both in India and US. Local servers help you in loading your website faster. Nowadays CDNs can also do the same work for you and CDN like Cloudflare are free. If you have a global audience, you must choose a CDN (free or paid).

Accept Payment in Local Currency

Global hosting providers accept payment via credit cards. In India, not everyone has a credit card. Most of the hosting companies listed above accept payments in Rupees and have the simplest methods to accept payments like UPI, Net Banking and Google Pay etc. Before choosing a cheap and best hosting company in India you can consider companies offering local currency methods.

Local Support

India is a vast country with the 2nd highest population in the world. There are 22 official languages in India. Not everyone can speak English in India so support in Indian languages like Hindi can be very helpful for Indian website owners.

Local customer support is also useful if the hosting companies do not offer 24/7 support or providing phone support. In that case, your customer care executives working in your time zone can help with queries during working hours.

Local Reviews

Most people prefer to buy hosting from US sellers. In our list of cheap WordPress hosting for India, we added both US and Indian companies.

But US companies may not provide similar services and support to Indian clients as they provide to US clients. So you must check reviews from Indian clients about their service and support.

For this, you can check local Facebook groups and also join our Facebook group as we continuously added these kinds of polls and much more.

So you should check whether the cheap managed WordPress hosting in India provides the same level of service and support or not.

Along with these factors some other factors you can consider while choosing the best WordPress Hosting.

Cost-Effective and Best WordPress Hosting Factors

Free Domain Availability

The best WordPress hosts in India listed above provide free domain names (except A2 Hosting) for one year. While all of them do not offer a free domain with their smallest plan which is quite understandable. Getting a free domain can save around Rs. 800 to 900 for one year.

Speed & Uptime

You searched for the cheapest host in India which means you want to start a website and expect visitors. And you will get visitors if you start ranking for keywords. In the past few years, Google has been so advanced and only shows the fastest-loading website with awesome content.

Before buying hosting, you should keep an eye on how fast your hosting provider is. Low-priced but slow-speed hosting can be more expensive in long run. Uptime is another essential factor to consider. Most of the hosting companies claim 99.9% uptime but false claims are also made. You must read why I shifted from Bluehost to Hostinger to know more about this.

Traffic Handling Capacity

As we talk about shared hosting providers, you should understand in shared hosting multiple websites share a single server. Some hosting providers can share a single server with so many websites.

In this case, you should check how much traffic your hosting plan can handle. If you have a new website and your hosting service provides a 10000 visitors capacity that would be more than enough. For old websites, you can talk with customer service and know more about how much traffic your hosting plan can handle.

In this article about the cheapest hosting providers in India, I mentioned how much traffic a particular hosting can handle. For some other hosting providers that do not give direct data about traffic handling capacity, you should check their bandwidth allocation.

Higher plans on all hosting services provide unlimited or unmetered bandwidth which is actually not unlimited. You should read their terms & conditions about bandwidth or resource usage.

 Cheapest WordPress Hosting India: Conclusion

In the first table given above, all data is for the very basic hosting plan. All hosting companies recommend a plan that is popular among its users or has plans higher than the basic plan.

In the table given below, I compiled data for one level higher than the cheapest one. After reading this you can easily make your decision.

Note: NG stands for not given. All data given here is only for the second higher-value plan only.

These are the cheap WordPress hostings in India. I hope you have made your decision based on your needs. If you are a little bit confused and want my recommendation then Hostinger is my pick.

Hostinger is the cheapest one and offers free backup, free domain, and Indian servers. Bigrock is another option you can consider buying.

If you have an audience worldwide and the price is not a major concern then A2 Hosting and Dreamhost can be your next choices.

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