21 Blocksy Theme Examples – Designs To Inspire You!

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to design your website using Blocksy theme, then this Blocksy theme examples post will give you the best ideas to create your site.

Once you’ve secured your domain name and hosting, the next crucial step is selecting the perfect theme for your site.

Blocksy is currently one of the most rapidly expanding WordPress themes available, with 100,000+ active installs.

In this comprehensive guide, I will present you with several Blocksy example websites and blogs.

Plus, you will also see how they’ve leveraged this theme to build fast-loading, functional, and high-performance websites and blogs.

Unlike other themes that require additional plugins for certain features, Blocksy offers multiple functionalities right out of the box, without the need for any extra plugin installations (in most cases).

We will be looking at the following Blocksy website examples.

  1. AgenciaSEO
  2. Air Galore
  3. All Star Liveaboards
  4. Anchor Hosting
  5. Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
  6. AutoRaptor
  7. Coastal Aesthetic Medi-Spa
  8. Creative Themes
  9. Ecomlad
  10. El Boqueron Viajero
  11. Evermine
  12. Expert Table Tennis
  13. Gautier YETO
  14. Kasper Procurement
  15. Marvel Snap Zone
  16. MCRRC
  17. Mayflower Sales
  18. Mono Lake
  19. Myrtle Beach Golf Passport
  20. Plesk
  21. Adam Elmakias Portfolio

So, let’s dive in without further ado.

Note:- If you want to showcase your Blocksy website here, please let me know in the comments section.

What is Blocksy Theme? – An Overview

Blocksy is a lightweight, highly customizable WordPress theme designed with Gutenberg block editor in mind.

ThemeBlocksy Theme
CreatorCreative Themes
Best ForBloggers, Affiliate Marketers, Business websites, Service-based websites, WooCommerce websites
Annual Pricing$49 to $99
Yearly Pricing$149 to $299
Money back guaranteeFull refund, 14 days from the purchase date
Alternative themesKadence, GeneratePress
Free versionYes
Featuresheader builder, footer builder, multiple header and footer elements, 3 row header, multiple widgets sticky in sidebar, Read time, Related posts, Advanced WooCommerce addons, and a lot more

Blocksy is compatible with popular page builders like Elementor and Brizy.

The theme is performance-focused, offering speedy loading times, and includes a robust set of real-time customization options through the WordPress customizer.

It supports WooCommerce for eCommerce sites, and is built with SEO-friendly practices.

Blocksy is also responsive, translation-ready, and includes multiple pre-built website demos with the free version.

The premium version offers additional features like multiple header addons, footer addons, advanced blog options, multiple WooCommerce options, white label and a lot more.

We will see a showcase of websites built with Blocksy theme.

21 Best Blocksy Theme Website Examples – Overview

This section shares an overview of all the 21 best Blocksy theme examples and what the website is about.

About WebsiteWebsite Name
SEO and Digital Marketing agencyAgencia SEO
Little River airport FBOAir Galore
Scuba diving tour agencyAll Star Liveaboards
Web hosting company websiteAnchor Hosting
Website of Ballet school in Aspen and Santa FeAspen Santa Fe Ballet
Automotive CRM software company websiteAutoRaptor
Medical Spa service websiteCoastal Aesthetic
Website of the creators of Blocksy themeCreative Themes
eCommerce agency service websiteEcomlad
Travel agency websiteEl Boqueron Viajero
Custom label printing service websiteEvermine
Table Tennis coaching websiteExpert Table Tennis
Graphic designing and web designing agency websiteGautier YETO
Cloud-based procurement service websiteKasper Procurement
Marvel Snap Information blogMarvel Snap Zone
Road runners club websiteMCRRC
Security system supplier websiteMayflower Sales
Non-profit organization website, giving information about Mono Lake, CaliforniaMono Lake
Golf association website at Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaMyrtle Beach Golf Passport
Web hosting and data center service provider websitePlesk
Music photographer websiteAdam Elmakias Portfolio

21 Best Blocksy Theme Examples

Let us now dive into all these beautiful Blocksy website examples.


Agencia SEO is an SEO website that offers SEO services, Local SEO service, SEO Audit, forecast, link building and Content Marketing services for startups, service providers, and different types of businesses.

Having offices in cities like Madrid and Valencia, it caters to English and Spanish speaking business owners.

Agencia SEO Blocksy theme website example

The website is built with a distraction-free header concept holding logo (site identity), services, case studies and a call-to-action button. Followed by, a huge hero section image with a call to action.

The website also has a Blocksy mega menu (Advanced menu) that is divided into a 4 column layout with 3 rows in total, displaying all the information about the services provided by the company (agency).

These services can also be accessed via another section present on the homepage.

The blog section has blog posts set in a masonry layout with a newsletter subscription section.

Agencia SEO’s website footer consists of 4 widgets holding important links, links to switch between English and Spanish languages, and social media follow buttons.

Website: AgenciaSEO

Air Galore

Air Galore offers car and bike rentals and FBO aircraft services throughout small airports in the California area.

Its homepage has a simple primary navigation with the basic links and a sticky header feature with Blocksy sticky shrink option.

Air Galore FBO aircraft Blocksy theme website example

The hero area is filled with a background image and has a short about section with a large call to action button.

Following that, there is a long section that shows the locations of each airport served created in a 3 column grid using Stackable Blocks.

The web designer has also used the Stackable Testimonial blocks to showcase the words of Air Gallore’s customers. Followed by, an Instagram page embed.

Air Galore’s website footer is simple with a light background design and 4 footer widgets.

Website: Air Galore

All Star Liveaboards

All Star Liveaboards is a scuba diving and cruise service agency, serving 6 destinations and offering special cruise services to its customers.

This Blocksy theme website starts with a two-row Blocksy header, displaying site identity (logo) on the left and big Call to action (phone number) on the right. Followed by the basic primary menu in the 2nd row.

All Star Liveaboards Blocksy theme website example with custom made elementor pages.

All Star Liveaboard has the 2nd row of its header as sticky. With that the designer has also wrapped the Availability calendar widget in an Elementor section, and made it sticky as well.

Followed by that, the website also shows all the destinations with breath taking photographs in a full width 3 column grid.

The website’s destinations pages are custom made using Elementor, following a 2 column grid with information content and rich media.

Website: All Star Liveaboards

Anchor Hosting

Anchor hosting is a personal WordPress hosting company based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

Owned by Austin Ginder, a web developer by job and the founder of Anchor hosting. His customers get to choose between 3 different hosting plans; Basic, Standard, and Professional.

Anchor hosting service company Blocksy theme website example

This Blocksy theme website follows a minimalistic approach with concept of ‘less is more’. Once you open the website, you will see a simple single row header with basic menus.

Followed by, a mid-sized hero image with a call-to-action contact button.

The website’s homepage also shows you different services with FAQs and customer testimonials.

The blog section uses Blocksy’s default blog page settings.

Anchor Hosting’s pricing page comprises of a 4 column pricing table, and 3 column grids for including information about additional addons. All of it is made using Genesis Blocks.

The website’s footer is made using Blocksy footer builder displaying 3 rows, starting with 3 footer widgets in the first row.

Website: Anchor Hosting

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

Aspen Sante Fe Ballet is a ballet school organization primarily focussed on teaching dance to the students of Aspen and Sante Fe.

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Blocksy website example

The colors used on this site are vibrant and beautiful. The header of this website shows a big background image in the first row, multiple main menu items and sub menu items dropping down in the 2nd header row.

The website’s hero section shows a slider with recent events and two call-to-action buttons for Aspen and Sante Fe.

Most of its services are showcased in a two-column grid on the homepage.

The website uses middle and bottom row of Blocksy footer showing important links and copyright information.

Website: Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

AutoRaptor – An Automotive CRM for Auto Dealers

AutoRaptor is an automotive CRM software specifically built for auto dealers to ease their sales management, workflow, customer data management, etc.

Providing solutions through their web-based application, AutoRaptor helps its customers convert more leads into sales, and retain them successfully.

AutoRaptor - an automotive CRM product website using Blocksy theme

AutoRaptor starts with a two-row header that constitutes notice information, phone number, important links, site identity, primary menu, and a call to action button.

It uses the Blocky Transparent header combined with the hero section that contains a call to action grabbing visitor’s attention.

The homepage is packed with content like features, additional information of their product, customer testimonials in a slider, and finally a two column FAQ section.

AutoRaptor’s website footer contains 4 footer widgets with important links and social media channels in the bottom most footer row.

Website: AutoRaptor

Coastal Aesthetic Medi-Spa

Coastal Aesthetic Medi spa is a Maine-based cosmetic treatment clinic, offering virtual and in-person consultation for a wide range of services.

The Blocksy website of Coastal Aesthetics starts with a two-row header that is transparent and with sticky header enabled for the main menu.

Being a service website, the web designer has kept a call to action button in the hero area. Its homepage displays two row columns for content and five row columns showing various treatments, made using Elementor.

The bottom portion has an embedded Instagram section with a simple two row footer.

Website: Coastal Aesthetic

Creative Themes – The Creators of Blocksy Theme

Creative Themes is the company behind Blocksy theme. On their homepage, they have used all the features that come with Blocksy.

Creative Themes uses a single row header with Blocksy sticky header feature enabled. The header contains site identity, primary menu, drop-down for sub-menu items with CSS for spacing, borders, and border radius. It also contains a link for ‘My Account’ and a ‘Free Download’ button.

The hero section has large font display showing creating authority of Blocksy theme with call to action buttons.

The homepage is filled with lots two-column content sections and images. Plus, they’ve also made use of blocks plugin to add multiple columns for displaying product features.

You can also see the use of customer testimonials in a slider format.

Website footer is simple with the top row holding 4 Blocksy footer widgets, and the bottom row displaying copyright information with multiple different social media follow links.

Website: Creative Themes


Ecomlad is a perfect Blocksy theme showcase for eCommerce website. It is an eCommerce agency helping its customers in building online shopping websites on the Blocksy WordPress theme.

eCommerce agency - a Blocksy theme website example

The site header and site footer of Ecomlad are built using Blocksy header builder with shrink state features and Blocksy footer builder respectively.

Ecomlad’s homepage displays all the sections made using Elementor. Its Blog page uses the Blocksy’s Grid layout for blog page, and its shop page uses the basic layout that comes with Blocksy WooCommerce addon for shop page.

Website: Ecomlad

El Boqueron Viajero

El Boquerón Viajero is a travel agency based in Malaga, Spain. They travel and share their experiences through this website via blogging. It is one of the good Blocksy Theme Examples for blogging websites.

If you are a travel blogger, this site can give you good inspiration.

This a simple Blocksy blog style website with a single row header, followed by hero section about the authors.

Below that, all the major content is put together in a 3-column Blocksy blog layout style.

Following that, the designer has also created a two-column section to show travel categories.

The website’s footer has important links, social media channels and options to switch languages between English and Spanish.

Website: El Boqueron Viajero


Evermine is an inspiring Blocksy theme showcase of a product website dealing in custom made labels for manufacturing industry.

They deal in custom labels, personalized labels, invitations, tags, stickers, and coasters.

The homepage is made on a Blocksy narrow page layout with 3 row header, followed by best selling products in the hero area.

Best features of using their services is right after the hero area, divided into 5 columns.

The main categories are showcased with rich images into 3 columns. Likewise, the website also displays customer testimonials on the homepage.

Website: Evermine

Expert Table Tennis

Expert Table Tennis is a vibrant website showing great color combination using the Blocksy theme customizer. The website is all about table tennis.

It has a big site identity placed on the right side of the main header row with few primary menu links and a call to action button taking the visitors right to their courses landing page.

The hero section displays the short information about the instructor with a ‘Start Here’ call to action button, taking visitors to the site’s about section.

Followed by, sections of four and five columns layouts displaying content. These multiple column section are made using Getwid – Gutenberg Blocks WordPress Plugin.

The website also has a best equipment section that educates the site visitor on best bats, rubbers, balls, etc., from which the site makes affiliate commissions.

Website: Expert Table Tennis

Gautier Yeto

Gautier Yeto is a French website talking about social media marketing, graphic designing, and webs designing services. It is an elegant and minimalistic Blocksy theme example.

Its single row header packs important primary menu links with drop down options for visitors to browse through the service provider’s work.

The next section shows you all the work done by the designer in a five-column, two-row element.

The homepage also shows multiple clients showing authority of the web designer.

Its blog section starts with a custom header and is laid out using Blocksy’s 3 column grid layout.

Finally, the website’s footer is a two-row Blocky footer with social links, homepage link, and copyright information.

Website: Gautier Yeto

Kasper Procurement

Kasper is a powerful, secure, and an affordable cloud platform for efficient vendor management, cost control, and streamlined procurement.

Kasper is one the stunning Blocksy theme websites

Very similar to one of the product-based Blocksy starter site template, Kasper shows most of the noteworthy theme designs. It has a single row header with site identity and primary menu items.

But, the best part is that it uses the Blocksy sticky header feature.

Multiple sections on the homepage like product features, displaying various industries where the product can be applicable, and a display of partner network, use either two-column, three-column, or four-column layout, made using Elementor.

Kasper’s blog section has a default Blocksy sidebar on the right, with a 3-column grid layout.

The website’s footer uses all the three rows made via Blocksy footer builder. Where the top row is divided into 4 footer widgets, middle row carries important links and social media channels, and the bottom row shows copyright information.

Website: Kasper Procurement

Marvel Snap Zone

Marvel Snap gives total information through news and guides, it also offers cards database, decks, and a lot more.

It is a blog cum guide with marketplace to purchase cards, and has a leaderboard that shows you your game play statistics.

Marvel Snap Zone shows creative implementations of the Blocksy theme

Marvel Snap Zone website is a Blocksy theme example with custom header design, showing you a

two-row header that comprises of site identity, search box, log in and sign up buttons, primary navigation menu, all built using the Blocksy header builder.

This website also uses a Blocksy Advanced menu (Mega menu) for showing almost all of its important content on the header itself.

The entire website is built on a dark mode color palette with blog content, tables, and sidebars throughout the site.

Marvel Snap Zone uses a two-row footer with 6 footer widgets in the top row, followed by copyright, affiliate commission information in the bottom row.

In short, Marvel Snap Zone shows creative implementations of the Blocksy theme.

Website: Marvel Snap Zone


MCRRC stands for Montgomery County Road Runners Club, and it is a family-friendly running club hosting races for all ages.

simple yet one of the beautiful Blocksy theme examples

MCRRC shows you a single-row header with site identity, primary menu, a ‘Members’ call to action button, a link to donate, and a search element.

The homepage is designed using Stackable blocks with a full-width approach showing you a 3 column layout, starting with The Events widget calendar plugin showing you latest running events, followed by race results and updates in second and third columns respectively.

Pages on this website use a Blocksy normal layout without sidebars and the website’s footer uses all the three rows made using Blocksy footer builder.

The top row constitutes social media channels to follow, email, contact, and membership information. Whereas, middle and bottom rows have few important links and copyright information respectively.

MCRRC showcases a responsive design in Blocksy theme implementation.

Website: MCRRC

Mayflower Sales

Mayflower Sales is a security system supplier in New York city supplying security hardware for glass industry, locksmiths, institutions and municipalities.

Mayflower Sales is Blocksy theme example with creative typography

Mayflower Sales depicts a Blocksy theme example with creative typography. It uses a font pairing combination of Robots Sans and Sans Serif, with a mix of all uppercase for header items.

It starts with a two-row header that displays all the information about the company and required content for visitors to easily navigate through the website.

Mayflower Sales uses a Blocksy sticky header for both its header rows.

Other content on the homepage is aligned and displayed using Stackable Gutenberg blocks for multiple columns, slider, newsletter sign up blocks, etc.

The website’s footer uses middle and bottom Blocksy footer rows with 4 footer widgets and copyright information in the bottom row.

Website: Mayflower Sales

Mono Lake

The Mono Lake Committee is a non-profit group devoted to preserving and restoring the Mono Basin ecosystem.

It does that by raising awareness about excessive water usage’s impact on the environment, and advocating collaborative solutions to protect the lake.

It starts with a two-row header where the main row uses Blocksy sticky header, followed by a big hero image showcasing the latest story captured by their team.

Mono Lake Committee’s website uses GenerateBlocks for multiple column layouts

Its blog section uses a two-column layout to show different stories with an embedded label and a sticky sidebar using additional CSS for filtering categories and blog posts via date.

Mono Lake non-profit website is a showcase of Blocksy theme features and flexibility with GenerateBlocks and ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugins.

Website: Mono Lake

Myrtle Beach Golf Passport

This is one of the best Blocksy theme inspirations and examples you can see in the entire list.

It has good color combinations and eye-catching font pairings throughout the site. Myrtle Beach Golf Passport is all about golfing membership club for Carolina’s Myrtle beach area residents.

With a big site identity on the right side of the header and all important menu items on the left, it gives a strong navigation display from the beginning of the website.

Plus, the hero section encompasses a slider with three full-width hero images and call to action buttons.

Throughout the website, content is aligned and laid out in multiple columns using Stackable blocks.

Finally, Myrtle Beach Golf Passport’s footer uses a single background color with all the text in white, divided into two rows.

Website: Myrtle Beach Golf Passport


Plesk offers commercial web hosting and data center automation software for retail hosting providers. It offers multiple editions and has several pricing options for different types of hosting providers.

The website starts with very good color combinations made via Blocksy color palette. Plus, it uses a three-row header, starting with a website announcement in the top row, secondary links in the middle row, and primary menu items in the third one.

Followed by a hero section that displays their flagship product with a free trial call to action button.

Most of the sections on Plesk’s homepage are built using Elementor. Sections like product features, hosting pricing plans, tabs to showcase additional product features, sliders to display industry partners, etc.

Plesk uses JetMenu for Advanced menu on primary menu links.

The footer of Plesk is made using Elementor.

Website: Plesk

Adam Elmakias Portfolio

Adam Elmakias is a fine art music photographer owning a portfolio website. His site primarily uses PhotoShelter for this is professional looking homepage, and uses Blocksy for its blog section. If you wanted to make one, this could give you great inspiration.

Since its a portfolio website, the primary navigation menu is sticky on the left side, with image gallery scrollable content on the right.

Clicking on each photo, opens a picture in a bigger size with pagination and grid layout viewing option in the bottom.

Its Blog page is a Blocksy theme example with custom header design, very different from its homepage.

All blog posts are laid out in a four column grid layout with cards that show featured image, post title in uppercase and post date.

The website also has categories like Tour, Live, Music Festivals, Portrait Photographs, Tutorials, Behind the Scenes, and Reviews. All these categories show a two-column Blocksy grid layout of cards that take you to their respective page or post.

Other than all of that, there is no website footer to be seen.

Website: Adam Elmakias Blocksy Portfolio Site

So, these were all the noteworthy Blocksy theme designs that will give you a good starting point, if you are creating a new website.

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FAQs – Blocksy Theme Examples

Is Blocksy a good theme?

Blocksy is a very good multi-purpose WordPress theme, that is not only responsive, but also SEO-friendly, RTL-ready, loads very fast, and offers lots of customization options.

Does Blocksy theme work with all page builders?

Yes, Blocksy works with all the popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi builder, etc.

Will these Blocksy theme examples give me an idea for my next website project?

I have tried to include different types of Blocksy theme examples like blog sites, business websites, eCommerce sites, etc. So yes, these examples will give you a good starting point your next website project.

Can I start from Blocksy starter site using the free version of the theme?

All Blocksy starter sites are also available with the free version of the theme. If you are creating a site for yourself, in my opinion, you can begin with the free version, and later upgrade to Blocksy Pro.

Conclusion – Blocksy Theme Examples

In this article, I have tried to combine different websites using Blocksy theme. My main goal was to educate you, by showing you a myriad of websites running the premium version of Blocksy theme.

I hope you find a site that inspires you to create your next website.

If you’ve come across another Blocksy theme example, and feel like sharing, please do comment and let me know.

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